Weekly Writing Update

Sooo where do I even begin with this week? I wrote up to 3k in one day and up to 1k in one day, so it was good and bad...
Yup, I've had this pin for a looooong time, just waiting to use it. BAM! It has been used.

Ok, now on to my writing week. I've written...but bad news. My NaNo project which I am writing a previous 20k in before the two 40k camps is going...downhill. I don't really have any inspo, and Katie Grace's Rain Website that she posted just got really loud. :D So yeah, I need a pep talk.

LAB RATS! I discovered this show a long time ago, but I recently saw the first episode with Marcus in it and loved it! So yeah, binge watching Lab Rats killed my afternoon inspo. :D

Saw this post on Insta by Nadine Brandes and though...I want a computer like that. :D

Well the good news is, I took my military inventions quiz without studying for it and aced it. Of course my mom made me go back and study, so this is take two of the test. :D Yeah...no studying done. Is that good or bad?
So this is my very favorite shirt because it's army green. This picture shows off the great color combination of the blue and the green and the grey...just kidding, I took it because I LOVE army green. :D

This was the day I wrote 3k and I credit it to baked potato's. Yup. That's it. xD It was really good!
My mom totally freaked out when I told her that I was doing Camp NaNo, I had to re-assure her that it was just 40k not 50k, and that I wouldn't be on here the whole time. xD My poor family...

This is what I stare at all day, google docs and Spotify. :D It's really cool cause I can see what my writing buddies *cough* Sierra *cough* are listening too. I also stalk Nadine Brandes so I find all kinds of cool songs that she likes. She actually "introduced" me to a lot of For King and Country songs. :D
So I guess that concludes everything. Oh, and if you want to listen to my Serial Story playlist...and practically all of my other book playlists, just let me know in the comments and I will follow you. :D
R. J. Steele


  1. You watch Lab Rats? Awesome. I binged Bionic Island a week ago yesterday because Disney XD was having a marathon. I don't know why I like it so much. It's really stupid, but I LOVE Lab Rats. Happy writing! I'm not sure if I'll do any NaNo this year, but I'm using http://pacemaker.press/ to give myself the same stats motivation. It's working pretty well so far.

    1. I LOVE Lab Rats, but I quoted it too many times so I can't watch it until Friday. xD
      Well I hope your writing will go well, NaNo or No NaNO. :D

    2. :( I've watched all the ones on Netflix, so I have to wait until ones I've missed come on Disney XD when I can watch.
      Thanks! I hope yours goes well too.

    3. I've watched most, but I am filling in. At the moment I am watching the Lab Rat vs Mighty Med episode. :D

    4. That's one I missed. I came into the marathon on Bob Zombie. So I missed most of season 4. They need to do another marathon soon. Either that, or just hurry up and get it on Netflix.

    5. That episode is actually on Mighty Med season 2 which is on Netflix.

    6. There's two Mighty Med episodes? When I googled it, it came up with a season 4 one. Interesting.

    7. Oh, so there's a crossover. Did not know that. Actually didn't know there was a show called Mighty Med. I know a lot more about BBC shows than Disney ones.

    8. Yes, there's a crossover, it's pretty funny.

    9. I'll have to look it up. Not that I know anything about Mighty Med. But I do love Lab Rats.

  2. A computer like that? WE have one. It is SOOOOO sweet to watch things on such a big screen!!

    I love that shade of green!!

    Oh and guess what? I have seen the first two episodes of Healer!!

    1. Yeah! I can watch a show and Pinterest WRITE sorry at the same time.

      I have a green vest, shirt, and pants that color!

      Did you like it? My mom just re watched that show.

    2. Well so far I ADORE it!! We are taking a week long break from it and watching a bunch of stuff on Hulu that you have to subscribe for because we have a week long free trial on there.

    3. Drama Fever is free and has allllll the episodes.

  3. *gives you a pep talk* xP I know how that is... It'll work out eventually if you keep at it.

    That pin is awesome. xP

    I like green, though I'm more a fan of orange... Because... Orange... xP

    1. Thank you! I did a 3k today, but I was shooting for 5k.

      I love it sooo much!

      Yeah, makes sense!

    2. o.o You people... How do you manage it? My normal amount if I'm writing hard is about a thousand words... Not counting NaNo in that. xP
      3k is awesome. :-P

    3. Well it did take me seven hours, but I had some chores. :)


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