Character Interview: Raifuteika

I got to interview Raifuteika, Aiden's from the Jorum's character.

Thanks for coming out! I just have a few questions. What would you say your greatest skill is?
Well thank you for having me. I would say my body, it is the best weapon ever made, it never runs out of ammunition, it never stalls or gets gamed. So many people nowadays put so much faith into machines that can fail at any given moment. My body is never fails becuase I constantly push it’s limits.

Awesome! Who is your greatest enemy in life?

Ummm… I guess anyone who gets in my way

How old were you when you first started to study combat? How many years has it been?

My father started training me since the time I could stand, I am 18 now so I would have to say for about 16 years.

Who is your closest friend?

I have no friends, most kinds don’t want to play with the “Life Taker”. Anyways I don’t need friends they just get in my way

Interesting… Ok, if you could have an ideal life, what it look like?

To be left alone with Yi, my wolf.

What is your current occupation?

I don’t have a job, unless revenge is one.

It doesn’t, but that’s ok! If you had the choice between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, what would you choose?

What is ‘ice cream’?
It’s...complicated. Anyway, thanks for coming!

Thank for having me, and remember, be kind, listen to you parents or the Kappa will come and take away your soul.

*laughs nervously* Ok...he’s kidding guys.


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