Random Update

   So many things have happened since my last official post, excluding the review I posted yesterday.

   I won the giveaway for Dare and Deny by Tricia Mingerink, which I am so pumped up to read! Because I participated in the Black Friday thingy, I got five ebooks and Dare was one of them, although I haven't received it yet. Anywho, uh, major bragging rights on the Jorum because I have literally heard Dare the whole time.

   Ok, what else? Umm, oh yeah! I have just planned out a five book futuristic series, snippet below.
   “How do I know that you are telling the truth?” he asked. Asha fumbled in her bag and pulled her key out. In her shaking she dropped the key and knelt down to pick it up. As she dropped to her knees, she saw a hand reach down to get it. She quickly stood and watched him study it, all the while praying that he believed her.
   What do you think? I have officially written most of the first chapter for the first three books.

Oh, yes....:

   This guy gets me! Ok, back on track...
   I am mostly through my first edit of my NaNo project, so as soon as I get the second edit done, which should be soon, beta-readers will be needed. Thank you to Sierra for being me beta-beta-reader! I could literally throw the book away at any second if it weren't for her. Editing this book is awesome! I cracked up over this scene...

“Ok, whatever. I want you to look inside Izzy’s head and tell me what she is thinking about me, or when the last time she thought about me was and what she thought.” He instructed. She stared at him. “What? Was it too complicated?” he asked. She looked up.

   “No, I just did what you wanted.” She said.  He lit up.

   “Ok, tell me.” He demanded. She gave him an odd stare and nodded.

   “Ok, she was thinking about you when I checked. She thinks that you are very handsome and she can’t wait to marry you.” she said. He jumped off of his chair.

   “Are you serious?” he asked. She nodded.

   “I am dead serious...no are you kidding me she was thinking that the food she was eating was amazing and she needed the recipe and she was thinking about Reed.” She said. “I’m serious about that.” She assured. He sunk low in his chair.

   “So she still wants to marry Reed?” he asked dejectedly. Amaris nodded and laid a hand on his arm.

   “It ok. You did ruin the poor girl’s life; she is allowed to want to marry two people, especially if she only loves one.” She said. He nodded.

“I get it. I did ruin her life, so it’s perfectly natural for her to not like me.” He said before getting up and walking over to a normal chair.

   “Don’t feel bad Grif, it’s nothing you did. Well, it’s everything you did really.” She said. “Ok, I am not helping so I am just going to be quite and go get another biscuit.” She said and did a backflip off of the counter. Griffin jumped up.

I guess that's it folks...I will probably post the first chapter of the first book in a few days. 
   Rachael S.


  1. Love the futuristic book! And the scene of your book was so funny! Good luck writing them!

  2. Thank you! I was cracking up while writing it. :)

  3. That's great that you've got a whole lot planned out. And I think a beta-Beta reader is actually an alpha reader.

  4. Congrats on wining the contest Rachael! And your books sound awesome! Can't wait to read more about them. :)

  5. Congratulations! :)
    Your story sounds interesting. I hope it continues to go well for you, editing and all!
    I tagged you on my blog, if you would like to do it - you don't have to, it's just an option. :) This is the post:


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