Friday, February 24, 2017

About My WWII Novel

  A year ago I would have shuddered at the thought of this word. It was a nightmare, a trap, a pit of information. I'd never fall into it, never ever ever. I'd stick to fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, an occasional adventure...

  What is this word, you might wonder?
  Think of all the facts, the mistakes I could make, the *gasp* research I'd have to do! I couldn't ever write a historical. I wasn't a history major, what did I know?
  That isn't the point. *pets smaller Rachael*
  So today I'm going to tell you about my book that I'm writing with Sierra and Hannah! WOO HOOOOO.

  Ok, first up, Liza! (I have pictures...^-^)

  She's sixteen years old, and she's a spy in Germany! Very complicated story behind her being the one to go, one involving her dad's death, but she did go. She's posing as the daughter of an SS officer, one who's supposedly been going to school in America. Her job is super simple, she's supposed to A) not die, and B) gather what information she can about the SS and Nazi's.
  One small problem...
  She meets a guy. Two to be exact, Stefan who's a huuuge Nazi supporter, loves the HY, etc, and Will, someone who puts up with her because they're friends now.
  So with the first draft, this was the biggest problem. According to the emotions our characters were giving us, Will liked Liza, Liza liked Stefan, and Stefan liked his puppy. This was not going to work out, according to my brother. Somewhere a line had to connect.
  Stefan and Liza ended up connecting.
  They didn't, though. I mean, sure, they were cute, but their best scenes were the ones where they weren't allies? That didn't seem right to me.
  Draft two came around and PANIC ATTACK PEOPLES. WE PLOTTED THEIR CHARACTER AND SIERRA SAID "I'm not forcing them together if they don't mesh". I had to agree, forcing is never good.
  But my OTP...
  They got 1000% cuter. They did. THEY DID. THEY'RE SO CUTE. HERE HAVE A SNIPPET.

Screenshot (101).png
  Three things about this, a) her talent is legit tripping over flat ground. she has so much talent with this. b) Sierra informed me that while she was kidding, he wasn't, and c) shh yes I know this was a whole page.
  Now let us all go put flowers at Sierra's grave, for I have killed her for saying b).
  Also here's a picture of Stefan, enjoy.

  Shhh, yes this is from a group picture, but it’s my favorite that I’ve ever seen of him. *sniffs* If you squint it clears up. ^-^
  Ok, next up, Will! Willll, Will is so precious. He has eye trouble and wears glasses and loves food. He's an orphan, a fourth Jew (but he's hiding this as long as he can), and he is pretty in awe of the fact that since Liza is an SS officer's daughter, she gets coffee. Unfortunately, Hannah ahs informed me there is no changing the fact that he likes Liza, and that's pretty depressing.
  Here's a picture of him and his puppy he's adorable.

  My favorite part of this book is Stefan and Liza's relationship, I'll admit this. The thing is she was in this bombing where she was in a basement and the pipes busted, so the room flooded. Ever since then she's hated the dark, open spaces, and water. She legit tunes everything out to focus on one thing when she gets scared.
  Stefan's attachment to her can be told through these heartbreaking messages sent by Sierra. Go thank her.

  At first they were tottttally crushing on each other. To her he was solid, someone she trusted, and hawt. To him, she was interesting, unique, and set apart.
  And now they keep each other together. *wipes tear* She can hold his hand and not trail her fingers along a building trying to find something solid to focus on. *wipes many tears and tries to pretend like I'm not crying*
  So this is my WWII novel! Visit the other human's blogs, and Hannah just did a post on the book!

  Thank you for reading!

  Have you ever written a historical before? Which historical time period is your favorite? What genre do you stick with?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Painting a Canvas

   Everyone has something special about them...
   Honestly I can point you to so many blog posts that tell you this in words much more eloquent and entertaining then mine. Everyone else posts on this topic, and don't get me wrong! This subject is sooo important! I just don't think I'd be able to tell you what you need to know when so many other's can.
   Because that's not what's special about me.
   My gift is not eloquence, guys. It's really not. If you've been reading my blog for a bit, you know I tend to be more fangirlish and crazy, not inspirational. Hannah's inspirational, Katie's inspirational, but that's not my colors.
   That's not what I can add to the canvas.
    (Some people may know where I'm going with this.)

       So my colors, my specialty, is moods. That's what I would say. I can match a playlist to moods, and then write in that mood. Today, I'm going to give you some songs for some moods! But this is for Project Canvas, which I am totally inadequate at explaining, so head over to the website!


   Steal all da songs guys! Steal dem all! Also feel free to follow me on Spotify...<3

   What are your colors? (aka what's your stronghold?) What music do you listen to? How do you get into the moods?

Friday, February 3, 2017

How I Edit

   Ok, so normally I would post a wrap up for January, but...
   I didn't do anything in January.
   Not. One. Thing.
   So insteaaad, here's a post on how I'm editing my book Red King (which I just started the second draft of! Woo Hoo!) (Also on an unrelated note, I'm writing the intro on the desktop and I keep double tapping the space bar to put a period...#hazardsofswitchingfromaniPadtoadesktop.)
  1. Print the book
  So I printed out Red King, and I was happy with it! It was wayyy bigger than expected, but it included the comments people put in there, so that made me happy. ^-^ There’s room for sticky notes, and the print’s nice and big, so all in all I love it. I had two copies printed, one for my cousins, and one for me.

  (You get pictures in my native editing room. ^-^)

  2. Go through and make sticky notes.
  Most of these notes are serious, such as “re-write this, cut this, CUT ALL THIS CRAP”, and some of them were more motivational such as this one.


  3. Create an outline
  I did do this, but you don’t get pictures of it. ^-^ Spoilerrrrs. Anyways, I go chapter by chapter, and since a lot of the book has to do with insanity on both main characters part, I put a note at the bottom of the chapter outline that tells me how much and what kind of insanity to put in there.

  4. Get alpha readers
  I asked my writing group, and a few people who are in another writing group, if they wanted to alpha my book, and I have nine alpha’s now! Still looking around for one or two more, but these guys are amazing. They catch so many things, and they’re so encouraging. Sometimes they’ll say something like “you’re a writing master” and I just like fall off the earth. It makes me so happpppy, and I know I’m definitely no writing master, but it encourages me to think I’m doing well.

  5. Edit the thing.
  For this one, I’ll just hand you a snippet because I’m lazy fabulous like that.


  Thank you so much for reading! <3


  How do you edit? How has editing been going for you? (Or writing if you’re writing right now). Tell me your secrets on how you do alpha-beta readers...


Friday, January 27, 2017


   *sneaks in and shushes everyone* Waaat, I missed the first three posts of the year? Me?
   Ok, yes, I know.
   So a little after Thanksgiving, I bought an iPad Air and a keyboard to write with. I love it! It's super portable and easy to use, plus I can get apps like Magic Piano...#noshame. Only one problem...
   It's not ideal for blogging.
   I have to the it up on a Google Doc and paste the doc onto my blog from the desktop. It's more work, gut honestly I have no excuses. Blogging is work, and I'm now determined to do it.
   Another things been bother me, poking/stabbing me, stressing me.
   Specifically school. Can I get an amen from the crowd?
   School is a lot, and right now I haven't been feeling my best due to weather, health, I'm not sure, but I feel sick a lot, my head's foggy/hurting/blank, my vision is blurry and out of focus, I sleep a lot, and I'm almost never hungry. it might just be the down weather, but I'm not sure.
   Another huge problem I have right now is energy. I feel like a drugged seal 99.9999% of the time, and it drives me insane. I literally want to lie down on my bed, listen to music, and stare at the wall forever. I hate this a lot and I'm not happy that I have no energy.
   An even bigger problem I have is my attitude. Everything is grating on my nerves right now, and that makes my attitue go downhill fast. That's WRONG. I need to be loving to my siblings, respectful to my parents, and considerate of others.
   Needless to say, 2017 hasn't started off like I wanted. January ha seen probably one of the worst months I can remember. Right now I'm just trying to keep my self from crying my way through life and school.
   It's hard.
   Finding balance between writing, school, and life is hard. I attempted at a bullet journal, but on the third day I felt sick and ditched it. On the first week of January I was straight up depressed.
   I'm just trying to balance it all and keep order.

   How has January gone for you so far? What's been your biggest hardship? How has the weather been, gloomy, sunny, snowy, tell meeee...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cover Reveal: Martin Hospitality

   I am here today to bring you the cover of Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Clare! It's a watercolor and just *swoons* Super super gorgeous.


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wrapping Up the Year

  The year...what even...It seems like the year just flies by every time and I’m just left in the dust. Actually, almost every year, I feel like I failed.
  That’s one reason why I don’t do resolutions. We resolve to do this thing and then when or if we don’t, we feel like  a failure. I know I do, but if you don’t WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?
  I set goals instead, and guess what?
  I accomplished all of them.
  I had ten goals for 2016.
  1. Read 50 books
  I read 75, a nice compromise between Goodreads and my personal goal.

  1. Write 100k
  I wrote wayyyy over this. *nods* I wrote 80k in November alone, plus 76k in April, various projects, and many many many words with my writing buddies.

  1. Finish 2 books
  By myself, I wrote two novels. Superheroes and Red King.

  1. Make one new writing buddy
  ‘Ello Hann and Faith

  1. Make one new blogging buddy.
  The fabulous Jonathan, Hannah, and Savanna.

  1. Win NaNo
  Yup! Ok that sounded wayyy to chipper and happy for NaNo.

  1. Win 3 Camp NaNo’s
  Apparently there’s only two...SO I DIDN’T REACH THIS GOAL. THE HORROR.

  1. Beta read 1 book
  I beta-ed many many books, and they were all so very fabulous!

  1. Review 5 books
  Yup! Check my Goodreads, or my blog, either one. I have some on both.

  1. Drink 100 cups of coffee/tea
  Not going to prove my addiction...

I also have awaaards!

  Ray Ray's Blog Choice Awards!

  To change it up a bit, we’ll have categories instead of straight up first through third place.

  Most Inspirational: Ink Blots and Coffee Stains

  Most Looked Forwards To: A Writer's Faith

 Katie’s posts are so stinkin happy! And informational, but still happy! The pictures, the conversation, just all the yessss.

  Most Laughed At: Fishing for Ideas

  JONATHAN HAS THIS THING CALLED HYSTERICAL HUMOR. THE GIFS. THE WORDING. JUST YES. I will literally read it and be dying with laughter. It’s fabulous.

  Best New Blog: Paperfury
  Cait here is all of us. She posts the best bookish posts, and I just laugh the entire time. She’s soooo stinking funny. AND SHE REPRESENTS ALL OF US WHO HAVE HUGE TBRs.

  Ray Ray’s Book Choice Awards

  Most Cried Over: Hands down, A Time to Rise won. There’s one part of this book that every time I talk about it I start crying. THE EMOTIONS. THE DRAMA. THE FEEEELS. WHY. Just wHY. Nadine Brandes, you has done such a fabulous job with this series.
  Most Re-Read: This one was a hard one to pick, and I wish that I could give it to the whole series, buuut Half Blood Prince won this one. J K Rowling wrote this AS EVERYONE KNOWS and my cinnamon roll Draco was so cinnamon rollish. I’ve heard this one get a lot of flack for being a big drama with no plot, but NOOO IT HAS A PLOT AND A FAB PLOT.

  Most Anticipated: Very easily, Defy by Tricia Mingerink. I bought this book after I read it for the blog tour, and JUST ALL THE HEARTS ITS SO AMAZING GO READ IT OMW.

  Last up, the thank you’s.

     In no particular orderrrr…

  Mom: You’ve been the best writing mother ever, real mother too! But with writing, you've done so much, including paying for me to go to my OYAN conference, and allowing me to rant to you about my books. <3

  Gogi: You’re such an amazing grandmother, and you take an interest in my hobby profession. When you let me talk about my books, that helps sooo much. <3

  Shelby: My real life writing buddy! You’re an inspiration to be as a writer and friend. Thanks for spending NaNo night with me and eating a ton of sugar and coffee. XD We had a fabulous time.

  Sierra: Gah! This month was the first year anniversary of us being writing buddies, and I wouldn't’ have it any other way! You’re so encouraging, and the stories we’re writing together are so amazing! <3

  Hannah: Gurl, Sierra and I literally dropped you in the deep end of writing with people. BUT OUR CHARACTERS ARE FABULOUS! You’re so amazing and you inspire us allll. <3

  Mary: My sassy, stabby ninja assassin drug lord wingman. Although we kill people, I have fun, and our conversations are glorious. Thanks for helping me torture my brother and letting me advise you about yours. XD

  Hann: Thank you for letting Emma and me adopt you as our cousin! You’re such a fabulous human being, and your critiques on RK are just <3 along with your fangirling.
  Emma: THE BESTEST COUSIN IN THE WORLD. Thank you for calling at night and hissing at me for twenty minutes about Red King. YOU’RE THE BEEEST. I LURVES YOU COUSIN.

  Logan and Will: You guys deserve a box for putting up with me. Even though you don’t believe that I’m an assassin, we shall change that.

  Just...guys, this year has been amazing. I can’t even begin to describe it. Some people are complaining that it was a bad year, but for me, it was a reallly good year! I met amazing people, I grew, I matured, it was a reeeealllllyyyy goood year.
  Thank you all. <3


   What were some highlights from your year?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wrap it Up~November

   So you may have noticed the sudden stop of posts from me...
   NaNoWriMo for the world. 
   So basically I wrote over 80k in a month, and then I died. But technically that doesn't include allll of the words I did, just the ones I counted. *nods* Here's some things that I learned in November due to writing.

   1. Always stay focused

   I was definitely distracted after day...2. *sighs* And it wasn't even over anything in particular until a few days later, I just didn't want to write. Now I can write pretty fast, around 450-500 words in ten minutes, and higher if I'm mega-focused.
   I would write 200 in ten minutes.
   That's a realllly good amount of words, don't get me wrong, but I know that's only partially focused for me. I needed to just write. And it wasn't helping that I winged it instead of plotting...
   So just write. Stay focused. You've got this.

   2. Have a list

   I should have had a list of plot things that I wanted, such as (hypothetical)
  •    talk about dragons
  • use Jessica's blindness to it's full extent
  • Mention Juck's dying phone a lot
   But I didn't, so Catus's insanity isn't as epic as I wanted, the dreams weren't as prominent, although I think that's because I need time to write the dreams. This isn't a huge problem, because I plan on editing this book, but it would have helped.

    3. Don't write anything else

   Ok, so I'll admit, some days I couldn't even think Red King, so I wrote something else. It helped me to where I could, but I was behind.
   And I wanted to write 100k, but I ended up with around 70k in Red King, a short story, and a scene from another book. After I finished Red King, I was ok with doing the short story, but not before.

   4. Don't set a goal.

   I knew I wanted it to be 100k, but I shouldn't have set a goal and instead just written until my story was done. Katie Grace did this and she did a fabulous job with NaNo. (Go read her NaNoWriMo Weekly's, they're so fabulous!) Hannah also did this, and she also woooon! (Yes, this is the Hannah who's book is epic and similar to mine and simply amazing and her blog is fabulous and encouraging here)

   5. Never say an idea is stupid

   Here's a screenshot of a convo by the amazing Sierra and I at seven o'clock last night.

      By the end of the night I was bawling because the emotion this charrie gave meeeee *flaps hands and runs around* THIS STORY So basic rundown, it started as a flash fiction, but haha nope not anymore. This girl is part of a ninja organization where you never see your face or anyone elses, ever, and you almost never speak. Alessia breaks into a place and steals something, gets caught, is being questioned by this guy who's wearing a ninja mask, and he wants her to take hers off.
    I mean...she doesn't want to die...
   But she ends up seeing his face and letting him see hers.
   First time she's ever seen a human's face.
   *shoves you snippet*

    Ok so for a wrap up, I have a list of people who I need to thank for this NaNo.

   Mom- For letting me hide away and write like a maniac and putting up with my mood swings.
   Sierra- For being an amazing encouraging buddy all month.
   Hannah- For reading Red King while I wrote and sobbing and yelling and of course warring with me.
   Hann- For reading and commenting on Red King during the month, also word wars.
   Shelby- For spending the first night of NaNo with me and writing like a crazy person.
   Faith- Lots of word wars and an amazing comment on the Short Story.
   Hannah W.- For the posts she did, these were soooo helpful all month.
   And just about all my other writing buddies for being epic and just existing.
   Thank you so much for reading!
   Have you finished NaNo yet? How're you doing with your word count? Do you have a favorite snippet you wrote?
   Alsoooo last thing, I'm actually letting people read the Short Story I did for NaNo, a futuristic one, so message me through my blog and I'll send you the Word Document for it, or invite you to the Google Doc. And I have a deal with Hannah R. that if ten people asked, I'd write a novel about it. *nods* Before January though...So head over to the WIP page and I'm working on getting the info up there.