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   Seriously guys, this weeks has been my best and worst week. Worst because I have nothing to write in except my co written novel. Best because we are both working hard on it and it's awesome. So today I will run you through my three project that I am currently working on.

   To the Dreamers
    This book is really awesome, I'm writing it with my cousin, and I really like it. I have the character Ember, and she is really interesting, although I have a little development to work on...

   Yeah, she really cool! So the novel is basically about two girls, Brea and Ember, and even though they aren't similar, they are thrown together with two other graduated young agents and form a team for a very special mission. (This could seriously change, Emma and I are radicals, we smash outlines. xD) (Ten points to whoever catches that reference!) Ember is really funny because she makes insults and they are really funny, so that's why she's funny. *nods* That made sense right? Of course!
   My other charrie is TBN(To Be Named), although his names Ben. He's a Nightwing inspired charrie, so I have to find a super cool code name for him. *cough* If anyone wants to help, comments and ideas for it? *cough* sorry, cold season.
   Ok, where are we here? Ohh, right, number two!
   Some Super Creative Title (it's not final yet)
   Sierra and I literally write this like an RP, and then on hangouts, all we say is, "Should be ship them?" "They are so cute!" and such and such. We have two pairs of characters, but I shall refer to them when together as their ship names. Thalea(Thomas and Alea) lives on Venus, on a colony there. There was a large terrorist threat on earth, and so the government created a dome with a colony and people now pay for their child to be safe up there.
   Mayner, wow! Uh, Mayner(May and Turner) are just adorable, so cute. I sit and smile at them. With a joker smile. And bug eyes. Because they are just so cute. He gets mad at her for wanting him to sneak onto a supply ship to Venus and then she starts sniffing and he turns into this super nice guy and then he starts complaining about his hair and calling her mean for not being mad at the barber. So basically she calls him a puppy and gushes over him when he complains that no one thinks he's cute and gushes about him so she gushes for him.
   Number three, *waves goodbye to SSCT*
   Ok, enough talking about this, it's a serial story for goodness sake! *scrambles back to SSCT* NO! Flicker, let go! I talk about you every Saturday! *breaks free* Thanks everyone! *sighs* Oh fine.
   So Flicker is very interesting to write, I switch off weeks being interested and stuff.
   OK I'M DONE! *pulls back away* I'm going to hang out and watch SSCT!
   Rachael Steele
   What's your current WIP/S?


  1. To The Dreamers sounds awesome! (And I TOTALLY get that reference!)

    Your Super Creative Title Story sounds head too. :) Shipping characters? Yes please. :D

    1. Thank you! :D I knew you would! Oh yeah, I wanted for Mayner to be best friend, but they were too cute.

    2. That tends to happen. :) And I guess Alea is more of a common name than I thought. LOL

    3. It could be, but I named alea after you because I thought that the name was so pretty.

  2. I get the reference. You've changed the styling of your blog haven't you. I like it.
    With (I don't know whcih title you know it by, I'll use the new one I haven't announcedyet) Girl of Rumour, I'm coming out of the climax into the resolution. I still haven't completely figured out what's going on but it's coming along. And I'm about to start brainstorming a story about a young female ruler.

    1. :D Thank you! Yes, I did, the road is supposed to be the road to publication, and I like it soo... That sound cool! Been there done that, it will come out!

  3. Sounds like you're working on some fun projects!
    *adds ten points to my point meter* Awesome reference! :D

    1. Thank you so much! :D It' came to me all of the sudden, and I though, YES! Out of Time reference!


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