I Won NaNoWriMo!

Ok, deep breaths here. *sighs* Ok, IWONNANOWRIMO! I was so excited!

Ok, first of all, congrats to my writing buddies who completed their goal!

Katie Grace






And fantastic job to Sierra, alea, and firefly, you all did amazing!
And thank you to all who word warred with me, Katie Grace, Athelas, Patience, Resterwen, FaithSong, and a huge thank you to Sierra for being the most supportive! You all did an amazing job! Oh, and thank you to Nadine Brandes for getting on the chat site and encouraging me, I have asked for your two books for Christmas!

Ok, part 2. Who won the Ilyon Fan Trailer Contest. Lady Jaye has chosen Ab Ray as the winner! Congrats! Contact Jaye for instructions on how to receive your prize when it comes out. Her email is authorjayelknight@gmail.com. The winning trailer is below.

Ok, later today I will be posting again for World Ilyon Day.

R. J. Steele


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