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traveling+writing frens

So I took a hiatus, but it wasn't my fault! I traveled.
   A lot.
   *cue screaming*
   I had less then three days in between all of them, and one day I got home, went to an anniversary party for my aunt, and then came home and repacked and left after church the next morning.
   But I have pictures and stories for all!

   So first up, I attended OYAN for the second time!
   IT WAS INCREDIBLE. First up, I roomed with one of my writing besties, Hannah, and SHE WAS THE MOSTEST SWEETEST THING EVAH GUYS.

   And of course her incredible sister Sarah who was the parental for us while we were there. :D 

   I met a whooole lot of authors!

Jeff Gerke

Stephanie Morrill 

John Otte


   Ok, so I ate lunch with Jeff Gerke one day, and it took me until desert to figure out oh hey, this is the guy who began the company that all these authors published with MARCHERLORD PRESS. Plus he's Nadine Brandes's editor. No biggie.

   Also I got to meet Nadine, …

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