Flash Fiction Writing Piece

This is my piece for the Flash Fiction Writing Challenge!

   Emma glanced behind her and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Tonight she would do it. She would complete the mission she had trained for her whole life. She would finish this.

  Pulling her hood up, she made sure her mask covered the lower half of her face. Her hair hung down her back and she reached back, touching it. She needed to cut it; it was almost to her waist. It was jet black, a startling contrast to her green eyes.

  “You are the most persistent person ever!” Flynn said, running up to her.  Emma glared at her brother and sighed.

   “Flynn, I’m finishing this tonight!” she said, pushing him out of the way. Brothers…

  “Emma, it’s a suicide mission.” He pointed out. Emma sighed.

  “I’m fine, I can do this.” She said.

   “If you’re going, I’m going!” Flynn told her, leaving no room for argument.
   “Fine, you can come help me by distracting the guards.” She allowed.

   “Distracting the guards, how?” Flynn asked.

   “Just knock something over, I really don’t care.” She answered.
   “Em, seriously, what is your plan?” he asked.

“I’m going to go into the SADT headquarters and insert a drive into the computer, download the files, then get out of there.” She said.

  “Ok, first of all, terrible plan. Second of all, why are you getting this again?” Flynn asked. 

  “I’m getting the info SADT stole from my parents.” Emma said.
   “Don’t you mean our parents?” he asked.

   “Technically from our adopted parents, we don’t even have the same parents.” She pointed out.

  “Oh, right.” He said, nodding. “Ok, let’s go die.” Emma rolled her eyes and sighed.

   “Ok, come on.” She said, grabbing his arm and pulling him out of her room.


   Flynn walked into the SADT building, admiring the sign out front. Strategy And Defense Team. I want to say “I’m part of the SADT! He thought.

   “Hi welcome to the SADT building, my name is Olive, how may I help you?” a woman asked.
   “Yes, my name is Kobie Grant, I’m supposed to shadow Professor Pierce today.” He said. The lie didn’t hurt him in the least bit; he had been trained by the best to hide all of that…conscience.

   “Um, let me check with Professor Pierce, that isn’t on his schedule.” She said. Flynn smiled at her and nodded the sign for Emma to get down here. She mustn't speak now, it was too dangerous.

   His sister jumped up from behind a bench and hurried to the computer.

 “Ok, the password is Aerosmith.” He said, glancing at his phone. Emma typed the word in and grinned.

   “Got it.” she said, inserting a hard drive. “Ok, this should only take thirty seconds because it’s pretty big.” She said. Flynn nodded and glanced up, the receptionist’s voice reaching his ears.

   “Uh oh, she’s coming back; I’m going to distract her.” He said. “You owe me for this!” Emma snorted.

   “Uh, ok Mr. “If-Your-Going-I’m-Going!” she snapped.
   “Just hurry!” he shouted at her. She nodded and he slipped off quietly.     

   Emma watched the bar load and glanced nervously around. It was only at seventy percent.
   “Come on, come on.” She said.  
   “Hey! What are you doing?” a voice asked. She looked up and saw a man around Flynn’s age walking towards her. He glanced around and frowned at her.

   “Um, just getting a file for Miss. Ramirez.” She tried to cover up.

   “You aren’t wearing the uniform, you’re wearing the outfit of a robber.” He pointed out. Emma glanced at the bar and saw the file fully downloaded.
   She yanked the drive out and jumped over the counter, knocking the man down. He hit the floor and she bolted out of the building.


   Flynn stormed into the house and slammed the door. Emma jumped up from the couch and closed her laptop.

    “Ok, I’ll admit, I was getting a bit worried.” She said. Flynn glared at her and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

   “Yeah, this is for Dad, he has to sign it so that I don’t have to go to jail. I got off of the hook by pretending to be a mad, nerd fan of this scientist guy, but do you know how hard it was to convince them that I wasn’t working with you?” he demanded.
   “Um, yes?” she guessed. “Look I’m sorry, but it was you who insisted on coming with me.”

   “Well I didn’t know that I was going to have to pretend to be crazy.” He said. “Ok, I went through all of that, show me the file.”
   Emma sat on the couch and opened her laptop, clicking on a file.

   “This is our complete family tree, going back fifty generations. Our family is old, well, Dad’s family is. I found ours as well, but it’s only six generations.” She said. Flynn scanned it and pointed to one name.
   “Daniel Kayne.” He said. “I know about him, I think. Maybe I should look into him.” Emma nodded.

   “And here’s mine.” She said. Flynn pointed out a name on hers as well.

   “Look, Amara Lee.” He said.
   “Great, I’m headed to the library.” Emma said, standing up and grabbing her backpack from the floor. “See you later?” she asked.
   “We live together.” He said. She laughed.

   “I know bro, I was kidding.” She said, walking out of the apartment. Flynn looked at the laptop and sighed. Now I will finally know who my mom was.


  1. This is really good, Rayray! I love the last line especially - "Now I will finally know who my mom was" - :) Good job!

  2. Nice story! Mine is by no means near where I want it to be, so great job!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure yours is great as well! Can't wait to read it!

  3. I like it, the suspense was great. I'm finished writing my Flash Fiction, but I'm waiting till Friday to post it. I will check out the rest of your blog too.

    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to read it! I hope you like it!

  4. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! It was really good. :) The suspense was awesome! i was holding my breath when that guy came in!!!


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