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Well I'm back to blogging for the time being, so let's see if my fingers will follow my brain for the next few months. xD
   So today I'm talking about my Speculative Harry Potter Fanfic that I'm doing for NaNoWriMo! (Look how brave I am doing a fanfic for NaNo.)

This Tumblr post on Pinterest, actually! It's long, so I'll just slide the link here. But I've always been a fan of the Slytherin house (being a Slytherin), and I've been frustrated with the lack of details on it. BUT NOW I AM SOLVING THIS HUMANSES.

My novel is about a Slytherin girl who has to decide which she's loyal to: her friends, her house, or her convictions. Caia and her friend use illegal magic (since by the time my story takes place magic has been banned), and she thought it was all cool until her friend starts using it to hurt people from the other houses as a revenge thing. But why should she defend the other houses? They hate Slytherin, they've bullied her for the three ye…