Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wrap it Up~June

                                                     Oh my goodness, I found a book exchange,
                                                               but it was full of romance novels, and yes,
                                                               there's bro skulking in the background.
                                                               Picture credit: Dear Dad.

   If I could sum up June in one words, it would be this one.
   Like, so hot, it's stupid. Hundred degrees hot.
   The only way to get rid of that would beeeeeee......
   It was hot and fun, really fun! I only got a slight sunburn. :P Then we climbed on like floating water pipes and So yeah! It was really fun!
   This is going to be a short post because...I sucked this month. Yeah, most of the time I was freaking out over the conference. Yup, I might talk about that some, uh, *waves hands confusedly*
   Ok! We went to something called Movies in the Park where you go watch an outdoor movie! We watched one of my all time favorites...The Lego Movie!

   I love that movie sooooo much! It's the most "awesome" movie ever! Bana and I pretty much quoted it the whole time. *nods*
   And of course the conference! I am still kind of shocked over how amazing it was! Gaaaawwwwsh! I joined the forum for OYAN It's really busy, like really busy.
   Bro and I also went to see CIVIL WAR! I mean, fiiiinally! And I took a picture next to the Jason Bourne poster.
                                                              That's a little blurry
   Remember when I told you I sucked this month? Yeah, that's all I have. But since it was sooo short, I'll throw in some stuff about my new story idea and what I've been working on.

   So at the conference, I brought four excerpts of my book them...OUTLOUD! Oh my gosh, are you proud of me or what?!?!?! Anywho, they critiqued them and I edited the first one and the next chapter, but I think I'm going to edit them later, like all at once or something. Soooo yeah, that's been going, and then I had a new idea that I'm working on. Here's a basic rundown of my projects which you may or may not know anything or nothing about...
   Awaken- First Draft completed and now I'm doing the second handwritten, so that's interesting.
   Superheroes- Sort of kind of editing but distracted by my new story.
   Iris- First draft finished, pretty much done with it. *loooves it*
   Shadows- Also finished editing, and also #lovesit
   New Story- I'm calling it...Ha! Nope! No telling, but it was partially inspired by a certain series that I started...

                                               HARRY POTTER!
   Oh my great goodness freakin gosh! I loooove this series so much! We sort of casually sat down and watched the first one with my Dad, and that turned me into a rabid Harry Potter fan. Yes. I love it.
   We also got the free trial of Kindle Unlimited and I read all of the books in two weeks. Yes. You read that right. I read ALL of the Harry Potter books in TWO weeks. I stayed up late reading them, true, but still! My favorite character so far and forever more is Draco Malfoy! Heeeee's sooooo amazing! And yes, I took the quizzes, and I would stick the link in here, but I don't have it, so yeah.

   Which House are You In- Slytherin
   Which Death Eater are You- Draco Malfoy
   Which HP guy is your soulmate (like I believe in those)- Draco Malfoy
   Which Marauder Are You- James Potter
   I still have the last three movies to watch, but when I finish them all, it'll be so sad. *sobs* I am now a Harry Potter nerd. The charrie I'm writing for Camp NaNo is a Harry Potter nerd, so I'm pinning tons of Harry Potter clothes for her.
   Ok, so that about wraps it up, thank you so much for reading!
   I hate it when people ask how my month has been, I want to say, "It sucked, my stories sucked, and I'm tired." So instead of that, how has your writing been going? Do you read/watch Harry Potter? Do you know what house you're in? Any lake trips happen?

Friday, June 24, 2016

OYAN Conference Wrap-up

  Ok, so I mentioned a surprise in my last wrap up post. Yup, I WENT TO A CONFERENCE! AHHHH! This post will be kind of short I guess, but it's just an update.    There were so many kids there! Like, two hundred kids plus people. :D I don't have a lot of pictures, but that's because I had no camera. So yeah.

                                                   Photo Credit: Nadine Brandes
   It was sooo amazing! We ate lunch at the totally amazing cafeteria and had critique groups in it, which means drinks all through groups. There was an ice cream bar y'all guys! (Yes, I know ya'll guys is improper grammar. :P)
   The people! Oh my gosh!  I had the most amazing roommate ever!

   We would stay up until curfew, than like hop into bed as fast as we could! Man, curfew was fun, especially when we played Apples to Apples with Mrs. S and others, then she rushed us to the dorms in a golf cart like three minutes before curfew.
   I GOT TO MEET THE AMAZING NADINE BRANDES!!! She was one of the reasons I wanted to come, then on Wednesday I shakily went up to her to introduce myself (with my Mom and roommate) and she signed my books! YAY! We ate lunch together on Friday, which was amazing! She is such an amazing person.

   The speakers...AHHH! They were sooo amazing! Anyways, it was amazing! Feel free to ask questions about it! I'll do a couple more posts on this.


   Have you been to a conference? Which author have you met or would like to meet?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Superheroes//Guest Post by Sierra Blasko

Heyo!! *waves* Sierra from One Sparrow’s Song here!
Since Rachael is off getting super writer ninja training, I’m STEALING HER BLOG!!!
(But just this once. Because she asked. And I am a polite blognapping porcupine. *nods*)
Anyhow, I’m here to talk about superheroes.
Specifically, the dos and don’ts of how to write them. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tip #1: DON’T overanalyze
Okay, so you’re writing about superheroes, right? It’s gonna be super cool and you’re going to make a perfect origin story with lots of details and sciency stuff!
Let’s be real here; no matter how much “science” you put behind it, superpowers are fiction. Very cool fiction, but fiction none the less.
They don’t have to make perfect sense.
I mean, you should have a reason behind their powers (every super needs an origin story), but don’t freak about it. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and go…
(Also, when in doubt… radiation. *nods* Never fails.)

Tip #2: DO give them original powers
Quick, name a superpower! First one that comes to mind!
Got one? Awesome.
Was it superstrength, superspeed, or flying?
Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with writing a super with those powers! They’re pretty cool powers!
But what about something less common, such as invisibility? (Ironically, that’s one of the first powers that comes to my mind, yet I don’t see many superheroes with invisibility powers.)
Or superduper dodging skills? The ability to bend their body in ways that shouldn’t technically be possible, but come in handy everywhere from gym class dodgeball to bad guy bullets?
Now, obviously, don’t give them something super obscure, such as the ability to turn into a toad and fly every fifth Tuesday. I mean, you could, but it’d be pretty hard to pull something like that off.

Tip #3: DON’T make them SUPER superheroes
Superpowers = cool!
SUPER superpowers = not so cool.
Also known as “god-powers”, these superpowers include… pretty much everything. For example, a telepath who can do absolutely anything mind related. They can talk to people… and animals… and control them… and put thoughts in their head… and twist their memories...
Basically, they fall under the category of “perfectly invincible, perfectly annoying.”
There are a couple of reasons why characters like this aren’t the best.
First, they’re annoying. Nobody is perfect, so why should they get to have all these powers?
Second, they’re hard to connect with. Their struggles don’t seem real, because their powers are so diverse. As long as their powers fall under whatever (often broad) category the super fits in, they can suddenly pop out with a new skill- just in time to save them from the big bad guy. #Predictable.
Third, this takes a whole lot of willful suspension of disbelief. A reader’s logic can only be held off so long.
Limit their powers, people.
Your readers will thank you.

Tip #4: DO remember that there is more to them than their powers
Ask yourself what would happen if they lost their superpowers.
If you can’t answer that question… take a step back. Look at them as a person, not a superhero. Their powers are part of them, not the other way around.

Well, there we go! I hope this post was helpful, entertaining, or otherwise! :D
Sierra out!

Friday, June 10, 2016

My First Writing Anniversery

   That's right! Roughly around today, I started my first book. Don't get me wrong, I've written parts of books throughout my childhood, and I told my sister stories for forever, but after I read Resistance and The King's Scrolls, I started my first serious book.

   I'll go through a rough timeline of the months. :D

   June 2015- I began work on Uncertainty
   August 2015- I began working on Project Z
   November 2015- I wrote the first draft of Awaken

   January 2016- I sent it off to beta-readers (I still ask why I sent it so early)

   February 2016- I started planning Superheroes

   April- I wrote three first drafts in 22 days, a total of 76k words.

   I just want to talk about my very first book. I had another blog, and when I read the first chapters I posted there, I cringe. It's horrible! It's clique everything I hate now, although the first chapter of the re-write is better. :D
   It was about this girl who was being forced into an arranged marriage, so she ran and became a bandit...Uhhhhh. She was tall, slender, dark haired, good at lying, what in the world? Blugh! I just did a post about girls in book, and this is a perfect example of what-not-to-do.
   Because I semi-like/hate the new chapter of the re-write, I'll post a snippet.

   Yeah, it's still not good, but it's better! There will be no snippet of the original, sorry. :D I thought about doing a giveaway for Resistance and The King's Scrolls, but I'm broke, so...:P
   But anyways! I am actually proud of how much I have improved!

   The writing buddies I've obtained, gosh!
   Most of them I met on the Jorum such as Alea, Sierra, and Faith Song, but others I met through blogs like Hannah. Alea's blog is one of my favorites ever! And we beta-read for each other, so that was fun! Especially cause her story is amazing! Sierra is basically my writing buddy for life, we occasionally do this:
   Rachael: *reads it* I LOVE IT!!!
   Sierra: .....RACHAEL!

   Sierra: *hides*
   Rachael: Write! More!
Yeah, she's amazing with giving me honest info, and we write stuff together! Faith Song is an amazing blogging supporter, we occasionally tag each other. :D

   That kind of wraps it up, I guess. Thank you so much for reading!

   For the comments, ask me a question or two about my writing or life or whatever you want, and I'll answer them in a Vlog Post next week! I may not get them all, but I'll try!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Girls In Books

   Let's face it, girls are super annoying in YA books. Tris from Divergent, Lydia from the Brotherband series, I could go on and on, trust me. And I will! In this post, I will pretty much rant about how annoying they are.
   Before I start though, please know that these are my opinions, and you are entitled to your own! This post is not meant to offend anyone.


   I was recently reading the Brotherband series, mostly because my sister wanted me too, and I was...appalled at Lydia. She was literally everything I hate in a girl character. Whhhhy? Why do authors keep ruining girls? It's not realistic at all! *barfs*


   All of the girls are slender, small, tanned, graceful, pretty, it's all the same! Why can't some of them be slightly chunky, tall, normally colored, uncoordinated and awkward, or average looking? They're out there, I promise. You may have to search through all of the actresses and models on Pinterest, but they're there.
   And when they repeat their perfect appearances and constantly say they're pretty, it's sooo obnoxious.
      Because, let's face it, 99.9999 percent of girls are food addicts. I love coffee and French fries, Jennifer Lawrence loves pizza, it's totally a thing.

How they interact with boys

   Boys are not awkward and babbly when a girl shows up, they get really quite. I know, I have a bro, and friends, and bro's friends. And trust me, when a girl is cute, not every boy falls in love with her, they aren't fighting over her, and she doesn't smile at them. She's more likely to be kind of annoyed with them.


   I loooove sarcastic girls, I do! But...are they all sarcastic? Some of them aren't, right? Some of them are nice, and they can be sarcastic, but not all of the time! Sarcastic girls are confident, confident is good, always confident leads to arrogance, arrogance is baaaaad! Arrogance make me want them to die or get eaten by a turtle or something.


   Not all girls are super brave, I mean there are totally scaredy cats out there. Cowering idjits isn't cool, but girls who can do it all aren't cool either. Trust me on that. Some girls actually cry and break down sometimes, they aren't always the first to volunteer...*cough* First Jumper *cough*

   That about wraps it up, thanks for reading!

   Did you agree with any of this? What annoys you in a girl characters? Are you a Tris Prior fan?