Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review: Dare and Deny-Tricia Mingerink

   I was simply browsing blogs that I follow, and I happened to glimpse Jaye L. Knight's post about the book Deny's release. Now on the Jorum, Dare was the rage for a while! Everyone was talking about it! Dare this, Dare that, and I was broke at the time, which was probably good.
   So I look at the post and see the giveaway! I have won two giveaways, both within a week of each other, so I thought, "I might as well enter this, I probably won't win." He he.
   BAM! I won! I received signed copies of both Dare and Deny! I was so excited when Miss. Tricia emailed me about them! Then...tragedy struck! The book became popular! Miss Tricia sold all of her copies of Deny but one, and it was wrinkled and damaged. She asked if I wanted it, or if I wanted to wait a week for a pristine one.
   I said that I could wait, thanked her, and sat on the couch for a week until they came. BUT! When they did, I read them in one afternoon! So anyway, enough of my rambling, the review!

   Ok, first off, the con, but only because there is only one! The girls. In both books, the girls annoyed me. Renna has no purpose in the books except to injure those around her! Come on Renna! Although she did hurt *cough* to distract him, so that was good! Brandi, I loved her, but she was a baby. In the first book, she is thirteen, and the second, fourteen. She acts like a baby! And it's not just me, I lent the book to Gabana who read both and agreed! So, yeah...
   But the guys! The epic guys! Man, Martyn, Leith, Shad, SO. MUCH. EPICNESS.
   The writing was very similar to mine, and I loved the action, awkward romance, and the funny parts!
   I rate this book 4.9/5, .1 away because of the girls. But that's all, I promise!

                                          I know, this was in my last one, but I had to post
                                                                          it again!

   Anyway, thanks for reading, I know it was hard fun, so thanks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reviews: A Time to Die and A Time to Speak-Nadine Brandes

So for Christmas, I asked for and received A Time to Die and A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes. I talked with Nadine during NaNoWriMo and I told her how much I wanted to read her books.

 I loved them! Jude was by far my favorite character, and I loved him so much that it was hard for me to like Hawke in A Time to Speak! The characters! I loved Ried, Jude, Parvin, and I even kind of liked Skelley Chase. *hides*
The writing style is awesome! I was pulled into it and I never fully came out! :D
It has some violence, but nothing over the top. There was no language, and only a slight bit of romance.
I rate this book 5/5 and the other book 5/5! And thanks to Alea Harper for posting about it.

Oh, and I totally stalked Nadine's blog and found her Realm Makers recap. I looked at Katie Grace's  recap and I freaked out, wanting to go bad! That is, until I found out it was $300 dollars for the conference, not including flight, food, and room. So...yeah, I can't go. But go to the post's about it and maybe you will!
   R. J. Steele

Monday, December 28, 2015

Thank You!

In this post, I will thank everyone who has helped me this year in my writing.
So first...
GABANA! Gabana has been so encouraging to me in my writing, thank you soooo much!
                                                         Love her so much!
Anna and Katherine. I couldn't have done this without you two encouraging and giving me tips!

Emma! My dear, fantastic cousin, thank you!

Gogi! My editor and grandmother, I love you so much!

Logan. You have now joined the world of Rayray. Thanks for reading the books I shove at you, both mine and others.
                                                                He's the one grinning.
Now on to authors...

Kendra! You have been so patient with my questions about writing, thank you so much!

Jaye L. Knight! If you hadn't written Ilyon, I wouldn't have become as serious as I am now, thanks!

On to writing buddies...

Sierra! Seriously I could not have made it through Nano without you, you have been a fantastic BEST WRITING BUDDY!

Katie Grace. Your posts about writing are sooo helpful! It's awesome to read posts like yours from someone close to my age!

Griffin. For the Story Character Chats and Scenes that we have done, they have been so helpful!

Anyone else...
My Mom! I love you so much! Thank you for everything!
                                                                  A writer's food
Bro! My amazing brother, thank you for everything you do! Love ya!
                                                     This was 8:30pm when he came home
                                                     and pulled beans and rice out. I ate as
                                                     well, I was starving!
Haley and Abigail! You guys are amazing sisters! Love you!
And lastly, all of you guys who did giveaways which I won.
MacKenzie Morganthal-Not Abandoned-Ebook giveaway

Morgan Huneke-The Crossways-signed copy

Tricia Mingerink-Dare and Deny-Signed copies.

I love books! These amazing books are my favorites!
                                                    I lent Dare to Gabana, so just mentally
                                                    add it in.
 Ok, so I know I've posted a lot this week, but I will be gone for the rest of the week, so I needed to get it done. :D Thanks for reading!
R. J. Steele

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Character Spotlight: Mitch

So Mitch...where do I begin? I wrote him because we needed a villain and a young man trained to be the best sounded great. So do I describe him? Uh, Em, help?

Age: 17
Occupation: Assassin/spy/kidnapper
Friends: That's write fans, a big fat DONUT! He has no friends, not one.
Enemies: Ember Kaya, Liam Micheals, Brea and West, too many others to name, but Ember...
Theme Song: Castle-Halsey. Co-writer Emma found this song and it's his theme song!
Personality: Hmm, violent, impatient, manipulative, haughty, smart, nitpicky(is this a word), proud, talented, haughty(that's right, he is doubly haughty), flirtatious, cruel, sarcastic, the list goes on and on.
Height: 6' 4" Yup, he's tall.
Location: The New World
Relationship: He's in a relationship with Ember...a hate/hate relationship. Emma and I call their relationship Member. We have a Member board where we post sarcastic stuff bout him.
Anything I missed: Ummmmmmmm, I love Mitch. He is by far my most favs character evs! Emma would say she hated him, but everyone knows that isn't true. ;)
Favorite Quote: “I have to admit, I am impressed, slightly, you didn’t scream at all during your ride.”

Welcome 2016

Ok, so in this post, I will be doing two things, first is the 2015 Blog and Book Awards. The second is my New Year's Goals. So first I will do my awards. 

Rayray's Blog Choice Award.

The three lucky winners of this award are...

1st: Katie Grace-A Writer's Faith
2nd: Alea Harper-Elvish Pens Fantastical Writings
3rd: Sierra-Flights from the Aerie

Rayray's Book choice Award.

1st: Deny-Tricia Mingerink
2nd: A Time to Die-Nadine Brandes
3rd: The King's Scrolls

Rayray's Character Choice Award ((This is published and unpublished))

1st: Liam-Where Loyalties Lie-Sierra Blasko
2nd: Jude-A Time to Die-Nadine Brandes
3rd: Kaden: The Ilyon Chronicles-Jaye L. Knight

Part 2 of the post: New Year's Goals

I stole this idea from my friend Katie Grace and Kendra E. Ardnek, who stole it from basically Katie's just a genius and we are all in awe of her!!!
   These are my NYs resolutions.
1. Read 50 books
2. Write 100k
3. Finish two books
4. Make one new writing buddy
5. Make one new blogging buddy
6. Win NaNoWriMo
7. Win 3 Camp NaNoWriMos
8. Beta-read one book
9. Review 5 books
10. Drink 100 cups of tea/coffee

Thanks to Katie Grace for being such a genius!
R. J. Steele
What are your New Years Writing Goals?

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Tag of Happiness

I was tagged by my writing buddy Raechel (her blog is awesome)  for The Tag of Happiness. Thank you so much!
   Ok, here it is.
   Songs that make me happy.
   To the Dreamers-For King and Country. My cousin and I have an awesome dance to this. :)
   It's Time-Imagine Dragons
   Deer in the Headlights-Owl City. My friend Sierra re-introduced me to this song.
   Just be Held-Casting Crowns
   Till the Day I Die-Toby Mac

  Books that make me happy
  Where Loyalties Lie-Sierra Blasko(unpublished) This has turned into my favorite book ever!
  The Ilyon Series-Jaye L. Knight
  The 9/11 Series-Karen Kingsbury
  The Knights of Arrethtrae-Chuck Black
  The Bible-God( :) )
  Movies that make me happy
   The Hunger Games-I know, surprising!
   Captain America
   The new X Men movies with the young mutants.
   The Flash-This is a show, but who cares?

   Foods that make me happy
   Ice cream and coffee
   Celery(I had to add something healthy)
   Pizza(Yes Katie Grace I love it too)  
   Scents that make me happy
   Random things that make me happy
   Being tagged in a post! Seeing a new post in the Story Character Chat or Scene on the Jorum. Dancing with my cousin Emma. Laughing with my friends Bana and Logo.
   I am tagging...
   Katie Grace

   Have fun y'all!
Rachael S.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Random Update

   So many things have happened since my last official post, excluding the review I posted yesterday.

   I won the giveaway for Dare and Deny by Tricia Mingerink, which I am so pumped up to read! Because I participated in the Black Friday thingy, I got five ebooks and Dare was one of them, although I haven't received it yet. Anywho, uh, major bragging rights on the Jorum because I have literally heard Dare the whole time.

   Ok, what else? Umm, oh yeah! I have just planned out a five book futuristic series, snippet below.
   “How do I know that you are telling the truth?” he asked. Asha fumbled in her bag and pulled her key out. In her shaking she dropped the key and knelt down to pick it up. As she dropped to her knees, she saw a hand reach down to get it. She quickly stood and watched him study it, all the while praying that he believed her.
   What do you think? I have officially written most of the first chapter for the first three books.

Oh, yes....:

   This guy gets me! Ok, back on track...
   I am mostly through my first edit of my NaNo project, so as soon as I get the second edit done, which should be soon, beta-readers will be needed. Thank you to Sierra for being me beta-beta-reader! I could literally throw the book away at any second if it weren't for her. Editing this book is awesome! I cracked up over this scene...

“Ok, whatever. I want you to look inside Izzy’s head and tell me what she is thinking about me, or when the last time she thought about me was and what she thought.” He instructed. She stared at him. “What? Was it too complicated?” he asked. She looked up.

   “No, I just did what you wanted.” She said.  He lit up.

   “Ok, tell me.” He demanded. She gave him an odd stare and nodded.

   “Ok, she was thinking about you when I checked. She thinks that you are very handsome and she can’t wait to marry you.” she said. He jumped off of his chair.

   “Are you serious?” he asked. She nodded.

   “I am dead are you kidding me she was thinking that the food she was eating was amazing and she needed the recipe and she was thinking about Reed.” She said. “I’m serious about that.” She assured. He sunk low in his chair.

   “So she still wants to marry Reed?” he asked dejectedly. Amaris nodded and laid a hand on his arm.

   “It ok. You did ruin the poor girl’s life; she is allowed to want to marry two people, especially if she only loves one.” She said. He nodded.

“I get it. I did ruin her life, so it’s perfectly natural for her to not like me.” He said before getting up and walking over to a normal chair.

   “Don’t feel bad Grif, it’s nothing you did. Well, it’s everything you did really.” She said. “Ok, I am not helping so I am just going to be quite and go get another biscuit.” She said and did a backflip off of the counter. Griffin jumped up.

I guess that's it folks...I will probably post the first chapter of the first book in a few days. 
   Rachael S.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Daughter of Light Review

 Daughter of Light has turned into one of my favorite books that I have read this year. My favorite character was definitely *hides* Caleb. I know, I know, he is a villain, but I still love him! He is so disturbed that I want to give him a hug. Fictional crush #4: Caleb Tala. I know that I should probably like on of the protagonists, but I don't!
   It's a little scary how much I like Caleb, but I am not so scared that I have chosen a new favorite character.
   The romance between Rowen and Cade is a slight bit uncomfortable because of the age difference, but it might not bother some other people.
   There is a slight bit of mature content, Rowen disarms a man who attacks her and wants to use her, but there is little to no detail. The evil of man's mind is mention a few times.
   The violence is not very descripted, but it is still there.  
   I would give this book a four and a half stars, half has been taken away because of the mature content.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

World Ilyon Day

I am happy to announce the first annual World Ilyon Day. There are already some great posts out there, so check out some blogs such as Raechel's and Anna S. Brie's

Ok, so starting my post off will be a guest post. I have interviewed Ramulas from Here it is!

1.     How did you find out about the series?

Well my sister and I are both into reading, needless to say that she reads more than me, one day she was browsing an author’s website and came across Jaye’s book. She told me about so I took a look at it, after reading a sample I fell in love with it and bought the all the books available.

      2. Who is your favorite character and why?

      I would have to say Jace, I know most people probably say that, but he is one of the very few characters I can relate to. I what it is like to always be the outcast, the outsider looking in, I know what it is like to battle your own anger and hate. I know what it is like to not want to be around other people. When I see Jace, it’s almost like I am looking at myself. I can sympathize with his struggles and that is why he is my favorite.


     3. Which is your favorite book and why?

       Well out of the books that have come out (Resistance, King Scrolls, and Half-Blood) I would have to say….as of now….. This is a hard one… King Scrolls only because it have dragon! But I love all of them so it was really hard to just choose one.

I will answer the same questions.

1. I was looking at Christian fantasy on Amazon and found the series. When they went on Kindle Countdowns, I snatched them up and blew through them. I got the ebook to review for the blog tour of Half-Blood!

2. My favorite character is Kaden or Liam or Marcus. They are all so cool! Kaden makes me laugh, Liam is so troubled I want to reach out and give him a hug, and the same with Marcus, he's so cool!

3. I like The King's Scrolls because it is so emotional . The feels it gave! *shivers.* I loved it.

Ok, so that concludes our post, keep looking out their for more of these.

R. J. Steele

I Won NaNoWriMo!

Ok, deep breaths here. *sighs* Ok, IWONNANOWRIMO! I was so excited!

Ok, first of all, congrats to my writing buddies who completed their goal!

Katie Grace






And fantastic job to Sierra, alea, and firefly, you all did amazing!
And thank you to all who word warred with me, Katie Grace, Athelas, Patience, Resterwen, FaithSong, and a huge thank you to Sierra for being the most supportive! You all did an amazing job! Oh, and thank you to Nadine Brandes for getting on the chat site and encouraging me, I have asked for your two books for Christmas!

Ok, part 2. Who won the Ilyon Fan Trailer Contest. Lady Jaye has chosen Ab Ray as the winner! Congrats! Contact Jaye for instructions on how to receive your prize when it comes out. Her email is The winning trailer is below.

Ok, later today I will be posting again for World Ilyon Day.

R. J. Steele