Ok, so there are a few things that I want to update you guys on.

NaNoWriMo- I posted about my NaNo project and about two days ago, I had all these crazy ideas about the story. Soon it was absolutely shocking how bad Izzy's life was! I actually considered dumping it less than a week before NaNo, but thanks to one of my writing buddies, I saved it and it's going pretty good. I have 10k written, so yup! I'm excited.

Ilyon Book Trailer Contest- It ends on Saturday! Finish up those trailers Ilyon fans!

I won!- I won two giveaways in two days. One was The Crossways giveaway that went on during the blog tour. I won the signed copy of it and I absolutely love it! The other is a book called Not Abandoned by MaKenzie Morganthal. I won a free ebook of it, so that was also exciting.

I guess that's it, so, until next post!
R. J. Steele


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