Futuristic Assassin Book/Illuminae/Spotify

   Ok.....so I will cover a few topics today, all about me of course! :P
   So firstly, my Futuristic Assassin Book. Yup, that is literally my title, for now of course. I am shooting for 100k! *deep breaths* I know, Katie Grace wrote that much in ONE MONTH! But hey, I have until June to finish it. I am writing 20k before camp NaNo, then 40k for each camp, so it rounds out to 100k+.
   I love this one, and both of my MC's are addicted, Rider, the assassin, to cookie dough ice cream, and Grace, the currier, to coffee, just like me! I just hit chapter three, so it's going well. I wrote 1.5k today, mostly this morning, but who really cares?
   Nextly, Illuminaeeeeeee! Terrible book, I am so sorry for all you Illuminae fans, but when one of the pages looks like THIS!!!

                                          Yup, those black things are cuss words...
I decided about there that if they had to reach there word count by filling it up with cuss words, it wasn't worth reading. Interesting concept though!   
   Hmm, oh yeah, Spotify! So here are a few pics of my writing. :D xD :P
                                                    Beautiful, isn't it? Chapter 1!

                                                      Five hundred words, sixteen Twenty
                                                       One Pilots songs later...
I posted on Instagram about my writing for the first time disguised as my mom. :D
                                                            I have like 11 likes now. :D
That was the same night as the other pics, so... xD Ummm, where am I? Oh yeah, Spotify... Here is a picture of my friend. He drew a Blade Tattoo on his wrist. xD I laughed sooo hard.
Ok, so now I guess I will kind of meander off. This was a pretty random post so...:D Oh! And I am planning a Serial Story, so that should start next Monday!
R. J. Steele


  1. Your assasin story looks really cool!!

    1. Thank you! I really like it as well. :D

  2. You are a busy writer, my dear girl. I'm proud of you. And I'm also proud that you saw the unreasonableness of having to fill pages with profanity. It is unnecessary in a good story line. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ooh. Futuristic Assassin Story... *grins*

    A serial story? o.0 You're going to be posting it on your blog?

  4. Replies
    1. Awesome! xD I look forward to it. ^-^ Is it going to be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly...?

    2. Weekly, and I will post the parts on Monday, but if I need a little more time, I will say that in a post.

    3. *nods* Yeah, that makes sense. I know some people who have said posting Serial stories was a lot more commitment than they had expected. And life tends to get in the way sometimes.
      Do you have the one for Monday written?
      Oh, and what genre is it?
      And tell me everything about it. xP

    4. xP It's a fantasy, and I am in the process of writing it. THAT"S IT! NO MORE! :D

    5. Aw, rats.
      You can tell I'm not excited.
      At all...

      Or maybe just a tiny... bit... or a lot... xP

    6. Nah, not at all. You hate it already. :D

    7. Oooh, awesome! *showers orange glitter all over you* xD That's epic!

  5. Tattoo pic, funny but...creepy. does he remind you of Leith or Martyn?


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