The Tag of Happiness

I was tagged by my writing buddy Raechel (her blog is awesome)  for The Tag of Happiness. Thank you so much!
   Ok, here it is.
   Songs that make me happy.
   To the Dreamers-For King and Country. My cousin and I have an awesome dance to this. :)
   It's Time-Imagine Dragons
   Deer in the Headlights-Owl City. My friend Sierra re-introduced me to this song.
   Just be Held-Casting Crowns
   Till the Day I Die-Toby Mac

  Books that make me happy
  Where Loyalties Lie-Sierra Blasko(unpublished) This has turned into my favorite book ever!
  The Ilyon Series-Jaye L. Knight
  The 9/11 Series-Karen Kingsbury
  The Knights of Arrethtrae-Chuck Black
  The Bible-God( :) )
  Movies that make me happy
   The Hunger Games-I know, surprising!
   Captain America
   The new X Men movies with the young mutants.
   The Flash-This is a show, but who cares?

   Foods that make me happy
   Ice cream and coffee
   Celery(I had to add something healthy)
   Pizza(Yes Katie Grace I love it too)  
   Scents that make me happy
   Random things that make me happy
   Being tagged in a post! Seeing a new post in the Story Character Chat or Scene on the Jorum. Dancing with my cousin Emma. Laughing with my friends Bana and Logo.
   I am tagging...
   Katie Grace

   Have fun y'all!
Rachael S.



  1. I must agree with the dancing, cuz! :)

  2. I loved reading your answers! I like "Deer in the Headlights" too. :)
    Thanks for the mention of my blog too - that was nice!


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