Review: Dare and Deny-Tricia Mingerink

   I was simply browsing blogs that I follow, and I happened to glimpse Jaye L. Knight's post about the book Deny's release. Now on the Jorum, Dare was the rage for a while! Everyone was talking about it! Dare this, Dare that, and I was broke at the time, which was probably good.
   So I look at the post and see the giveaway! I have won two giveaways, both within a week of each other, so I thought, "I might as well enter this, I probably won't win." He he.
   BAM! I won! I received signed copies of both Dare and Deny! I was so excited when Miss. Tricia emailed me about them! Then...tragedy struck! The book became popular! Miss Tricia sold all of her copies of Deny but one, and it was wrinkled and damaged. She asked if I wanted it, or if I wanted to wait a week for a pristine one.
   I said that I could wait, thanked her, and sat on the couch for a week until they came. BUT! When they did, I read them in one afternoon! So anyway, enough of my rambling, the review!

   Ok, first off, the con, but only because there is only one! The girls. In both books, the girls annoyed me. Renna has no purpose in the books except to injure those around her! Come on Renna! Although she did hurt *cough* to distract him, so that was good! Brandi, I loved her, but she was a baby. In the first book, she is thirteen, and the second, fourteen. She acts like a baby! And it's not just me, I lent the book to Gabana who read both and agreed! So, yeah...
   But the guys! The epic guys! Man, Martyn, Leith, Shad, SO. MUCH. EPICNESS.
   The writing was very similar to mine, and I loved the action, awkward romance, and the funny parts!
   I rate this book 4.9/5, .1 away because of the girls. But that's all, I promise!

                                          I know, this was in my last one, but I had to post
                                                                          it again!

   Anyway, thanks for reading, I know it was hard fun, so thanks!


  1. I looked Dare up on Goodreads... Now I want to read it. xP

  2. I REALLY want to read this one. It's suddenly exploded over the blogsphere. *must get my hands on it somehow*

    1. They are pretty inexpensive on Kindle, but I would recommend the actual book.

  3. totally recommend these books. I cried during Deny. Can NOT wait for Defy! Hurry Tricia Mengerink!!!


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