A Blog Hop

   I missed a post on Wednesday...I'M SO SORRY! I was incredibly busy and hadn't finished my post yet, so today, I am going around the blogs that I follow and sharing a few of the posts that have been...posted? xD

   The Left-Handed Typist posted a catching up post! She had an awesome time on a trip, so the post is really really awesome!

   Tricia Mingerink opened voting for the fan contests! I entered the fanfiction one, so if you like it, vote! If you like another one, then vote for that one!

   Katie Grace had/is having a birthday! Sixteen is such a big number! Annnd she is asking for beta readers, so if you want to do that, sign up!
   Anna Jolene posted some of her work! I was just reading this and thinking how epic it was! It's an awesome piece, so go read it!

   Soleil had a birthday! Woohoo! Happy birthday, and it was awesome to see her writing journey! There's also a special surprise at the end of that post....:D
   And last but certainly not least, Jonathan posted his first review! Check it out, and hopefully you'll get some good insight on the book.
   Thank you so much for reading!
   R. J. Steele
   Did someone post something that I missed? Did you post something that I missed? If so, totally leave me a comment.


  1. All of these posts are fabulous.

    Hannah (of Ink Blots and Coffee Stains) posted on how to vanquish the fearful writer. I love it. <3

  2. Thanks for this, Rachael. I hadn't heard of a couple of those blogs.


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