Serial Saturday: Flicker Part 5

So this post was not really hard to write, I just didn't want to. I really started to connect with Aden in this one, so right now I am trying to make Asha lovable. Enjoy peoples! Oh, and a special announcement at the bottom. :D

Chapter 5
  Asha hurried down the steps of the castle and up to Kale. He glanced at her and frowned.
  “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked.
  “I can’t find Aden.” she panted. He looked to the side and pulled her towards the wall.
  “Don’t look at the person passing.” he said. Asha focused on him, but out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the man in the kitchen. Why was Kale so nervous? Well, to be fair, she had been terrified of him when she had first seen him.
  “Kale, look at me, I’m worried.” she said. Kale put his hand on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes.
  “Asha, I will ask around about him, he couldn’t have just disappeared. Wait, why did you just now notice him gone?” he asked.
  “Well, he goes out during the day even though I don’t want him too, but he always comes back for dinner, he didn’t!” she told him. Kale opened his mouth to speak, but he looked up and whispered, “Go inside.”
  Asha looked back and saw the man from the kitchen walking towards them. She ran into the palace without looking at him, but when she stopped just inside, she turned around and watched them.
  The man talked with Seth for a minute, and she heard, “” “..know..” and then she saw him pull his knife out of his pocket. Asha put a hand to her mouth and ran towards them.
  “Don’t!” she shouted. “What did you ask him?”
  “I asked him how you knew each other.” he answered.
  “Kale and I are going to get married.” she breathed. He frowned.
  “You can’t do that, you’re a slave.” he said.
  “We have a year left of saving before we can buy Asha’s freedom.” Kale said. The man slid his knife into his sheath and turned.
  “Excuse me, I have more pressing matters to attend to.” he said, walking away.
  “Sure you do.” Kale grumbled under his breath. Asha shook her head at him.
  “Stop that.” she said. “I have to go, when you get off of your shift, please look around for Aden.” she said. He nodded and Asha walked into the palace.
  He never disappeared like that, where could he have gone?
  “Hey, you Aden’s sister?” a male voice asked. Asha whirled around.
  “Yes, do you know where he is?” she asked. The man nodded.
  “Yeah, I took him to a house outside of town.” he answered. Asha breathed out a sigh of relief.
  “Ok, why would you do that without asking me?” she demanded.
  “Because Aden’s thirteen years, he’s old enough to go off on his own. Hey, be glad he’s out of here, do you know how many boys his age would want to be out of here?” he asked. Asha nodded.
  “How did you know I was his sister?” she asked.
  “He described you to me. I believe his...somewhat changed words were, “She’s pretty, the redhead.” he answered.
  “So you picked me out because I’m the only redhead here?” she asked.
  “No, I picked you out because you’re pretty.” he said, a small smile on his face. Asha sighed and walked past him. “Hey, where are you going?” he asked.
  “None of your business, but if you must know, I’m going to work.” she said.
  “Ok, are you offended?” he asked, running in front of her. She stopped and sighed.
  “Yes, because I’m engaged.” she said. He laughed.
  “You’re kidding right?” he asked. “Do you know how hard it is to get permission from the King to marry as a slave?” he asked. Asha nodded.
  “I won’t be marrying as a slave.” she assured, walking away.
  Laying on her bed, Asha rolled over and sighed, staring at the wall. Aden was gone. Where was he? What was he doing right now?
  She sat up and sighed, looking to the side. Why in the world had he done that? He was just another slave boy, literally they were almost all like that. Aden was one of a kind, as was Asha. The reason they were different was because their parents had actually taken the time to teach them how to be...decent.
  She stood up and jumped out the window. It had been years since she had last done this, she needed to practice.
  Creeping across the courtyard, she made it to the gate without being detected and put her hand on a loose brick. Removing it, she pulled a bag out and returned the brick. She opened the bag and removed two knives, jamming the blade of one into the wall. She had read a book about doing this and had immediately tried it. It was hard, but she could do it.
  Dropping to the other side, Asha ran through the woods until she got to the big field with the hay bale in it. It was a reasonably far distance, but she would never go out there without a knife or two, rebels liked to hang out near there.
  Each knife had an orange ribbon on it to avoid getting lost. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, hurling one of the knives at the bale. She spun the next one and reached for another as it slammed into it’s target.
  One after one, the knives lodged themselves in the bale of hay. She stared at them in the middle and sighed with contentment. Every one of them had made it to the middle. She hadn’t practiced for two years, but maybe the skill stayed with you.
  As she bent over to retrieve the knives, a she heard a crunch behind her. Jerking one of the knives out, she stabbed at the person behind her.  He caught her hand before it buried in his chest and reached for her sleeve with his other hand. Pulling it back slightly, he revealed her slave’s mark and looked at her.
  “What would the King say if he saw you now?” he asked.
  Aden awoke and glanced around the room. He shared it with four other boys, all of which were twelve years old up to fourteen years old. He still didn’t know why they were here at the house, he didn’t know why he was in the house. All he knew was Taysin had brought him here to live.
  He stood up and looked behind him. The other’s had come in late, so he had already been asleep. He didn’t know any of them, not yet anyway.
  Creeping downstairs, he walked down a hallway and into the kitchen. A girl sat at the table and looked up as he came in. She was probably Asha’s age with blond hair and a nice smile. Patting the seat next to her, she allowed him to sit before introducing herself.
  “Hi, I’m Rayna.” she said, holding out her hand. Aden shook it.
  “HI, I’m Aden.” he said. “What are you doing?” he asked, gesturing to the book.
  “I’m reading my Bible.” she answered. He raised his eyebrows.
  “Are you a Christian then?” he asked. She nodded.
  “Yes, are you?” she asked. He shook his head.
  “My sister Asha is, but I’m not.” he said. “I have a question, why are you here?” she laughed.
  “You mean why am I the only girl here?” she asked. He nodded.
  “Yes, and why are there other boys my age here?”
  “Well, my brother Taysin takes in young boys who don’t have parents, or have a bad home. He teaches them...stuff, and the reason I’m here is because I’m Taysin’s sister.” she explained.
  “Oh, what kind of stuff?” he asked.
  “Stuff I don’t approve of, but that’s just me.” she said. “I don’t actually get to choose what you guys do.”
  “No, she really doesn’t.” Taysin said. Aden didn’t even notice him leaning against the wall. He walked over to his sister. “I told you to stop reading that.” he said, snatching the book. Rayna jumped up and punched her brother in the stomach, grabbing the Bible back while he doubled over.
  Aden watched in shock as Taysin tackled Rayna. The Bible skidded to the corner and Aden hurried to pick it up, watching the two wrestle. Rayna held his arms down and then used her body to keep him from flipping over. With two quick punches, she caused him to let go of her and relax.
  “Ha! I win!” she laughed at him as he stared at the ceiling, groaning.
  “Cheater.” was all he could muster. Rayna snatched her Bible from Aden and walked outside.
  “Um, Taysin, she crushed you.” Aden began. Taysin closed his eyes and then gave Aden a look.
  “I let her win.” he assured. Aden snorted and then jumped as Taysin flipped himself to get up.
  “You let her destroy you then, oohh…” he trailed off as he saw the other side of Taysin’s face.
  “I really didn’t. She’s actually younger.” he said. Aden stumbled back.
  “Woah, how old are you?” he asked. Taysin glanced at him.
  “Nineteen.” he said. Aden burst out laughing.
  “No, seriously.” he wheezed. Taysin took a step forward and Aden jumped. “Yeah, because I was thinking twenty two maybe, you have that mature...who am I kidding, you’re like five feet tall.”
  “You’re five foot two or three!” Taysin said, gesturing to Aden.
  “I’m thirteen, you’re nineteen!” he answered. Taysin rolled his eyes.
  “Whatever, yes, she’s two years younger.” he said.
  “Ok, she said that you teach boys how to do things.” he said. Taysin nodded.
  “Yeah, she was my first pupil.” he answered.
  “Was not!” Rayna protested as she walked in. He dropped his head.
  “For the last time, Mai was not my student, he just dropped in.” Taysin answered.
  “Whatever, I’m going to start on food, beating you makes me hungry.” she said.
  “I let you win!” he shouted at her. Rayna laughed harshly.
  “Then let’s do it for real!” she shot back. He hesitated.
  “I can’t, I have things to do.” he covered up. She nodded and pulled a loaf of bread from the cabinets. “Um, Aden, you can help me this morning.” he said. Aden followed him out the door and to the barn.
  “Oh, you mean like chores?” he asked. Taysin shrugged.
  “I prefer to call them “The Hated”. He said. Aden shrugged.
  “Call them what you will, if you just do it, you can’t hate them.” he said. Taysin laughed.
  “Ok, keep on believing that.” he said. “So, I talked to Asha, she doesn’t like me already.”
  “What do you mean?” Aden asked. “Did you insult her?”
  “Kind of, why didn’t you tell me she was engaged?” Taysin asked.
  “Because I didn’t think it necessary to give you a complete background on my sister.” he answered, grabbing a bucket.
  “Well, yeah, she was pretty insulted.” Taysin said. “I give up, I’m never going to get married.”
  “Uh, you’re nineteen.” Aden pointed out. “Some guys wait until...twenty two sometimes.”
  “Yeah, but most people get married young. Everyone’s getting married, your sister, my friend who shall not be talked about for his safety.” he said.
  “It’s ok to remain single.” Aden assured. “I mean, look at your sister!” Taysin glared at him.
  “Her fiance is great, but she had some issues with his work.” he said.
  “Oh, ok.” Aden, set the full bucket of feed on the ground and dragged it across the floor to the cows feeding trough. Dumping it in, he twisted his back to pop it.
  “Yeah, if you ask me, all rebels are bad.” he said. “Sometimes farmers give them things, food, animals, clothes, maybe shelter for the wounded, but if they came here, I’d refuse.”
  “Then they would just take it from you.” Aden said. “So wait, do you know of The Nightmare?” he asked.
  “That’s just a story.” Taysin answered. Aden shook his head.
  “No it isn’t, he lives in the palace.” he said. “He’s terrifying.”
  “Great, do you want to know what else is terrifying?” Taysin asked. “A cow full of milk.”
   Yup, that's my story. Anywho, so I am thinking about posting the first chapter of my novel, but I don't know if that's just me wanting people to read it, or if people actually want to. Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great Job! And I think you should post your chapter. Everyone needs feedback, right? :)

  2. I'm enjoying reading this, Rachael, and lookng forward to seeing where you are going with it. (from Gogi)

  3. Nice! And, yes, reading your first chapter would be awesome. :-)

    1. Thanks! Alrighty, I just have to edit a bit...


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