Character Spotlight: Caleb

   Ta da! I am currently writing an older story of mine...Project Z! it's about elemental powers, epic agents, and tons of other cool stuff. ;p
   So I am introducing Caleb Lee, my amazing character!
Age: 19
Occupation: SADT agent
Friends: Serena, Asher, Reef
Enemies: Jason, Nich,
Theme Song: Storm Shadow-Henry Jackman
Personality: Outgoing, rash, confident, violent, talented, smart, engaged.
Height: 6' 3"
Location: USA
Relationship: He doesn't have one in the first book until the end, and that a spoiler
Anything I missed: He's pretty much a hacking/fighting/sarcastic machine. 
Favorite Quote:  “From your failed rescue, I have deduced that you do not want me to take this boy as a hostage, am I correct?”


  1. Oh, he sounds like a nice character to meet. :)

    1. Depends on what circumstance...:D Thanks!

  2. Ok. Have you watched anything with this man in it? I know him because my older sister LOVES Korean Dramas and Lee Min Ho is one of her favorite male Korean actors. So I just wondered if you had seen him in anything.

    1. I've watched him in three drama's, he's not the best actor, but two of his shows, City Hunter and Faith were sooo amazing because he was a boss in fighting! Anywho, Faith is pretty clean, it's set in old Korea so nothing bad or explicit. It does have some violence, but nothing over the very top.
      City Hunter is a whole nother story. It's set in modern Korea and there is some questionable content, but nothing explicit, just some that you might be uncomfortable with. The first and last two episodes were the worst, violence and inappropriate content wise.
      Definitely not a nerd, just a fan, trust me! lol

    2. Hahahahahaaaa!!! Oh believe me, I have nothing new to learn about Lee Min ho!! Like I have had it drilled into me that Choi Young, is LEE MIN HO!!! I have seen him in 'Boys Over Flowers', and 'Faith' and 'City Hunter' are both on the watch list. Like I said, my older sister is a HUGE fan of K-Dramas and Lee Min ho!!

    3. I literally could not watch Boys over Flowers cause of his hair!

    4. I like his straight hair better as well. My mom likes the curly though. What was the third drama you saw him in?

    5. I saw him in Faith, City Hunter, and Heirs.

    6. In the opinion of my analytical older sister who has seen all three of those, Boy Over Flowers and many other K-Dramas, Lee Min ho is one of the most brilliant actors of our generation on any continent.

      I haven't seen Heirs, but Mel (said older sister) has and she says that his 'bad acting' in there isn't him, it is the bad screen writing.

    7. He just makes everything awkward! I like Gi Chang Wook best.

    8. I haven't seen him yet. healer is on the 'To Watch' list. I am really looking forward to it.


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