Serial Saturday-Flicker Part 2

Hello everyone! Here is...FLICKER PART 2!

Chapter 2
  Asha woke up and stretched her sore limbs. Aden lay part ways on her bed, but his legs hung off. She smiled at him. He was so...little it almost hurt to look at him. Her smile disappeared as she remembered her mission. She would try to get the job of going to get food from the market that way she could talk to some people about Aden staying with them.
  She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and her feet hit the floor. Walking over to the nightstand, she picked up her dress which she had tossed there earlier and slipped it on over her head. She picked up her comb and started the long process of detangling her hair.  
  She watched Aden as he slowly woke up. He had probably been up most of the night and he really should sleep in. She sighed. Her eyes roamed him and caught on one thing: a bruise.
  “Aden, wake up.” Asha ordered, shaking him. He jumped up and looked around.
  “What?” he asked. “What is it?” Asha grabbed his wrist and held it up to him.
  “Where did you get this?” she asked. “Who hit you?” Aden glanced away.
  “No one, I fell.” he said. Asha snorted.
  “Aden Jay Romanova, I know you and I know when you lie, now tell me right now what happened to you?” she demanded, breathing hard. He looked up at her and sighed.
  “I got into a fight, it wasn’t that big of a deal.” he said.
  “With who? Who did you get into a fight with?” she asked.
  “With some street kid.” he answered. Asha sighed and hugged her brother.
  “Was he bigger than you or smaller?” she asked.
  “Bigger, I think he was fifteen.” Asha’s grip tightened.
  “Aden, you got into a fight with someone who’s two years older than you?” she asked.
  “Yes, it was nothing!” he insisted. “I got away with just a bruise.” Asha dropped her head.
  “Ok, please try to avoid it next time. I need to go, I will be back later tonight ok?” Aden nodded.
  Asha walked to the door and opened it. The castle she lived in was different than the normal castles. The slaves had their own rooms, although they were only just big enough for a cot and a nightstand. Most places only had a large room for each gender, and Asha shuddered at the thought of living with dozens of other people. Cramped quarters, well, even more cramped.
  She walked over to the kitchen where the servant in charge of the slaves was assigning jobs for the day. Asha crossed her fingers and tapped on her friend Morina’s shoulder.
  “Has anyone gotten market day yet?” she asked. Morina shook her head.
  “Nope, I was hoping to get it. Hey, Maro told me that Aden got into a fight.” her friend said.
  “Yeah, I know that.” Asha told her. “I was a little upset, but I didn’t yell or anything.”
  “I would have, I did too once when Maro got into a fight.” Morina said. Asha shrugged.
  “I know Aden won’t go looking to get beat up, he’s smart.” she sighed.
  “Hey! Maro’s smart too!” Morina protested. Asha snorted.
  “Morina, I love Maro, he’s sweet, but he isn’t wise.” she said. Morina rolled her eyes.
  “He’s as smart as they get. How is Aden any smarter?” she demanded. Asha stared at her.
  “You’re joking right?” she asked. “Let’s see, Aden can read, Maro refuses to learn, Aden picked a fight with a fifteen year old, Maro tried to beat an eighteen year old, Aden stays out of sight, Maro got kicked out for walking around during the day.” Morina sighed.
  “Whatever, you’re right.” she said. Asha nodded.
  “Just teach him some common sense.” she suggested.
  “Hey! You two! Quit talking!” the lady snapped. Asha looked up at her and nodded.
  “Yes ma'am, we’re sorry for that.” she apologized. The lady nodded and stared at Asha.
  “Morina, you go to the market.” she snapped. Morina grinned and nodded. “And Asha, you need to deliver this letter to a house downtown.” she said. Asha straightened and nodded, this was even better than the market. She could easily “get lost” in the downtown area.
  “Yes ma’am.” she said. The woman’s eyes drilled into her own and Asha rubbed the mark of a royal slave on her arm, a blue ring with gold winding around it.
  “Good, now get out of here.” she barked. Asha grabbed a bowl from the counter and quickly filled it with oatmeal for breakfast. Running to her room, she nudged Aden awake again and handed it to him.
  “Here, I’m not hungry.” she said. He gave her a suspicious face, but it was gone in less than a minute. “My job is to deliver something, so I have to go.” She hugged Aden before she left and walked out the door.
  After receiving the package she was supposed to deliver, she walked out of the palace and showed the guard the package, but it wasn’t for confirmation that she wasn’t running away.
  “Yup, it’s pretty cool that you got that job, gonna look for Aden a place?” Kale asked.
  “Probably, I really don’t know if I can though.” she answered. “Hey, if we’re lucky, I will get a tip and we can add that. How many more months?” she asked. He sighed and she didn’t blame him. Saving up for his fiance’s freedom was a long and tedious process.
  “At this rate, another year.” he said. Asha sighed.
  “I wish I could do something to help, but it’s really hard for me to make money.” she said. Kale hugged her and smiled.
  “No, I’m glad to do it, but it is a little hard to keep a secret and I really don’t want to wait another year.” he said. Asha kissed his cheek.
  “I know, and I love you because of how hard you work for this. When was the last time you went out with your friends to go eat?” she asked. He blew out a breath, counting.
  “Maybe two and a half or three.” he said. Asha smiled at him.
  “I think that you should-” he didn’t let her finish.
  “No, we are not going to put us back a month for a bowl of soup and a drink that makes me sick!” he insisted. Asha dropped her head on his shoulder.
  “I need to go, love you.” she waved to him.
  “Love you too!” he called after her.
  It felt so good to have oatmeal inside of you, especially when you had given your stew up the night before. Aden set his bowl to the side and sighed. He almost felt like going back to bed, but his sister probably wanted him to get out of the room and explore.
  He jumped off of the bed and walked over to the dresser. His sister washed her face, arms, and chest every morning, and on every saturday, she took a bath in the river with the other slaves. Aden however could have a bath whenever he wanted, he just chose not to.
  Glancing behind him, he opened the door and whistled softly, signaling that the coast was clear to come out.
   He crept into the hallway and looked at his window, literally, his window of escape. He opened it and climbed out, dropping to the ground. Several slaves, older than he was of course, looked up at him and nudged each other, walking over to him.
  “Hey, aren’t you that kid who creeps around and has a gang of smaller useless nobodies?” he asked. Aden frowned and looked up at the sky, then back at them.
  “Sorry, did you want to join it.” he said. The biggest one’s jaw shifted and his face burned. Aden might have been scared, but he was already angry.
  “Beat it little-” one began, but the other stopped him.
  “No, wait Dover.” he said, turning to Aden. “So that’s how you want it to be?” he asked. His fist shot out and buried in Aden’s stomach. All of the air rushed out of his lungs and he dropped to one knee, then the other. He tried to gasp in, but pain radiated through his whole midsection.
  “Yeah, that’s right, fall to your knees.” The bigger one said. “Dover, look at him.” Dover stayed.
  “Hey, Rayen, let him up ok?” he said nervously. Rayen laughed and grabbed Aden’s arm.
  The moment he stood on his feet, Dover’s foot smashed into his ribs. He actually let out a cry and fell on his stomach. Rolling onto his back, his face scrunched up, he felt more pain then he had ever felt before, and he never wanted this again.
  “What’s going on over here?” a voice asked, although it didn’t sound like he was angry.
  “Nothing, just a little nobody.” Rayen answered. A strong hand gripped his wrist and pulled him up. The newest arrival brushed his shirt off and turned to Rayen.
  “Dude, he’s like twelve, are you kidding me?” he demanded. Rayen shrugged.
  “His age has nothin to do with his smart aleck attitude.” he said. “Look Taysin, there is nothing you need to take care of here, I got it all.” he assured. Taysin glared at him and nodded.
  “Meet you in an hour?” he asked. Rayen nodded.
  “Yup, if you don’t follow through, I’m going to get rid of you-know-who.” he said. Taysin nodded again and turned to Aden.
  “Let me feel if you have any broken ribs.” he said. Aden hesitated, but nodded to him.
  “Go ahead, and thank you.” he said. Taysin smiled a little and pressed his hand on Aden’s ribcage.
  “Nah, nothing’s broken.” he said. “What exactly did you do to them to set them off?”
  “I just walked by and then they asked me if I was the guy who had a gang of useless nobodies. I asked him if he wanted to join it and that’s where they hit me.” he explained.
  “Nice one man!” he said. “Hey, I got a question for you. I know a guy, well, he’s really my brother, anyway, my brother has a house and he takes in kids like you. He was one himself you know. Don’t you have a sister?” he asked. Aden nodded.
  “She’s pretty, you’ve seen her.” he assured. Taysin laughed.
  “I get it.” he said. “Ohh, is she the redhead?” Aden nodded.
  “The only one here.” he said. “Well, Mover has a tint of red, but not much.”
  “Anyway, I can take you there to see it if you want?” he asked. Aden nodded.
  “Yeah, that’d be great. I know Asha wants me to get a job somewhere, she doesn’t want me at the palace because if I’m seen, then I get in trouble.” Taysin nodded.
  “Yeah, that tends to happen around here.” he agreed. “Come on Aden.” He pointed to the gate and they walked over to it. Aden saw that Asha’s secret fiance, Kale, wasn’t on duty. Another man he didn’t recognize was there. They walked through without any problem and Aden relaxed. If you were a slave you had to have an excuse slip.
  He stared at the man. He reminded him a lot of their dad. STOP! Stop thinking about him! He shook his head and tried to focus his attention on where they were going. To the town, obviously, so his brother must live in town.
  They walked through busy streets and Aden had to duck from the stroking hands of older ladies. They all told him how handsome he was, and he had learned his lesson a long time ago to never help anyone there unless you could save someone’s life. You were immediately accosted and praised until you were late for whatever you you had been going to do. Yup, it was pretty pitiful. You do a good thing and no one could stop talking about it.
  He watched as they walked straight through the town and he looked behind him. Where were they going anyways? They had passed straight through the town.
  He saw a large hill and his legs started to hurt. He had just walked through an entire town and now they had to walk up a hill? How much exercise was expected of him? They walked up it and he tried to ignore the burn of his muscles. Asha had never made him excercise like this, and she was practically his mother.
  Ahh, parents. What in the world were they like? He hadn’t known his, he hadn’t been that lucky.


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