A Fact About Me

   I was tagged by Hannah for the Fact About Me thingy, thank you!
   Here's the rules.

  • Take the banner and paste it to your post.
  • Tell a single, meaningful fact about who you are.
  • Explain this fact as open, and explanatory as you can.
  • Tag at least one other blogger, and give a reason why you think they should do this.
  • Add a Bible verse to close out this tag.
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • Have fun!

   I'm a rebel, and I'm going to do five random thingys.


   1. I love coffee.

   Funny story here...not really. xD My dad is a huge coffee person, and I grew up drinking 'coffee milk' on Saturdays. Then I moved up to some real coffee occasionally, and now I drink it every morning, and at night when we have our bible study. I could destroy ten cups of coffee, easy. It what like five mugs? Pft!

   2. My entire family is musical and athletic, but I'm not.

   I know! Noah is an Olympic swimmer!(not really, but sectionals! Which is amazing! And I'm not just saying that, it's hard to get into sectionals) And he plays guitar, base guitar, and drums. Haley is like the aggressive rabid wolverine in sports, and she plays the violin, Abigail runs with the dog who's a border collie, you farmer people from Scotland know what I'm talking about, and she does harmonica.

   3. We live in the weird semi-country.

   We have chickens, ducks, and a sheep dog. We had goldfish, but the ducks ate them. xD It's pretty awesome out here, bro wants a pig, Abigail wants a goat and rabbit, Haley wants a llama, and I want my own laptop. I hide in my cave/room.

   4. I am an INFP

   I am a room person, I could live off of my room if I had a basket to throw out of the window for food, a sink, and if my parents let me take my coffee maker to my room. I am really shy at first, like if you came up to talk to me, I'd probably answer the questions and just stand there. BUT, once I get comfortable, I am a pretty good peopler. It's weird cause online, I'll like go to all of the About Me pages and comment! I know! Isn't it insane?

   5. I am almost halfway done with my this year goal!

   If you'll click here, this will take you to my goal post, and I'll check them off.

 1. Read 50 books
2. Write 100k
3. Finish two books
4. Make one new writing buddy
5. Make one new blogging buddy-Definition of blogging buddy: I comment on theirs, they comment on mine. Here we go, here they are. Abigayle, Hannah, Jonathan, Soleil.
6. Win NaNoWriMo
7. Win 3 Camp NaNoWriMos
8. Beta-read one book-Checkish, I'm betaing two books, sooo.
9. Review 5 books-Yup. Check my Goodreads.
10. Drink 100 cups of tea/coffee-Please don't ask me how many I've drunk, although if you do, I'll tell you, but if you don't, IT'S LOCKED AWAY FOREVER!

   Ok, I tag...the blogging buddies I mentioned who have not done this yet, Abigayle, Jonathan, Soleil. (do I have to relink them? I'm lazy, the links are above. xD) The reason they should do this is because tags are pretty epic. *nods* 

   My closing verse is one that supports coffee! Well fine then Google, apparently there is no verse on coffee beside HE-BREWS! :D So instead I will do one about friends who are like brothers and sisters.
Proverbs 18:24 “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”


   Do you like coffee? Are you an Intro or Extro? Athletic or musical or neither?


  1. oopsy, I forget to put the guidelines and the other thingys on when I did it. *feels awkward* Oh, well. I guess I can edit it.

    *grins deviously* How many cups of coffee\tea have you drank? I'm not sure how many I have drunk. I think I average about five cups a day. *hides behind my large coffee mug*

    1. xD One time I forgot to do a whole section. :D
      *nods* Well...usually about three, but four sometimes when I can get it. *cries* I need more!

  2. Fun learning more about you! And don't feel bad . . . not everyone is athletic or musical! You're a writer, anyway. :)

    And blech, I DO NOT like coffee. Sorry. xD Yeah . . . :P
    I'm definitely an introvert. I really do love being social, but I can only take so much of it.
    I'm not athletic, but you could say I'm musical. Been playing piano for about six or seven years now and I'm making decent headway on the guitar. Music is something I love. :)

    1. :D I say I'm intellectual.
      O.O Say whuuuuuh? xD It just tastes good, it doesn't keep me awake or anything.
      Yes! I love friends and stuff, but too much and I go crazy.
      Nice! I love music when others play it. xD

  3. Wow! I feel like I've read all my necessary words for the day just reading your blog! I knew all of that about you (Of course; I'm your grandmother!), but it was fun to read anyway. Love you. (from Gogi)

    1. :D Of course Gogi! You're supposed to know everything about all thirteen of us! :D

  4. Love iced Coffee, I'm more of a intro, and am musical not athletic at all

    1. Iced is pretty good! I can swim, but not fast or anything, it's just fun and I look like I did swimming for five years. I have some techniqueish.

  5. Love coffee. Intro. Not musical. Not too athletic. :)

    1. Yes! Coooooofeeeee!
      Same here, why did I skip out on the athletic, musics, and cooking?


    Sorry I've been busy. Let's see... I think we all know the answer to intro or extro. EMBRACE THE WORLD. :P And coffee? Blech. Sorry, nuh-uh. :D
    Musical? I play piano and guitar, so I guess so. Athletic? Meh, kina. Ish. Sorta. :D
    Thanks for tagging me though! :D

    1. WOOHOO! You made it to day six of Camp! *high fives*
      Yeah...extros. *shivers* :D Lol, I'm kidding, I have an extro friend who's cool. xD
      NO COFFEE?! *sighs and shakes head.

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