Adela's Curse Blog Tour-Character Spotlight

I am here today in order to give you a character spotlight! As I said in my review, it wasn't my type of book, but Stefan was my favorite character! He was awesome!

Stefan is a noble of Myrnius. He is in his late twenties, has brown hair and light brown eyes. He has no siblings and, at the time of the story, both his parents have passed. His lands lay several miles from the forest of Celedon and just south of Count Marek, the villain of the story.
As hinted in the synopsis, he has a bit of tragedy in his life. His fiancĂ©e died five years before and he still has not quite recovered. His people know him to be a kind and generous man. He is often quoted as saying “my hearth is always open”, and will readily offer any traveler a place to stay in his castle. Even if they might be a travelling faery in disguise sent to assassinate him.
For the past several years, he has dealt with repeated incursions from Marek’s men in an attempt to drive him from his lands. They were nothing more than a nuisance until a strange drought struck his entire domain. And, well, spoilers.
Fun Fact: I liked Stefan from the first brainstorming session. He has a rather interesting story and if he’ll let me sit down with him, I’d like to write it.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really liked Stefan too! ^_^

  2. Thanks for posting about Stefan, Rachael! :) And for participating so much in the tour. <3


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