Serial Saturday: Flicker Part 7

  Hello all! It is I, me! I have the next part of Flicker for you! Enjoy, because I enjoyed writing it!

Seth walked into the dungeon the next day and over the cell containing the blacksmith’s apprentice. Ezra looked up and glared at him.

   “What do you want?” he asked. Seth ignored him and unlocked the cell door, walking in and pulling him up. “I asked what you wanted?” he repeated.
   “And I didn’t answer, get over it.” Seth snapped. Ezra cast him a glare, but didn’t speak again.

 They walked up the steps and Seth pulled him into a room where a chair sat in the middle. Ezra sat in the chair and Seth tied his legs to the bottoms. His arms were tied to the chair’s arms, and then he wrapped a rope around his middle and the back of the chair.

   “So how do you really know Rowen?” he asked. Ezra glared at him.

   “I told you, we are pre-engaged.” He said. Seth wrinkled his nose at that word.

   “Did she come to you before I did?” he asked. Ezra hesitated, and then shook his head. “So that means yes. What did she tell you?”

   “I…she didn’t tell me anything.” He said. Seth rolled his eyes and pulled his knife from its sheath.
   “Don’t tell me that.” He snapped. “I know she did, you are a terrible liar. Look, all I want to do is question Rowen, I’m not going to-”

   “-hurt her.” Ezra finished. “We both know that’s not true.”
   “Fine, she’s stubborn, so yes, she might get hurt, but nothing serious. The rebellion is literally ripping our economy apart; I need either Rowen or her brother.” Seth said. Ezra sighed.

   “Fine. I tell you about Rowen, you use that information to get Rogen.” He said. Seth nodded, but in his mind, he knew that he would still get Rowen.

   “Yes, so did she come to you?” he asked. Ezra nodded.

   “Yes, she did, she came the night before you came.” He said.
   “Did she have a boy with her?” Seth asked.

   “Yeah, it worried me at first, but she said that he had helped her and was taking her to the camp.” He said. Seth snorted.

   “Yeah, that’s not true. I’ve never even known of anyone who didn’t fall in love with Sale.” He said. Planting anger in Rowen’s fiancé against her would give him a bigger chance of turning him to the King’s side.

   “Rowen wouldn’t do that.” Ezra snapped. Seth shrugged.

   “I’m just telling you what I think. Now that you are practically giving her brother up, she will be pretty mad. She just doesn’t understand commitment.” He said. Ezra narrowed his eyes and looked up at him.

   “Can I go now?” he asked. Seth nodded and untied all of the ropes. Ezra walked out of the room and Seth stifled a grin. This was working out perfectly. If he could turn Rowen’s fiancé again her, maybe he would join the army and devastate her.

   He walked out of the room and turned down a hallway. The courtyard was busy as always, it was morning. The servants were receiving their jobs and he walked past them.  Everything looked pretty normal, all except for…he stopped and glanced around. Where was the…Asha?

   He walked over to the older woman in charge of the servants and glanced at the eight year old standing beside him. He looked up at Seth and watched him. Seth frowned and looked away. It was so weird being several feet taller than some people.
   “Um, did Asha come in this morning?” he asked. The woman shook her head.

   “We only just began, she could be late, but I doubt it. More likely she ran, Arvin saw someone go over the wall last night.” She said. Seth raised his eyebrows and glanced around.

   “Uh, ok. I’ll alert…I’ll actually go get her.” He said. The woman shrugged and shooed him away with her hand.

   “Doesn’t matter to me what happens, she’s a goner anyways.” She said. Seth turned away, but one thought ran through his head. Shouldn’t you care?

   He walked over to the wall and studied the scuff marks on the wall. It almost looked as if she had been dragged. He looked closer and saw stab marks in the wall. He ran his fingers over the stones and felt a loose one. Ohh, this was a planned thing. She hid knives? I didn’t see that in her characters…I’m not sure she did it. It must have been someone else.
He climbed over the wall and dropped to the ground, careful not to disturb any tracks Asha might have left. He stood and watched the ground for any tracks. She was good, very good in fact. She hadn’t even left a squish mark. What did she do, swing from the trees?

   He glanced at the ground again and saw one squished, partial footprint. She had to be around here somewhere. If she wasn’t, then he was tracking someone else who had gone over the fence on the same night.

   He looked around and shielded his eyes as something glinted. Running for it, he saw one knife stuck in the hay bale, but it was at an odd angle. No one could have thrown it like that; she must have stabbed it there. It was pointed in the direction of nowhere really, but if he followed it, he would probably fine at least a trail.

   He took a deep breath and started walked off in that direction.


   Seth walked forward, tripping over a rock. He had been tracking her for hours, and while she was on the right track, he hadn’t found her yet. She had left several things for him to find: a skid mark in the mud, , a piece of her dress, another skid mark…several things, although she usually left it every few miles, the last time she had left it was eight miles ago.

   He stopped and listened, a smile breaking out on his face. He was within hearing distance of them. Or another band that he had mistakenly though was the band he was looking for. A band was the most logical explanation; they kidnapped random people off of the side of the road and sold them in town.

   Of course, Asha had the King’s symbol on her arm, so they must be headed to somewhere the King wasn’t ruling. If Seth tracked a slave all of the way to another land, his dad would probably blow up at him. Although he was already on his last mission, so he didn’t really care.

   He heard a snap and jerked his head in the direction that it came from. He also heard a pant, a feminine pant. It had to be Asha; there was no one else who would have left that stuff.

   He walked into a clearing and looked around. It took him a moment to see it, but he spotted a group in colors that matched the forest. They were almost invisible, but he made them out, two boys and one girl, and then Asha. The girl was dressed in the same clothing as the boys, but her tunic went lower than theirs. The boy’s shirts went normally, but hers dropped to the middle of her upper leg.

   She held a sword in her hand and had a bow on her back. One boy had knives strapped to him, the other carried two katana’s, and no one used katana’s unless they were in the King’s army or unless they were Seth. The only other person who would use them was…Sale.

   “Sale.” He growled. They looked up and the girl almost drew her sword. She fingered the handle, and her brother twirled a knife around in his hand. He was going to die, he was going to get killed and then they would probably not even bury him. He deserved it anyway, with all of the lives he had taken.

   Sale stepped forward and pulled the mask covering the bottom half of his face down. His sword hand gripped the handle of his sword and he rubbed his hand over his leg.

   “Seth.” He nodded. “It’s been a while, my thirteenth birthday wasn’t it?” Seth glared.

   “It was my fifteenth, and I didn’t expect to see you again after that little episode.” He snapped.

   “Aw, you’re not still mad about the sword are you?” Sale stuck out his bottom lip and blinked. Seth glared at him and drew his sword.

   “As a matter of fact, yes, I am.  What do you guys want with Asha?” he demanded. Sale glanced at her.

   “The better question is, what do you want with her?” he asked. Seth shook his head.

   “Only to bring what is the King’s back to the King.” He said. Sale laughed.

   “Why do you call him the King?” he asked. “What, Dad isn’t good enough?”
   “After I track down a certain sibling duo, I’m leaving.” He said. The other boy and girl exchanged glances and he stared at them. “Oh, how cute. You two are joining the real rebellion.” He shrugged. “You know, I’d love to help you guys, but I hate you.” he twirled his sword around in his hand and took a fighters stance. Sale drew his sword as well and               laughed at Seth.
   “You were always all fancy with the stances and such, just stand and then fight.” He said. Seth shook his head.
   “I learned and I was better than you were.” He said. Sale looked back at the twins.
   “Notice how he said ‘was better than you were’.” He said. Rowen laid a hand on Sale’s shoulder.

   “Hey, we have to get Asha out of here, can you take care of him and meet up with us?” she asked. Sale nodded and she removed her hand. Seth raised his eyebrows at Rowen and she frowned. “What Seth?”

   “Nothing, it’s just that I was right.” He said. She cocked her head at him.

   “What?” she asked, her eyebrows narrow.

   “Well, I told Ezra that it wouldn’t be long before you guys got together.” He said. Rowen raised her eyebrows at him.

   “Wait, you have Ezra?” she demanded. Rogen touched his sister’s arm.

   “Row, he’s lying.” He said. Seth shook his head.

   “Out of all of the bad things I do, lying is pretty rare.” He said. Rowen turned back to her brother and released a choked breath. Rogen wrapped an arm around her shoulder and Asha followed them. Sale on the other hand faced Seth, his face dark.

   “What in the world is your problem? What did Rowen and Rogen ever do to you?” he snapped.

   “Well, once upon a time in a faraway land that was really here,  a young assassin was shot for the first time twice by a girl who he later captured and then his brother grabbed her from him and made their father mad. Then his brother stole a slave from his father’s castle, and so the brother went after the brother until they met.” He explained. Sale frowned.

   “Wait, so you have another brother?” he asked. Seth growled at him and swung his sword which his brother easily dodged.
   Seth used every bit of strength he had in him to fight Sale, but it was true, his brother was better than he was. He had paid attention when they were younger, then he started getting better and better at it. By the time his brother started to get serious, he was already great. His brother never caught up.

   “You’ve gotten better.” Sale commented. Seth grimaced and nodded, jumping to the side.

   “You have too, what, do you still practice?” he asked. Sale nodded.

   “Every night. Actually, I’ve been needing an exercise lately, thanks.” He said. Seth glared at him and swiped at his sleeve. It barely grazed Sale, and Sale smashed his hilt into Seth’s head. Spots appeared and he fought against unconsciousness. Stop it! You can beat him, just try! You have to give everything!

   He stabbed at Sale, but his brother dodged it again and Seth stumbled towards the ground. Something smacked his head and he lost his battle against unconsciousness.


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