Character interview: Liam-Where Loyalties Lie

So a few days ago I was reading through some of Alea Harper's posts and found a character interview of one of Katie Grace's characters, so ta-da! I sprang the idea on Sierra, my writing buddy. She agreed and I proceeded to spend thirty minutes with my favorite character (Ray ray's Character Choice Award 2016) and loved it all! Sooo here is Liam from Where Loyalties Lie!

So do you have any family?
Well, I’ve been blessed with a couple close friends who are like family. That’s as close as I’ll get, I guess.
What is your job?
I work at Bits & PCs, it’s an electronics shop in Delwood.
What do you like best about being a rebel?
*raises eyebrows* *glances towards door* I’m not sure how you know about that, but… it’s ok. Being a rebel, that is. What do I like best? Well, I rather enjoy foiling evil plans.
Describe Jaime in three words.
Jaime? Uh, well, she’s… Passionate, talented, and... tough.
Describe Mike in three words.
Insane. Borderline genius.
Do you regret saying or doing anything when you first met Jaime?
*startled expression* What?

I meant, did you say anything you would like to take back?

Um? I don’t know? *spreads hands in a confused gesture* What’s with all the questions about Jaime?

Ok…*coughs* No specific reason…

*narrows eyes slightly*
Anyway, moving on to my last question, what would you say is the perk of your day?

Hmm… It’s tough to say. I like coming home from work and hanging out with Jaime somewhere, or beating Mike at some new game he’s created. The normal, just chilling with friends stuff.

Thank you so much for coming!


  1. Love it!! :) I'm pretty sure my smile can't get any bigger from reading it. Great interview Ray!

    1. Thank you! I know, mine was Cheshire cat wide!

  2. Replies
    1. Such a great story and he is by far my favorite character!


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