Serial Saturday-Flicker Part 4

Ok guys, this part was reeeealllly hard to write, I wrote five hundred in one day, then set it aside, then wrote like fifty words until last night. I was watching a Disney show with my sister and talking with my writing buddy and then I started writing in it, so when I went to bed, I still had a thousand words to write and I just finished 1250 in forty five minutes, not terrible.
 So here it is, I liked it. :D As usual, comment a song that you think fits and tell me what you liked and didn't like. :D I also included a page with links to each part, just in case you missed one. xD

Chapter 4

  Seth clumped through the snow and gritted his teeth as Rowen hit a branch, showering snow on the both of them. She couldn’t wipe it from her face, so she rubbed her shoulder on her face. Snow still covered her face, but she shook her head and most of it fell off.
  She tripped over a stick and fell to her knees. Seth reached out to grab her before she could fall completely over. He glanced around and thought about how to do this. The castle was still a few miles away, and he had completely disabled her.
  He sighed and picked her up off of the ground. His height gave the advantage of balance, well, he had trained for it so it was also natural now. Rowen grabbed at his shoulder and squeezed, taking deep breaths.
  “Calm down!” he ordered. She gasped out a breath and choked. Seth frowned. “What is wrong with you?” he asked.
  “I’m...afraid...of...heights.” she coughed. Seth stared at her.
  “You’re afraid of heights.” he restated. “I’m not that tall.”
  “I am blindfolded!” she hissed at him. “It might as well be a mountain, all I know is my feet aren’t on the ground!” Seth rolled his eyes.
  “Well you trip all over the place when you’re on the ground.” he said.
  “Well I’d rather do that then this!” she shouted at him. He set her on the ground and took a deep breath.
  Something slammed into the back of Seth’s head and he hit the ground. His head pounded, then all went dark.

  When his eyes opened again, it was snowing. He groaned and touched his head, sitting up. His whole head hurt and he stood up. Rowen was gone. Of course, she had known Sale was there, why hadn’t he?
  Sale. That one name brought back terrible memories. Going hunting. Bringing a deer back. Sale bringing back a squirrel. Seth getting completely ignored because it was Sale’s first kill.
  His brother. Why was his brother always one step ahead of him? It didn’t seem like it should be that way. Wasn’t the older brother supposed to be better?
  Sale won combat competitions. Sale brought in more food. Sale gathered more information. Sale moved out first because he was “more responsible”.  And now Sale was against his brother, surprise surprise, and he had the most valuable asset: Rowen.
  She might think she was only a rebel archer/swords woman, but she could be so much more. She could be one of the King’s spies and be the best. Second best actually, he was the best.
  He looked around for any sign that told him where they had gone, but there were over ten trails leading all directions. In a clean patch of snow, Sale had written a message to him.
                                           Got her.
  He swept his foot out and the message disappeared. Gritting his teeth, he walked towards the castle.

  Seth walked into the palace, ignoring the guards that bowed as he walked by. The servants whispered as he passed them, but the only one he even noticed was the redhead. She always watched him, it was kind of creepy actually.
  He walked into the King’s chamber and bowed as the King turned around.
  “My King.” he greeted. The King acknowledged him with a nod and stood up straighter.
  “Did you stop the robbery?” he asked. Seth hesitated, then nodded.
  “Yes, and I brought one of the rebels back, but she escaped.” he explained. The King frowned and took a step forward.
  “You had a girl in custody, and she escaped?” he demanded. Seth glared.
  “Well maybe if you had let me take my brother out when I had the chance, I could have prevented that!” he shouted. The King struck him.
  “If you ever speak to me like that again, I will banish you!” the King swore. Seth glared at his father and squeezed his fist.
  “Fine!” he snapped. “You’ve already chosen the son, and you chose Sale.”
  “I did, but he refused and now I’m stuck with you!” the King answered.
  “If you want me gone, I’d be happy to leave!” he snapped.
  “After you finish this stupid rebel uprising, feel free.” he answered. Seth spun around and stormed out of the room.

  Seth lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. Just. One. More.
  He sat up and glanced around. He His stomach felt empty and he sighed. If he was going to get Rowen back and get out of the palace, he needed to be prepared.
  Walking in the hallway, he ignored the servants as usual and entered the kitchen. The only one who still worked in there was the red headed servant. She looked up and took a step back.
  “Sorry, I didn’t know that anyone was going to come in here…” she apologized. He shook his head and walked over to the cabinets.
  “No, it’s fine.” he said, opening the cabinet and pulling out a potato. He slid a knife out from a block and slice the potato into thin slices. He set a pan on the stove and poured oil onto it.
  “You’re...aren’t you the King’s son?” she asked timidly.
  “Don’t. Talk about it.” he said, stressing the ‘don’t’. She turned around and started to walk away. “Wait,” he called out, “do you know where the plates are?” She turned around and pointed to a cabinet.
  “They’re in there.” she said, her head down. He nodded at her and she walked out. Why did he drive everyone away?
  Stop thinking like that! He snapped inwardly. You don’t need anyone, you’re better off on your own!
  He finished cooking his potato’s and slid them onto his plate. Sticking one into his mouth, he sighed. His cooking skills could be better, but at least the potatoes were edible.
  He sighed and ate another one, this time choking and setting his plate down. He was going to have to find something else to eat.  
  “If you want, I can cook them for you.” the redhead servant said. He turned around and gestured to the cabinet.
  “Be my guest.” he said. She walked over to the cabinet and he stepped out of her way. She took a potato out and sliced it thinly. Setting the shavings onto the pan, she fried them and handed him a full plate.
  “Thank you.” he said. She gave him a nod and walked out of the kitchen again. Seth ate one of the potatoes and compared them to his own. Yup. He wasn’t even sure he could classify his as potatoes.
  Food was the least of this worries, he needed to talk to some of the townspeople, probably disguised so that no one became suspicious.
  Dressed in a white shirt and the pants that farmers wore, he walked into the town and ran a hand through his hair. Who might know Rowen. Well, he couldn’t be too careful, so he walks up to a boy who ran the general store.
  “Hi, do you know Rowen?” he asked. The boy looked up.
  “Yeah, why?” he asked. “I’m Ais by the way.” he introduced.
  “Seth.” he answered, suddenly cautious of telling anyone his real name. “Um, do you know where she is?” he asked.
  “No, we haven’t seen her in a while.” Ais said. “Uh, is she in trouble? Because if she is, it’s not really her, it’s her brother Rogen.” Seth frowned and shook head head. What did he mean?
  “Uh, what do you mean?” he asked. Ais looked around and motioned for Seth to lean in.
  “Well, her brother went out with some guys one time, nothing serious, but they cut across a field and broke part of the fence, and somebody saw Rogen, but they could have seen either Rogen or Rowen, so when they confronted Rogen about it, she said she did it. She gets into a lot of trouble that way, and I think it makes Rogen mad, but it’s probably not anything I should look into.” he said. Seth nodded and turned around to leave.
  “Ok, thanks.” he said. Ais nodded and waved him out.
  Seth walked over to the next building and glanced around. A blacksmithy, great. This was the perfect place.
  “Can I help you son?” the blacksmithy asked. His apprentice looked up and watched him.
  “Yeah, do you guys know Rowen?” he asked. The blacksmithy glanced at the apprentice and nodded.
  “Yeah, somewhat. Barely really.” he said. Seth glanced between the two.
  “Uh, do you know where she is?” he asked. The apprentice narrowed his eyes and shook his head at the blacksmithy.
  “No.” the blacksmithy said. “We haven’t seen her in a few days.”
  “Ok, thanks.” Seth said, walking out. There was something suspicious going on there. He doubled back and walked behind the place. A ladder led to a hayloft of sorts, but if he had to guess, it was creaky and the hayloft was where the apprentice lived.   
  He pressed himself against the wall and listened to the conversation. He couldn’t see who it was, but he recognized the blacksmith's voice, so the other one had to be the apprentice.
  “Yeah, but if she’s in trouble, then I need to go help her!” the apprentice insisted.
  “No. I am not going to let you go after a rebel.” the blacksmithy said firmly.
  “I only have one month left, maybe we could-”
  “No! Enough and get back to work. You’re lucky I covered for you!”
  Seth walked back into the blacksmith’s and crossed his arms. The apprentice looked up.
  “What do you want?” he asked.
  “I want you to tell me what that conversation was about.” he answered. The apprentice stood up and Seth took note of the red hot poker in his hand.
  “You were listening to our conversation?” he asked. Seth nodded.
  “Yes I was. Now tell me how you really know Rowen.” he said. The apprentice shook his head, but the blacksmithy stepped into the conversation.
  “Rowen and Ezra want to get married when she turns eighteen.” he said. Seth laughed.
  “Barely know her?” he reminded. “I’m going to have to take you in for questioning.” he said. The apprentice rolled his eyes.
  “You don’t have to.” he snapped. Seth glared at him.
  “You’re right, I could walk out of here right now and pretend this conversation never happened.” he said. “But I don’t want to. If I want to find Rowen, I need you.” He walked over and grabbed the apprentice’s arm as he set the poker down.
  “What do you want with Rowen?” he asked. Seth paused.
  “Let’s just say I have a personal score to settle and she’s being held by that personal score.” he answered. “Now come one apprentice.”
  “My name is Ezra.” he snapped.
  “Fine, Ezra, come on.” he said, pulling him out of the building.

  As Seth neared the palace gate, he noticed the redhead servant talking with one of the guards at the gate. He almost pushed her back in and berated the guard, but he remembered the potatoes and let it go. It wasn’t until he stepped into the palace that he realized two things.
  First, had he just let something go? Who cared that she had done something for him, he had never done that before. Ever.
  Secondly, they had been talking like they were worried. Should he even ask the guard?
  He dragged Ezra into the dungeon, trying to miss the puddles of rain. Opening one of the cells, he threw him in and shut the door, locking it and setting the key on the table. He always left the keys in plain sight.
  Now to go talk to the guard. Yeah, he had decided to ask. If there was something going on t hat he needed to know about, he would find out about it.
  The girl was still there when he walked up, but as soon as she saw him, she ran inside without looking back. Seth ignored her and locked eyes with the guard. It was difficult because Seth had brown eyes and the guard had piercing blue.
  “What’s your name?” Seth asked.
  “Kale.” he answered.
  “Ok Kale, what was that conversation?” he asked. Kale glanced back at where the girl had been and looked back at Seth.
  “Just talking with” he said. Asha, so that’s her name.
  “How do you guys know each other?” he asked.
  “We...uh...we’re just friends.” Kale answered.
  “No you’re not. Tell me the truth.” Seth said. When Kale didn’t answer, he gripped his wrist and pulled him forward, removing a knife from its sheath.
  “Stop!” Asha called, running forward. “Kale and I are going to get married.” she said.
  “You can’t do that.” Seth said. “You’re a slave.”
  “We have a year left of saving before we can buy Asha’s freedom.” Kale said. Seth slid his knife back into his sheath and turned away.
  “Excuse me, I have more pressing matters to attend to.” he said, walking away.
  “Sure you do.” he heard Kale mutter, then Asha shushed him. Great, everyone was getting married and having a great life except for him. Fantastic. He might as well go live in the woods for the rest of his life.


  1. Nice! :-) Sorry this one was hard to write... I know how that is. xP

    1. Thank you! was just hard to write because I didn't know what to write. xD

    2. Yeah, that's usually the reason it's hard for me to write.

    3. It might have been easier if I had been writing for two character instead of one.

    4. Quick question: Who's your favorite character so far?

    5. Um... I don't know... I can't decide! xP

    6. It's hard for me to decide as well!


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