Welcome 2016

Ok, so in this post, I will be doing two things, first is the 2015 Blog and Book Awards. The second is my New Year's Goals. So first I will do my awards. 

Rayray's Blog Choice Award.

The three lucky winners of this award are...

1st: Katie Grace-A Writer's Faith
2nd: Alea Harper-Elvish Pens Fantastical Writings
3rd: Sierra-Flights from the Aerie

Rayray's Book choice Award.

1st: Deny-Tricia Mingerink
2nd: A Time to Die-Nadine Brandes
3rd: The King's Scrolls

Rayray's Character Choice Award ((This is published and unpublished))

1st: Liam-Where Loyalties Lie-Sierra Blasko
2nd: Jude-A Time to Die-Nadine Brandes
3rd: Kaden: The Ilyon Chronicles-Jaye L. Knight

Part 2 of the post: New Year's Goals

I stole this idea from my friend Katie Grace and Kendra E. Ardnek, who stole it from Katie...so basically Katie's just a genius and we are all in awe of her!!!
   These are my NYs resolutions.
1. Read 50 books
2. Write 100k
3. Finish two books
4. Make one new writing buddy
5. Make one new blogging buddy
6. Win NaNoWriMo
7. Win 3 Camp NaNoWriMos
8. Beta-read one book
9. Review 5 books
10. Drink 100 cups of tea/coffee

Thanks to Katie Grace for being such a genius!
R. J. Steele
What are your New Years Writing Goals?


  1. Three Camp NaNoWriMos? I think there's only two per year...

    100 cups of coffee... xD Awesome.

    My New Years Goals... Hm. Maybe I'll do a blog post on them. xP

    1. :D Interesting! I thought that it was in May, June, and July, but now it says that it changes months. Oh well, change that to all of the camp NaNoWriMos. :D COFFEE! I could drink 400, but my mom won't let me. I will so read your post!

    2. This year Camp Nano was May and July.

  2. Good writing goals, Rachael. I am so peoud of you for all the effort you put out. I love tou very much. Gogi

  3. Love those goals! -One of mine will be finishing my 2012 NaNo novel, and writing another during the 2016 NaNo. But I have so many ideas to choose from!!! :)

    1. Who doesn't? I have so many google docs now it's getting hard to navigate!

  4. Rayray none of that should be to hard. Except for the coffee. I'm with u. I could totally drink 3 cups a day!! or more!

    1. Last time I did that, it didn't end well.

  5. Ack, I just saw my blog up there! Thank you so much, Rayray! I'm glad you enjoy it. <3


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