Character Spotlight: Everett

Name: Everett Dason (Daw-son)
Age: 17
Height: 6'
Occupation: SADT agent
Friends: Everest Dason, Aiden Cayver, Evie Nailer
Enemies: Ethan Cayver
Theme Song: Monster by Imagine Dragons
Personality: Sober, sarcastic, intelligent, untrustworthy
Relationships: "Evie Nailer"-Quotations meaning they faked it for a mission. :D
Anything I Missed: He's a cool character! I enjoy writing about him, and his nickname is DSD, but if I translated that, it be a spoiler. I might post the first chapter of this book...
Favorite Quote: ((this will be a section because you have to read the previous sentence to understand it)) "Nope, I failed the test." Evie said. Everett hung his head and sighed.
   "Evie, you have to study!" he stressed. Evie snorted.
   "I don't need to study, I've got what I need in here!" she said, gesturing to herself.
   "Says the future Wal-Mart employee." he commented.


  1. Ha! I love that favorite quote. And yes! You should post the first chapter. It looks really cool. (Is this in IRIS or is this a sequel book or something?)

    1. This is the prequel book, Iris is being re-worked yet it is still going. Yup, it was funny to write. I might do that for tomorrows post.


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