Thank You!

In this post, I will thank everyone who has helped me this year in my writing.
So first...
GABANA! Gabana has been so encouraging to me in my writing, thank you soooo much!
                                                         Love her so much!
Anna and Katherine. I couldn't have done this without you two encouraging and giving me tips!

Emma! My dear, fantastic cousin, thank you!

Gogi! My editor and grandmother, I love you so much!

Logan. You have now joined the world of Rayray. Thanks for reading the books I shove at you, both mine and others.
                                                                He's the one grinning.
Now on to authors...

Kendra! You have been so patient with my questions about writing, thank you so much!

Jaye L. Knight! If you hadn't written Ilyon, I wouldn't have become as serious as I am now, thanks!

On to writing buddies...

Sierra! Seriously I could not have made it through Nano without you, you have been a fantastic BEST WRITING BUDDY!

Katie Grace. Your posts about writing are sooo helpful! It's awesome to read posts like yours from someone close to my age!

Griffin. For the Story Character Chats and Scenes that we have done, they have been so helpful!

Anyone else...
My Mom! I love you so much! Thank you for everything!
                                                                  A writer's food
Bro! My amazing brother, thank you for everything you do! Love ya!
                                                     This was 8:30pm when he came home
                                                     and pulled beans and rice out. I ate as
                                                     well, I was starving!
Haley and Abigail! You guys are amazing sisters! Love you!
And lastly, all of you guys who did giveaways which I won.
MacKenzie Morganthal-Not Abandoned-Ebook giveaway

Morgan Huneke-The Crossways-signed copy

Tricia Mingerink-Dare and Deny-Signed copies.

I love books! These amazing books are my favorites!
                                                    I lent Dare to Gabana, so just mentally
                                                    add it in.
 Ok, so I know I've posted a lot this week, but I will be gone for the rest of the week, so I needed to get it done. :D Thanks for reading!
R. J. Steele


  1. Oooh. Out of Time books are on there. xD Those are MY favorites... Ever! XP

    1. I know! And also a big thank you to anyone who word warred with me, so you Faith Song!

  2. Rayray, u rock! u r so fun to talk with and I love reading your stuff! Everyone u mentioned totally is awesome!


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