Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Common Mistakes That Writers and Film Makers Make

   Let's be honest, we read something in a book and then go use it. I've done it before! It's when we read it, and then we don't research it to make sure it's true. Here are five mistakes that I've read in books and movies that would have been avoided if they had just researched.

   1. People shoot with one hand

   Haha, nope. When you shoot a handgun you would use both hands for more control and to make sure that no one grabbed it out of their hand. I cringe every time I read this because IF YOU HAVEN'T RESEARCHED IT, DON'T WRITE IT. Pleeease. Because when you've actually shot a gun, then you notice those things.

   2. People can shoot a SHOTGUN or AUTOMATIC gun with one hand.

   Where are they researching this stuff? A) Please look at point 1 and replace handgun with one of these, and B) I would love to see one of you guys actually try this. Let's just say you'll probably end up getting hit in the face with a gun. It'll jerk back and there goes the fun, trust me. When the gun recoils, maybe you'll write it differently?

   3. When a boy sees a girl he doesn't get quiet or awkward

   Let me tell you, if I read this in a book, I will probably put it down unless you have some other super cool element. Because I hate when authors say this. It's not true, at least for any of the guys I've met, and I have a brother. I knowwwwww.

   4.  You don't pull an arrow or knife out of a wound

   Because if you did that, you'd probably bleed out. Better to keep it there until you can bandage it. When people just pull it out I'm like, "Ahhhhh noooo what are you doiiiiing?" It bothers me sooo bad.

   5. History

   I watched the movie Risen, and don't get me wrong, it was an amazing and epic movie, but...arg! They used Poseidon! Romans would not have used Poseidon, they would have used Neptune. Poseidon was Greek, pleeease learn your mythology.

   That's if for now! I may have a second part coming later.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Facts About Me/Truth and Lie Game Thingy

   So the epic Nadine Brandes has done two now of these things, ten truths and two lies. Since this is my 100 post I thought I'd do something super awesome, she here it is. First, I will tell you ten facts about me, then I will list ten short ones, and you has to pick out the two lies.

   Fact 1: I am a really fast reader.

   I'll be honest here though, most of the time I'll go back and read and be like, "...Wait, she has a brother?!" xD Just kidding! It's not that extensive, but I do miss some stuff, so it's better to read slowly than skim. (I don't skim, FYI, I just miss.) But I read both Dare and Deny in like one afternoon! Let me just say, I was damaged after that....

   Fact 2: I love the band Twenty One Pilots

   Honestly, they're so epic, it's hard not to like them. Ride, Ode to Sleep, Holding Onto You, Fairly Local, the Judge, Polarize, they're awesome! Plus dah band members are super funny, just look at my TØP board.

   Fact 3: I love Hamilton

   Ok, so some songs are kind of bleh, *coughs and looks pointedly at Say No To This* BUT SOME LIKE SATISFIED AND NON-STOP! *flails* My only problem with them is the language. Most of the time it's pretty low-key, but occasionally they'll have something really bad like an F word.

   Fact 4: I am obsessed with coffee

   Literally I drink coffee every day. I have my own coffee maker. I have several favorite mugs. I can drink so much coffee it's not even funny. HAZELNUT CREAMER IS DA BEST! Anywho, Hannah and I are coffee flopper buddies.

   Fact 5: I'm a hider

   Yes, I'm one of those writers. Literally I could stay in my house for days, surviving off of fries and coffee. My parents get worried occasionally, especially when I say I just want to stay home alllll day. If I could just write with Hannah and Sierra all day, I would.

   Fact 6: I hate board games

   DON'T KILL ME! I like Monopoly, but most board and card games I hate. APPLES TO APPLES IS AWESOME! I like human games like Psychiatrist, Mafia, all da scary ones yeah. I prefer interactive to board and card games, though I do love Scrabble.

   Fact 7: I will spend tons of money on books but not clothes

   My mom literally said, "You cannot go to the book section until you pick out clothes." I told her, "I'll just wear dust jackets!" I mean, who needs clothes? Just get books. Wear books. BOOKS ARE BAE.

   Fact 8: I am totally obsessed with music

   My mom gets worried because if I can, I'll have music on all. Day. Long. ALL DAY! Music is also bae. In my last post, I gave you guys my August playlist, check it out!

   Fact 9: I am addicted to French fries

   Seriously, we all have food fandoms, Cait=cake, Katie Grace=pizza, Johnathan=sour patch kids, Rachael=French fries. DA POTATOES WITH SALT ARE AMAZING! I can actually make really really good fries.

   Fact 10: One of my biggest bookish pet peeves is folded pages bookmarks

   AILASDYW*UE WHYYYY THAT'S WHAT BOOKMARKS ARE FOR! IT'S LIKE MURDER! Seriously, if it's a school book, go for it. If it's a normal book DON'T DO IT! Use a normal bookmark please! IF NOT YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH BREAKING AND RUINING DA BOOK!

Ten Truths and a Lie

   So basically I'm going to list ten simple facts, and in the comments, tell me which two you think are lies. I'll tell you if you got them right or not on Monday in the comments.

  1. I have a dog

  2. I enjoy very few heavy metal songs

  3. I like running

  4. My nickname is rayray

  5. I rarely stay up late

  6. My favorite genre is fantasy

  7. I have signed copies of Dare and Deny by Tricia Mingerink, and A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes

  8. I love fantasy YA romance

  9. I am fascinated by spinning objects

  10. I have tons of ink joy pens

   Thank you so much for reading!



Friday, August 12, 2016

How I Music

   Most writers I know listen to music while they write. In this post, I'll be sharing some of my favorite writing music along with dropping some of my Spotify playlists here.

   Ha ha, so by now I've realized that to share some of my favorite music, I have to drop the playlists first. SO HERE YOU ARE YOU MUSIC FINATICS!

   This is the playlist that I listen to when I need to get into the dark mood. I'm like 99% sure that the songs are fine, but if you hear anything, let me know!

   Pretty much these are my favorites for this month. Most of them are fine, but I do have a couple Hamilton songs, and they have a little language, but you can skip over them.  Also, Mansion by NF is pretty dark, still good, but dark, just a heads up.

    These are random songs that I can't quite place...It's actually pretty cool! There's no language, and I'm pretty sure they're all clean, but again, just let me know.

   This one's big for me, guys! This is actually private, I don't release my story playlists until I release the story to be read, so really only Flicker should be out, but I don't have a playlist for that. So here is the Superhero playlist!

   That's all, I know it was short, but technically if you listen to all the songs it's like super long. xD


   Who's your favorite band/singer? Do you music while you write? What kind of music do you listen to?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Top Five Feelsy Books

   Why are we so emotional? When we write books, we love to feel emotion. Why? Because teenagers are emotional. You could have like a super generic plotline, but if you make me cry and sob, I will love you forever. I would take feels over almost anything. If you have both...YOU'RE AMAZING!

   My Favorite Feelsy Books


   *flops from all of the exhausting feels* It was sooo intense! I was like a limp noodle when it was all over. And LKDSKLSDJKSDJKLS! But the book had feels, and that's one of the things I loved, Nadine Brandes could write the emotions so real, it was scary!
   Parvin's emotions were super realistic, I could actually read it and think, "I was just thinking that!" She captured the emotional thoughts in a jar! (*wonders if that made sense*)

   DEFY OH MY GOSH WHAT EVEN??? I was so wrapped up in this book that I read it in an hour and a half. THE FEELS ARE SO SCARY AND REAL AND THE WHOLE TIME I WAS THINKING, "TRICIA MINGERINK WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BABIES???" I think everyone who read this book was pretty horrified and in love and sobbing and melted. *nods*

   Half. Blood. Prince. HALF BLOOD PRINCE! This book...LIADIJLLALIJJLISD I love the whole series, but...this book! Malfoy is my favorite character, honestly. I've loved him since the beginning, and I'm totally a Dramione shipper because I think there were actually a few clues in there. *nods* But yeah, no, I like her and Ron too, and she and Harry clicked well, but...DRAMIONE! Ok, sorry, getting distracted, DRACO WAS SO HURT AND POOR AND I WANTED TO GIVE HIM A HUG!

   Yes, I read this before the other books, but I HAVE ORDERED THEM! I'll read them, I promise. BUT GUYYYYS, THE CHARRIES! I WANTED TO HUGGLE ALL OF DEM! And it didn't help any that I guessed who each charries was in the real books. Marissa Meyer is a fantastic author, this book is highly recommended.

   WHAT'S EVEN WORSE IS THIS IS A HISTORICAL FICTION SO THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED! I LHIEJKLSDFJLKSE I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU SPOILERS BUT NOOOO! Ok, so this one had so many adorable moments I was torn because I saw the movie and knew what happened...I know, *wears cone of shame* but it was not my choice! Or maybe it was...who knows. The point is, I knew what happened and I was literally crying when I neared the end.

   Thank you so much for reading!
   What's your top three feelsy books? Have you read any of these?