Weekly Writing Update

   Uuuuugggggghhhh where do I even begin? Hmm, I know! My big announcement!
   Ok, so I asked for beta readers and received five responses from some awesome people! They gave me great feedback, and some are still working on it. :D So one piece of advice was...rewrite it all! Just kidding, they gave me ammmazing advice!
   Um, school. Just...no.

Yeah, all you kids who are tired of school raise your hands! *no one does because no one can see them* Yeah, lol I just said that.

   Exciting news! Especially for those who beta-read my NaNo novel...there will be part 2! There will be 50k more! You can totally say no again to the second sign up, you only signed up for the first part. Anywho, I literally just introduced my favorite character ever...Oliver! For my Friday character spotlight, he will be the star! But anywho, here's a little clip from the section I just wrote.

   “I know he is quite annoying isn’t he?” Oliver asked, eating a roll.

   “Hey, you aren’t supposed to eat that yet.” She said, reaching for it.
   “Uh, I helped make these and dug deep in my French cooking skills to make the potatoes, which I really didn’t because they don’t really eat potatoes in France, but the point is I have earned the right to eat this roll.” He said, taking a bite.

   Oliver is like my new favorite character evah! He so awesome to write from. I came up with the idea to have a world hopper when I mentioned something in the third chapter. I came up with Oliver on my bed a few days ago and I immediately thought, "Sierra, you are going to luuuurve him!"
   I think BC could play an older Oliver, just sayin. What?! You've never seen Sherlock?
                                                  Aimee had this on her blog and I knew I had to
                                                 us it sometime.

So I was with my friend and we took a picture of us because "The other ones were aweful!" Thank Gabana, I  love you too.
   So yeah, that's my friend who asks to read my writing! Some other ones are like, "Uuuuuuhhhh, how many stories do you have?" lol JK!
   Um, hmm, what else? Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh! I am super hyped up because I won the audiobook of Dare! Yesh! I won it under my mom's email, so yay!
   I have now won the signed copies, the audiobook, and I received the ebook for a Black Friday thingy. I have the world!
   Also, I found the coolest song ever! It's called Ready, Aim, Fire! by Imagine Dragons. I like the Hunger Games version, so I will post the normal version and the HG version!
That's all, thanks for reading!
R. J. Steele


  1. Sorry I haven't finished the last part. I'm really busy this weekend, but I'm almost done and will get it to you soon. :) Love the gif's!

    1. That's ok! The feedback you've given is AMAZING and awesome! xD Thank you.

  2. Love you Rayray! Your a great writer, and I love reading your stuff! Love the pic too. Much better than the ones of me eating.


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