Apple Falls-PROLOGUE

   So I was going to post the prologue to Sierra and I's story Apple Falls, a Snow White retelling, and I'm finally here to deliver it! If you don't know what this is, you can go to my WIP page and read about it, and/or watch the vlog we did discussing it! (The vlog tells muuuch more about it. xD)
   So here you go!


  Once upon a time, the sound of a child laughing made Jessa smile. Now, as her nephew’s gleeful laughter met her ears, a sickening sensation crept up in her stomach. Quickly swallowing and taking a deep breath, the Queen forced herself to keep her eyes on her needlework. She couldn’t look back out of the windows. She couldn’t.
  She did anyways.
  Reed dashed across the yard, his blond hair ruffling from the movement. Through the spotless glass, Jessa could see his grin, hear his laugh. Every few seconds he tripped, falling flat on his face and prompting frantic servants forward. The boy was a Prince, heir or not, and if he was injured, they fears his mother, the Queen’s sister, would punish them.
  Reed was the most beautiful boy, with the most gorgeous green eyes Jessa had ever seen. Dirty blond hair lay in waves across his head, always crazy, yet perfect. Even his skin practically glowed. The townspeople always said that he was the son of a god, or his mother had sold her soul for him.
  Not that his mother wasn’t practically a goddess herself. Some even said that she’d been destined to be Queen, and her sister had stolen her place. They said that was why the Queen hadn’t been able to have children. Why she was cursed.
  A warm tear rolled down the Queen’s face, and she looked down quickly, attempting to do her needlework again. As if in an effort to ruin it, more tears blurred her vision, one dropping onto the material.
  She vaguely heard the door open, and Jessa glanced up, rubbing at the tears while praying to the stars that her sister hadn't seen. “Mara,” she greeted, nodding with a smile.
  “Jessa,” her sister returned, smiling broadly and crossing the room. Quickly standing, the Queen held her arms out, allowing Mara to embrace her. “How are you today?”
  “I’m fine. How is Reed? Has he been eating more since his fever?”
  “He’s doing well,” Mara answered proudly. “He’s beautiful, the most handsome baby you’ve ever seen.”
  Another pang of hurt went through Jessa, and she tried hard to stuff it deep down. Every mother wishes to talk about their child, Jessa. Be happy for your sister. “I’m glad, Mara.”
  Her sister glanced over her shoulder, then back, leaning forward with a glint in her eyes. “So when are you and Sung Min going to…” She trailed off, raising her eyebrows with a grin.
  Flinching, Jessa’s eyes flickered away, and she took a deep breath. Her fingers shook as she set her needlework to the side, working hard to keep herself from saying what she wanted. When do you think we will? Do you honestly think we haven’t been together for three years? That we aren’t trying?
  “We’re...trying, but it’s been three years since the coronation and wedding, and I’m not sure…”
  “Oh!” Mara’s eyes widened in sympathy, and she placed one hand on her sister's arm. “I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to bring you pain by bringing it up.”   
  “It’s alright,” Jessa assured, reaching over and squeezing her sister's hand, despite the chills running over her. “It’s nothing you did; trust me. It’s just...humiliating.”
  “Mm; I can imagine.”
  “But you have Reed. You don’t need sadness.” Forcing yet another smile, Jessa rose, squeezed her sister's hand once more, and moved to pick up her sewing things.
  “Oh, please,” Mara laughed. “What are sisters for?”


   WHAT DID YOU THINK??? What vibes do you get from each character? Would you read more of the story? Do you like Snow White retellings or originals? TELL ME SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE FAIRY TALE RETELLINGS! 


  1. WAIT WAIT WAIT IS THIS A GENDER-BENT RETELLING?? Oh my gosh if it is I neeeeeed this story because I love it when people do something new and original like that <33




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