Wrap It Up!-April

  "This is the story of how I died!"-Flynn Rider, Tangled
For those of you who did Camp NaNo, I think we can all agree that it was...tiring. Very tiring. I'm exhausted and ready for my two week reading break. Buuut the second week in June, um, I'm going to try what Cait did and write 50k in one week. Yeah...six days. She wrote 98k in five, but still, it's the idea.
Anywho, I decided to do this insanity because, frankly, I was bored by week two. I chopped Superheroes off and made it shorter! Wut? I hurt my baby!
   This isn't exactly a normal end up the month post, I'll tell you guys about a trip we went on, but other than that, I pretty much wrote. *nods*
   So we went on this trip to LA (Louisiana not Las Angeles) to go visit family, and basically I swam in the lake, ate pizza, and hung with my cousins all day. *nods* Laaaazy!

   Now! On to the stories. Seriously, I'm still a little in shock over what even happen! Firstly, I wrote 76k plus whatever my writing buddy and I wrote in our story in 22 days. Yeah, I know. And I'm exhausted, but you guys know that because I totally died whenever anyone mentioned anything writing related.
   I wrote three different stories, Superheroes, Iris, and Shadows. If you want to know about Superheroes, click on this here linky thingy, and two of my charries will explain it. The draft right now is a huge giant mess.
   Iris is less of a mess, I love this story. It's exactly 20k, and ack! I just flail whenever reading it because I love it so much! The charrie Iris had water damage and lost memory and is in this underground city. That's all, sorry, I really am, but I can't say another word.
   Shadows is also a kind of semi orderly mess. It's only about 10k, but I'll probably add more in editing. This one I cried over so many times! The MC Min Jae is a Messenger, someone who delivers top secret blah blah blah, and one day, the receiving messenger was shot by an opponent. He had to take her home, his parents pulled him out of that program and sent him to school. He and the girl teamed up to A) work at a bookstore which her grandparents owned, B) become each others only friend, and C) find their normal.
   Snippets! Cause everyone loves snippets! Ok, I"ll give a few of my favorites from each one.

“What’s the matter? Can’t handle a three year old?” He teased. Evie gritted her teeth again and snapped back with the quickest comeback she could think of.
  “And a half!” She attempted at standing. “Barrett, get her off.” She pleaded. He sighed dramatically and wrapped his arms around Lila, pulling. She didn’t move. “Barrett, try.” Evie pushed.
  “I am trying!” He answered, tugging harder. “She’s like superglued here.”
  “What?” Evie shouted at him. “I am not taking me three year old cousin everywhere!”
  “And a half.”

  “That’s not it, you don’t feel guilty.” She smiled quietly at him. “What do you really want, Aiden. Just tell me.”
  Aiden stared ahead and took a turn into an alley, stopping the car and turning to her. “Fine. You have something I want.”
  “I’m not giving you my laptop.” She said firmly.
  “I have like a thousand of those.” He waved it off.

Grant laughed, but it was a pained laugh. “I get it, I get it.” he glanced worriedly at Mia. “Uh, I have some...stuff I have to...do.”
  Glancing back at them, he slipped out of the door and took off towards the house. Scary! If she remembered everything, she’d be a nightmare. Nightmare, yeah, that pretty much sums up Maxwell’s assassins in a one word. Logan was an insane psycho who was totally calm and in control, he was a huge nightmare and I haven’t even seen his face.
“Gotcha, you have any brothers?” Iris asked. Logan rolled his eyes and looked away.
  “No, Iris. I don’t have a brother.” he sighed. “You already asked that.”
  “Yeah, I know..” Iris opened the closet door and grabbed a brush, dragging it through her hair. “So...I have a question.”
  “You always do.” Logan sighed. “What is it?”

“So you and I are pretty much friends now, right?” Kate asked.
  “Um, sure.” Min Jae gave her an odd look.
  “So you’ve got my back and everything?” she looked up at him.
  “What?” he stopped and took a step back.
  “You did it!” she crowed loudly, throwing her arms out and laughing.
  “I don’t get it.” he shook his head. “And careful, stitches.”
  She grabbed her side and groaned. “Oh, ok.”

“Cough cough.” His father said.
  “Dad, I don’t get cough signals.” he sighed. “But if you mean you want me to go walk her home, then I think I get it.”
  “Huh, you do get cough signals.” Iris smirked.
  “Ha ha, I’m going.” he grumbled, snatching his hoodie from his bed. “You know I’m missing out on homework time, right?”
  “You mean the homework that you trashed?” Logan asked.
  “...Yeah, got to walk Kate home.”
   Again, thank you so much for reading! All of your encouragement through Camp was amazing! THe next book I will be writing is the final instalment/second book which I wrote the third and fourth first (-_-) in one week. By the end of that, I may or may not go crazy.



  1. LOVE the snippets! They look super good! Congrats on finishing up camp!

  2. I just noticed we have the same number of followers! :D **high fives** And that is cool that you did Camp Nano! How many words did you do total??

    1. Woo hoo! *high fives back* :D I did 76k.

  3. Loved the Tangled reference, mwahaha.

  4. Good job with your word count! Alas, I miserably failed at Camp NaNoWriMo. I only wrote 7k, (*dies at pitifulness*) and sadly, I don't even have a good excuse. I just...My characters were being brats. I blame it on them.

    I loved your snippets! They're totally cool! :D (And *high fives for Tangled reference* I LOVE Tangled)

    1. Aw! *pats head* Totally understand about the charries.
      THANKYOU! xD

  5. I am impressed with your 76k in 22 days like whatttt thats awesome. Looks like you had a fun month. For some reason it completely slipped my mind
    that I was going to do a wrap up post so yeah...... There's always next month

    1. Ack! Thank you! It was...interesting. xD

  6. Good job, Rachael! Love you. (Gogi)

  7. O.O

    Soooo many words in so little time. WOW. *is thoroughly impressed*

    Love the snippets! And the meme ... Hehehehe.

    1. *grins* It was hard, tiring, and boring at times, but I did it!
      Ack! Thank you! That makes me so happy!


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