Meet My Cousin/Surprise!

Meet My Cousin/Surprise
     (Emma will be in bold, I will be in the weird I, italics? xD))
So today I will be talking about...EMMA! In fact, she’s actually going to be joining me today! Let’s give it up for her everyone! *waves as Emma walks in*

*comes in with Emma and  we do the ND dance routine*
Hi ya’ll! *raises Emma hand* Clap! Clap for Emma!
What’s up? Uh, the sky is, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Today we are talking about us, and writing. So Emma, what were your thought when we started To the Dreamers for the first time?
I was super excited about writing a futuristic novel. (‘cause futuristic rocks!) What about halfway through?
Um..well..*clears throat* I felt like taking a break on it...forever. You and me both Em. What about now?
If I can get my mind set to it, I’ll love it. But it’s pretty hard to think of an idea that hasn’t been used already. Ok, last question, how do you like writing with me? *crosses fingers*
It sucks! Jk. I love it! I probably couldn’t write without ya:) Awww! Right answer. lol.
So, Rachael, what kind of vibe are you getting from our book? Superheroes! *coughs* Sorry, uh, awesome super secret agents and maybe some crime. Some? Like, half the book has crime!
Yes! I mean, come on, what’s a book without crime, right! Ok, which character are you totally fangirling over? Uh, Ben. He’s a Nightwing inspired charrie, and I have to find a cool code name for him!
Cool, cool. So how many words have you written so far and what do you think a good goal for us is?  I wrote 50k in November, then another ten thousand, so total, I would say 150k since June, because I started a bunch of books. :D I think our book should be at least 80k.
Wow. Super impressive! Yea, I agree. 80k would be ideal. Well, that’s all I have for you.
  Ok! That’s enough of us, anyway, now it’s time to reveal our secret! We have started up our blog :D Super excited! *shoutout to all our fans* Hope you enjoy this as much as we will making it! Bye!
-----Emma and Rachael----

   Ok, just Rachael now. One of my Goodreads friends Hannah just started up a blog! Go check it out here!


  1. Nice to meet you Emma! Excited to hear more about your novel! I love the idea of it. :)

  2. So you guys are writing a story together?! So cool! Are you going to then publish it? Thanks for the shoutout thing! That made me so crazy happy! *grins stupidly while fondly looks at the link*

    1. Thank you so much! I hope so, but it depends on a lot of things like...if we actually finish it. No problem! I'm so excited!

  3. Nightwing? Like, Wings of Fire?

    1. Aw, rats. :-P For a moment I thought you were referencing a series I'm reading. xP


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