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   Ok, so I signed up to review Twineypath here on my blog, but instead of just a review, I want to talk about WRITING SUPERHEROES!
  You guys might be wondering, "Wait, didn't she just rope someone into this while she was off getting 'super writing ninja training' (aka a conference)?" And the answer is....YEEEES! I did rope my fabulous writing buddy Sierra into is, so go read hers too.
   The fact is, she wrote like a superehero book that's 782917 times better than mine, and so that's why I asked her. But let's be real, if she had talked about everything there was to know about writing superheroes, she would probably still be writing, because THERE'S A LOT, LET ME TELL YOU!
   I'm here with sorta a part 2, buuuuuut, um, yeah, let's go with that.

   Ok, so first off, I want to talk about using the powers. If your character just got powers, chances are they're going to forget them...a lot. But when they remember, they're all like, "Oh yeeeeah, I got super human vision!" Make sure you don't forget that they have them and 76% of the way through suddenly remember, "I'm writing about a superhero...riiiiight."
   The superpowers need to be well described, especially in the beginning. If your readers are like, "What?" then it's not a good story. One advantage movies have is they can show it, but we have to describe it and do a really good job with it.

   The fight scenes need to be done tastefully, especially when you use powers. The hero can't rely soley on his powers to help him. Hand to hand combat is super helpful.

   Ok, on to the actual review. This was a really fun book! It was light, but interesting. The plot was fun and the characters! I loooooved Blaze, he was so epic. Maddie was super sweet and you just wanted to hug her. Denver was a really interesting character, but Ezra threw me off for a moment. I would read it and be like, "Who's Ezra?" Then remember that she's Denver's girlfriend and go "Ohhhhh", but since that names typically a boy name, it just threw me off.
   I give this book a five stars!
   Thank you so much for reading!

   *I received this book free from the author in return for my honest review. Haha, this is fine print.


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