Serial Saturday-Flicker Part 3

Ta-da! Part three! This was hard to write for some reason, but enjoy!

Chapter 3
  Rowen gripped her sword and restrained herself from reaching up and touching her hair. She hadn’t cut it in a while, years maybe. She had even stopped trying to calm it down, it just did what it wanted to do.
  She swept her sword towards him and it caught on his wrist. He didn’t even touch the wound. Rowen ducked his swing and hit the ground, sliding on the floor. As she went right by him, her sword slide into his leg and he took a step back.
  Jumping up, she saw his swords come crashing towards her and she ducked, but one of the blades caught her cloak hood. He jerked her towards him and she heard a rip as the cloth ripped.
  She stumbled forwards a few steps and held back a scream. Rogen caught her and helped her straighten. She locked her jaw and leaned over to whisper to him.
  “Rogen, this is not working. We need to get rid of him.” she hissed. He nodded.
  “Ok, use your bow and distract him while Ilis and I use our sword and knives.” he told her.
  “Got it.” she nodded, turning around and in one swift motion, drew her bow and pointed the arrow directly at the Nightmare. He didn’t seem concerned, and when she released it, he brought his sword up to block it. The arrow split down the middle and dropped to the floor.
  Rowen fired two more arrows, one after another, but one he ducked and the other he smashed with the hilt of his sword. She gulped as he stood and started walking over to her.
  Rogen appeared at her side and Ilis beside him. The Nightmare didn’t seem to be intimidated at all, instead he actually put away one sword. Rowen grinned. His mistake.
  She pulled another arrow out and slid it against the bow, waiting to fire it. Rogen and Ilis walked towards him and they began to fight. Even with only one blade, he was extremely impressive.It was a slight bit scary, but that was why he was called the Nightmare.
  As soon as his sword was locked with Rogen’s, Rowen fired her arrow at him and stared at he brought his arm up, the arrow bouncing off of it. So he was arrow proof, but not sword proof. She studied where she had cut him and saw that it had been his leg and wrist. The places that were unprotected were his legs and his wrists. If they could disable him, they could tie him up or something and hurry the mission up.
  She aimed her arrow at his leg and her eyebrows flew up as it stuck in his leg. He groaned and threw Ilis and Rogen off. Ilis flipped over the box and stood up, but Rogen slammed into the wall and lay there. Rowen glanced at Ilis and he shook his head.
  The Nightmare took a knee and snapped the arrow off. Rowen fired another arrow into his hand and he snapped that one as well. He stood up and limped over to her. She took a step back. Even his limp was intimidating.
  She reached down for a sword and his hand shot out, connecting with her cheek. She stumbled backwards and gasped as it started throbbing.
  He reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair and she tried to jerk away, but even as she was ignoring the pain, his grip was firm. She winced and closed her eyes as her hand reached up and grabbed onto his, trying to pull it off.
  He grabbed her hand as well and she couldn’t jerk away. Reaching down for her knife she jerked it out of its sheath and sliced it across his hand. It barely drew blood and he grabbed that hand as well. Spinning her around, he forced both hands behind her back and tied a rope of some kind around them. She coughed out her groan and bit her lip as her shoulders protested.
  Rogen stirred and Rowen heard a rip. She frowned and wondered what it had been.
  A long rag was tied around her head as a gag, another around her eyes, and the Nightmare pushed her to the floor. She did groan this time and tried to roll over, but even if she could have, the blindfold kept her from seeing Rogen.
  Rowen listened to a groan, then another. She jerked on her ropes, but they remained as tight as ever. Rogen groaned again as she heard him fall over. He wasn’t trained in hand to hand combat, most people weren’t.
  She heard Rogen hold back his cry of pain and then all went silent. She twisted to the side, trying to rub her blindfold off. The cloth material moved a slight bit, but that was as close as she could get.
  Someone, probably the Nightmare, jerked her up and she stumbled. He readjusted the blindfold and for a brief moment she saw Rogen lying on the ground.
  “What did you do to him?” she demanded. “Is he dead?”
  “Close enough.” the Nightmare told her, pushing her towards the door. She jerked back and hit the ground, her foot hitting Rogen. Twisting so that her finger touched his neck, she felt for a pulse. Weak, but it was still there.
  The Nightmare pulled her up again and, no matter how much she fought back, she never broke free. He opened the door and she shivered. Her cloak wasn’t even on her anymore, the hood was torn and she was pretty sure the straps were broken.
  Rowen heard crunches under her feet and felt something cold and wet hit her. Great, it was snowing. It probably wasn’t in the big city, but on top of the mountain like she was, it was definitely snowing.
  She wondered if he was just taking her away to kill her, or taking her to someone. Probably the second seeing as it would have been easy to kill her tied up, gagged, and blindfolded.
  Rogen stared at the wall, attempting to get up. Every time he tried to, he fell back down as fiery pain spread through his body.
  A hand reached down and pulled him up. He accepted the help and leaned against the wall, trying to calm his heartbeat.
  “Is Rowen ok?” he asked, his breath ragged. If she was as hurt as he was, he couldn’t handle it.
  “Um, I don’t know. She wasn’t here when I woke up.” Ilis said. Rogen’s head shot up and he looked around for his sister.
  “What?” he demanded. “Where is she?” Ilis shook his head.
  “I don’t know, but because she or her body isn’t here, I think our opponent probably took her to the palace. She’s the weakest link here, so he disarmed the real threats. Rogen snorted.
  “Whatever, she’s the strongest one here. She shot him twice and she’s the only one who cut him with anything. You barely joined the fight.” he yelled at him. Ilis stepped back.   
  “Ok, just calm down. We need to get back to camp so that we can repl-” Rogen cut him off.
  “We need to find my sister!” he snapped, reaching down and yanking a knife from a soldier. He gathered them all and shoved them into his sheaths.
  “We can’t just abandon the rest of our men for one soldier.” Ilis reminded. Rogen spun around.
  “Yes. I. Can. And yes. I. Will.” he defied walking away.
  “Fine!” Ilis shouted at him. “Now what. Are you just going to walk into the most heavily guarded building in the world?” Rogen paused.
  “What would you do?” he asked. Ilis walked over and put a hand on his shoulder.
  “Come back to the camp and we will find a way.” he promised. Rogen nodded and together they walked out the door in the direction of the camp.
  As soon as they stepped outside, Rogen pulled his cloak tighter and shiver. His eyebrows shot up and he jerked back around, pointing to a cloak on the floor.
  “Rowen’s cloak.” he said, running back and grabbing it. “So great. She’s being held captive by a vicious story character who has probably immobilized her mostly at least and she’s being forced to walk because she shot his leg and she’s cloakless! Fantastic!” he finished.
  “Dude, we will work this out.” Ilis assured. “We will get her back.”
  “It’s in one piece that I’m concerned about.” Rogen muttered. He shivered and closed his eyes, thinking of his sister. At least she was mostly safe, but even all of that was assumed. He could have dragged her to the woods and killed her so that the townspeople didn’t know about the female member of the rebellion. That might stir up trouble.
 Rogen stalked into camp and brushed past everyone, heading straight for his tent. He sat on his cot and pressed his head in his hands. He needed…
  “I need to get Rowen back!” he growled, standing up. He needed to find Ilis and tell him to hurry up and make a plan. He wasn’t just going to wait around to find his sister.
  “Where’s Illis?” he demanded. His friend Kale took a step back and stared.
  “Dude, what exactly happened on that raid?” he asked. Rogen grabbed Kale’s arm.
  “We took out the soldiers with ease, but then the King’s dog, the Nightmare, arrived and he destroyed us. Rowen shot him twice and she actually cut him, but he took her somewhere. We don’t even know if she’s alive, he could have killed her!” Rogen shouted. Kale stared at him.
  “They took Rowen?” he asked. “We have to get her back!” Rogen nodded.
  “I know, but Ilis said to wait. That’s why I need to find him.” he said. Kale pointed to a table where a few men ate and clenched his jaw.
  “Grab something to eat, I’ll talk to Ilis.” he said. Rogen nodded and walked over to the table.
  “Hey, Rogue, where’s Rowen?” a man asked. He shook his head and whispers echoed around him. “Is she gone?” he asked. Rogen shrugged.
  “I don’t know, we were demolished and then when I woke up, she was gone.” he explained.
  “Man, we need to call a meeting. Our lead archer is missing.” another man shouted. Men echoed him and Rogen shook his head.
  “Well your leader-our leader-said we need to make a plan first.” he said. Protest went up.
  “Plan? What plan? If we track the captor, we can catch him before it’s too late!” someone shouted. Rogen shrugged as he poured stew in his bowl.
  “I am not the leader.” he said. The men looked around at each other and whispered again. Perfect. So he was a rebel rebel now. That was just what he needed.

R. J. Steele


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