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Apple Falls-PROLOGUE

So I was going to post the prologue to Sierra and I's story Apple Falls, a Snow White retelling, and I'm finally here to deliver it! If you don't know what this is, you can go to my WIP page and read about it, and/or watch the vlog we did discussing it! (The vlog tells muuuch more about it. xD)
   So here you go!

Once upon a time, the sound of a child laughing made Jessa smile. Now, as her nephew’s gleeful laughter met her ears, a sickening sensation crept up in her stomach. Quickly swallowing and taking a deep breath, the Queen forced herself to keep her eyes on her needlework. She couldn’t look back out of the windows. She couldn’t.   She did anyways.   Reed dashed across the yard, his blond hair ruffling from the movement. Through the spotless glass, Jessa could see his grin, hear his laugh. Every few seconds he tripped, falling flat on his face and prompting frantic servants forward. The boy was a Prince, heir or not, and if he was injured, they fears his mother, the…