Character Spotlight: Mitch

So Mitch...where do I begin? I wrote him because we needed a villain and a young man trained to be the best sounded great. So do I describe him? Uh, Em, help?

Age: 17
Occupation: Assassin/spy/kidnapper
Friends: That's write fans, a big fat DONUT! He has no friends, not one.
Enemies: Ember Kaya, Liam Micheals, Brea and West, too many others to name, but Ember...
Theme Song: Castle-Halsey. Co-writer Emma found this song and it's his theme song!
Personality: Hmm, violent, impatient, manipulative, haughty, smart, nitpicky(is this a word), proud, talented, haughty(that's right, he is doubly haughty), flirtatious, cruel, sarcastic, the list goes on and on.
Height: 6' 4" Yup, he's tall.
Location: The New World
Relationship: He's in a relationship with Ember...a hate/hate relationship. Emma and I call their relationship Member. We have a Member board where we post sarcastic stuff bout him.
Anything I missed: Ummmmmmmm, I love Mitch. He is by far my most favs character evs! Emma would say she hated him, but everyone knows that isn't true. ;)
Favorite Quote: “I have to admit, I am impressed, slightly, you didn’t scream at all during your ride.”


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