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Surprise! I am moving the serial story post to Saturday, so we have Serial Saturday! A few things to note before we go one, this is the rough draft, so if I change it after I post it, that's ok. :D Secondly, if I write three or more a week, which probably won't happen, then I will post on Friday and Saturday. If you read this and like it, please share with friends!
Lastly, please comment your thoughts on it and suggestions.
Ok, so I have a surprise for you guys! I have a Spotify playlist for it, and when you read the part, you can suggest a song for the part! I will have 25 parts, so 25 songs. Please keep them appropriate, I will look at lyrics before listening to it.
Without further ado, here is...FLICKER! (this title could change)
                                                          (Hmm, future cover?)

Part 1

Serial Story
  Asha fell into bed with a heavy groan, completely oblivious of the boy standing next to it.
  “Asha, can I eat now?” Aden asked. Asha closed her eyes and sighed.
  “Yes, go ahead. I didn’t know you were still here. Hurry, ok?” she said. Her brother nodded and walked out of the room. Asha sighed. It had been a  very long day and she had completely forgotten that her brother hadn’t eaten. He wasn’t a royal servant, so he couldn’t eat with them.
  She sat up and reached up to her head, untying the cloth wrapped around her head. She ran her fingers through her hair and shook it out before weaving it into a braid. Reaching down and grabbing the hem of her dress, she pulled it over her head and lay back on the bed. curling up on the mattress. She sighed and pulled the blanket up over her shift.
  As soon as her head hit the pillow, she closed her eyes, trying to go to sleep. Some nights such as tonight, she was too tired to go to sleep. It was horrible and she was even more tired the next day.
  She stared at the walla and shook her head. Aden shouldn’t be here, he didn’t have to be here. If he wanted, he could leave, but where would a thirteen year old boy go? No one would hire him, especially with his attitude. He had almost no respect for authority. It was a wonder he hadn’t been executed by the royal family yet.
  Asha sat up. Somehow, somehow, she had to get Aden out of here. He had no job, the only thing he did was hide with the others who didn't have an official job, and run around doing who knows what at night. She was asleep while he did that, she didn’t have the strength to watch him.
  That thought broke her heart, she didn’t have the strength to watch out for her brother? How terrible was that? Horrible, just horrible. She needed to find him a place to go, a home. If she didn’t, there would be no hope for his future, he would become one of the mindless homeless street rats, and she couldn’t bear for that to happen.
  She tried to get up, but her vision clouded and she collapsed on the bed. Tomorrow, if she had the strength and time, she would ask around.
  Aden wandered into the kitchen and joined the crowd of kids gathered around a pot. He snatched a bowl from a stack on the counter and got into the line, if you could call it that. He was older than most, but here were some who were thirteen as well.
  He took the ladle and dipped it into the stew, scraping the last bit of stew out and  pouring it into his bowl. He stepped aside as a girl tried to push through and hesitated, looking into the empty. She wasn’t going to get any food, should he give his up.
  He licked his lips and sighed, trying to ignore the grumble in his stomach. He could always get some tomorrow night, but that was far away, and unless his sister saved him some of her food, he wouldn’t get any breakfast.
  The door to the kitchen opened, but no one looked up, thinking that it was just one of the many children who live with their slave families. Aden looked up and immediately whacked the person nearest him. They looked up, and soon, everyone was staring at the Princess. She smiled and nodded to them as she walked over to a box on the counter. Everyone watched as she lifted it off the counter, but only Aden offered to help.
  “Excuse me, do you need help?” he asked. She looked at him and started to speak.
  “No, I...yes, would you mind carrying this upstairs?” she asked. Aden nodded and walked forward, accepting the box into his arms. He shifted, trying to balance it, and nodded to her.
  “I have it.” he said, his heart rate quickening. He wasn’t supposed to be seen, was he going to get in trouble? Would he have to leave his sister?
  “Thank you, I just need to take it to my room.” she said. He nodded, shaking. “What’s the matter?” she asked.
  “Nothing.” he hurried to say, trying to be still. “It’s nothing.” The Princess frowned at him.
  “If you think that you’re going to get in trouble with my parents, don’t worry about that, they have absolutely no reason to be mad, but if they are, I will tell them that I asked you.” she assured. Aden hesitated, but nodded.
  “Yes your highness.” he said. She smiled and turned, walking out the door. Aden followed, carrying the box and looked back at the others. What had he gotten himself into?
  Rowen gripped her bow and glanced at Rogen. He fingered one of his knives and looked back at his sister, grinning.
  “This is going to be epic!” he whispered to her. Rowen shook her head.
  “You won’t be saying that when I have to dig an arrow out of you.” she hissed at him. He shrugged, but his smile disappeared. Rowen sighed. “I’m sorry, you’re right. This can be fun for you.” she said. Her brother straightened and nodded.
  “You’re right, this will be fun.” he said. Rowen opened her mouth to tell him he had said that, but she closed it, waving her hand. She had bigger problems than if her brother thought that going into a royal hoarding station and stealing from it was fun.
   She pushed her hair out of her eyes and sighed. It was so curly she wondered why she ever left it long. She needed to cut it like Rogen’s, or at least to her shoulders. It got too frizzy and unmanageable. Rogen had curly hair, but it was much shorter than his shoulders, yet still considered long in the villages. Older women tried to cut it for him, but he always escaped.
  She looked up as a whistle sounded and nodded to Rogen. He pulled two of his knives out and bounced on his toes. Rowen laughed softly and glanced at her captain. He nodded to her and jerked his hand towards the ground. She ducked and leaned close so that he could whisper the plan to her. She was his second in command after all.
  “Rowen, tell Rogen to go first, he will take care of the guards.” he whispered. Rowen stared at him. Did he really just say that?
  “Wait, you want to send Rogen in first?” she asked. He gave her a sharp look.
  “Yes, we are going to send him in first. Look Rowen, he isn’t a kid, in fact, he’s older than you are. You need to face the fact that he is good at knives, great actually. Now tell him.” he ordered. Rowen glared at her and rolled her eyes with submission.
  “By eleven minutes!” she hissed back at him before waving Rogen over. he dropped into a crouch and raised his eyebrows.
  “What going on? What’s the plan?” he asked. Rowen shook her head.
  “Calm down, ILIS wants to send you in first, so be careful.” she said. He rolled his eyes.
  “You know that I’m eleven minutes older, right?” he asked. She shifted her jaw and he stood up, apparently afraid of making her even more mad.
  Rogen fingered his knives and glances down at Ilis for the signal. His captain watched the guards and nodded to Rogen. He took a deep breath and used his adrenaline to turn him into a knife swinging and throwing machine.
  He jumped over the box he had been using as a cover and his knife blade slashed across the first guards arm. He ducked his elbow and twisted, using the momentum to propel him into the guard. His head hit the ground knocking him out cold. Rogen pushed himself off of a wall and his knives swiped across another guards leg.
  Jumping up, he hurled his knife at a guard coming through the doorway and it stuck in his arm. He threw the other into the remaining guard and sighed with a sense of accomplishment.
  That only lasted until eight guards poured into the room, their swords drawn. He stepped back and jumped over the box, glancing at Ilis. He had grabbed Rowen’s arm and their argument was very heated, so Rogen decided to step in.
  “Guys, I can’t do those with my knives, not all of them.” he said. Rowen cocked her head at Ilis.
  “Ohh, so maybe my idea of sending me in wasn’t so bad Ilis?” she asked sarcastically. He glared at her and pushed her arm. She smacked his cheek and her arm shot out to punch his ribs.
  “Guys! Quit beating each other up, you have about-” Rogen was cut off by a guard jumping right in front of him. He slammed his foot into his leg and grabbed his sword as he tumbled down. Pressing the blade to his neck, he leaned in the guard's face.
  “How many more guards are there?” he asked. The soldier glared back up at him.
  “Those in the room, that’s the last of us.” he said. “Go ahead, wipe us out.” Rogen hesitated, but he slammed the hilt of the sword onto the top of the guards head, knocking him out.
  “Come on, I got this, Row, you get anybody trying to sneak up on me.” he instructed. “Ilis, you just keep looking pretty, that’s your job today.” Ilis rolled his eyes.
  “I’m just planning this whole thing, no big deal.” he said. “Get out there!”
  Before any of them could say anything, a huge figure walked in with the guards. Rogen watched as the guards ran to the back and the figure faced him. He was tall, 6’ 5” probably, and his katana’s glinted.
   Rogen gripped his sword and readied himself, but Rowen jumped over the box before he made his first move.
  Seth watched the twins. He had watched the boy, but the fact that he was almost three inches shorter than Seth made the challenge deflate. For most people it wouldn’t, but for the Nightmare, it did. He almost put one katana away, but then he remembered the sister. Even if she wasn’t a blade threat, she was skilled with the bow. Only professionals had a side quiver attached to their main quiver, and she had a very nice wrist guard. Most went without it.
  He watched as they fought in whispers for a few minutes, the boy hissing at her and the girl punching his arm. He threw it off and glared, but took a step back. The girl took his sword from her brother and picked up one from the fallen guards. Was she a swords women as well?
  She took a few steps towards him, her eyes scanning him. They paused as she examined his clothes. He let her, she might as well see the armor. Maybe then she would surrender.
  “Do you know who I am?” he asked. She looked up and shook her head.
  “No, should I?” she asked.
  “Yes, if you had any sort of childhood.” he answered. She laughed.
  “That answers it then.” she said. Her brother was concentrating on something, his brows knit.
  “Wait, Rowen.” he said, walking forward and whispering in her ear. Her eyebrows raised.
  “You’re the Nightmare? How old are you?” she asked. Seth shook his head.
  “I would tell you, but you are going to die anyway, so we might as well get it over with.” He raised his swords and the girl-Rowen-raised her’s.
  She glanced at Rogen who fingered his knives. Seth knew how well he could throw them, he knew to stay away from him. Right now though, he needed to see how good Rowen was.
  She ran forward and he brought his swords up to clash with hers. She dropped one of her swords from the impact, but her hand shot out and grabbed it. He nodded, impressive.
  His sword screamed towards her neck and she ducked, the blade only catching a part of her hair. A curl fell to the ground and she ran a few steps back, holding her hair. She pulled the ribbon off of one of the guards swords and tied it around her hair before coming back.
  “You know you just made me unbalanced right?” she asked. Seth shrugged.
  “I can make the other side match if you want?” he retorted.

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R. J. Steele


  1. I love it! :D (Hey look! I'm commenting instead of just lurking ;D)

    1. lol Thanks! I noticed. :D Any song suggestions?

    2. Not yet, but I'll keep an ear out! :D

    3. I just started reading your blog and I'm enjoying it.

  2. So exciting!!! Love it.
    Do the song suggestions have to have lyrics?

  3. Zack Hemsey -See What I've Become- its published on YouTube by Divinum Music

    1. It's perfect! I love the soft beginning and then the exciting second half! My two types of characters!

  4. Ooh. It sounds interesting.
    I had a bit of a hard time keeping track of all the characters, since there were so many introduced at once, but That shouldn't be a problem for very long as I get to know them all. xP
    I will wait expectantly for the next part!

    1. Thanks! After this, the chapters will be about Asha/Aden, the next about Rowen/Rogen, and the last about Seth, then the cycle starts again.

  5. Love it! I like the names and the charecters. It's intrigiung!! How many chapters are you going to have?


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