Top 10 Movies and Shows for Inspiration

   Movies are an amazing way to get inspiration! And especially when the words are just swimming in front of your eyes and you don't feel like reading, the next best thing is an audio book or a movie/show. This is a list of the top 10 movies and shows that I love, and that have given me inspiration.


   1. Man in the High Castle

   Pre-warning: this show has a lot of language in it. If you're language sensitive, then I'd advise using Vidangel, Clearplay, or just skipping this review.
   Ok, so MITHC is a show that speculates an idea: what if the Axis had won WWII?
   As a WWII retelling writer, I absolutely love this show, and the characterssss *flaps hands wildly*. The world building is incredible, the ideas in it are amazing and beautiful and well thought out, and the characters are flawed and lovable and just all around amazing!*
   Even if you don't write WWII, I'd recommend the show.

  2. Ben Hur

   I know some of y'all are probably hard core old Ben Hur fans, but DUDE.
   This was amazing.
   And I'm so ancient that I love the old audiobook, so for me to live this movie was a stretch. But it was super epic, even if it wasn't exactly like the first. The Messala+Judah rivalry was just <3, not to mention the actress who owned the character Esther. Plus it helps that I love the culture of that time, so...^-^

   3. Schindler's List

   Again, this one has a lot of language, but it also has a few scenes that aren't family friendly. I'd advice watching through a filter, or with a responsible family member to make sure you can skip the parts.
   Oscar Schindler rescued over a thousand Jews im WWII, and honestly, I've never felt so humbled watching a show then I did watching Schindler's List. It's raw, emotional, realistic, and just amazing. I'd give it a 5/5 if not for the content.
   (Plus, the theme song is freaking haunting.)

   4. Falling Skies

   One of Rayray's biggest dislikes is alien movies/shows, but I loved this show! Excepting language, it was clean! I remember three scenes in five seasons that were on the edgy side, and I skipped past them easily. 
   The characters were amazing and the plot was exciting and it all made sense and kpasjlwejilawrip. Ben was by far my favorite, and it's just amazing! There's no love triangles (that can be helped), and there's no stupidity in it. (Plus, they mixed in Nazi stuffs in one of the seasons which was <3)

   5. Maze Runner


   I liked the book, and I liked the movie, but the rest of them sucked. The first one thougggh! It was fabulous, well filmed, well written, and full of plot bunnies! Thomas was an amazing character, Alby was a fabulous anti-hero, and Min-Ho cracked me up on more then one occasion! Definitely recommended. 

   So I hope you found a movie/show you'd like, and let me know what you thought/think!
   Have you heard of any of these? What are some of your favorite movies or shows? What do you like in a movie or a show? 


  1. BEN-HUR! I've only seen the new movie, but duuuddeee. *goes to write*

  2. I love watching movies, they inspire me so much, it's also fun to characters and plotlines to see what made it so good, I've done that several times, but have only done one post on it for some reason...

    I love movies by M. Night Shyamalan, especially when it comes to inspiration for writing! I'm /not/ trying to plug myself, but I did actually do a post on one of his movies talking about how it teaches writers how to write better villains:

    Anyways, great post! I feel bad admitting this, but I haven't watched any of these shows and movies on this list... but now I plan on it! :P

    1. It's /totally/ fine if you haven't; I don't watch half the movies people talk about. XD WELCOME TO MY BLOG BY THE WAY!!!


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