Weekly Writing Update

So I am going to start doing weekly writing updates because when I read them on some of my blogs that I follow, I love it! If these are just really boring, I will stop, just tell me! The blog is for your enjoyment, not mine. :D

Sooo here it is!
I have felt two ways this week.


I'm like, "Yeah, this is soo good! I love this book! It's going to be a best seller!"


I literally have my doc open and Agents of Shield open on the other monitor. xD

If I had a computer, I would sooo do this. :D But I use our family desktop, so I can't physically or...physically push it off of anything. Take a baseball bat to the screens, YES!
Yup, coffee!

Ok, I do have a quick survey for you guys, and it will be quick, trust me. :)

R. J. Steele


  1. With the first picture, I grinned a bit. The second, I had my "I relate to this" expression. The third, I stared wide-eyed.
    I completely laughed out loud at the last one. xP

  2. love it! i can totally relate to all of those, especially coffe in a IV. we should try that someday!


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