Liebster Award #2

   Sooo I know that I already did this award, but I was tagged again and I kind of  really want to answer these questions, thank you so much to Hannah E. for tagging me! 

What is a story that you're writing? (tell a little about it if you have one:) 
The one I'm writing right now is about superheroes, twins, and coffee. xD It's for Camp NaNo

What is your favorite song?
At the moment, Latch by Sam Smith, but the one I like is played by Simply Three

What is your favorite book series?
OUT OF TIME TRILOGY! *coughs* Yes. *nods calmly* 

Who is your favorite Bible character?
I'm going go with...Jonathan and David (I'm being rebellious again. xD Two!). Friends are super important to me, and they were like brothers.

Favorite book?
Ohhh, um, Where Loyalties Lie, an unpublished (yet) book. But Deny by Tricia Mingerink is super close. 

Would you rather read or write? 
Write, because I loooooove writing! 

What is your favorite blog?

Why did you start a blog?
TO GET FREE BOOKS TO REVIEW! Not really. xD Um, lots of super complicated reasons, maybe I'll do a post on it. 

Do you like reading fiction or non-fiction better?
Fiction, hands down. Although the huge bio of the Romonov Family is awesome.

Who is your favorite Christian hero? (who is not alive)
David, probably? There are so many good ones.

Do you like World history or American history better?

Since I've already done this, I'm not going to tag peoples. xD

   What is your favorite song? What is your favorite blog? Why did you start a blog?


  1. This was fun! And I'm so happy I made your favorites list!

    Song- I guess I've been listening to Lenka's Everything At Once a lot lately.

    Blog- Most of the ones you listed :)

    Start- for connections and a new experience

    1. Thank you! :D
      *goes to check it out* xD
      Yes! Allll of those blogs are sooo awesome!
      Connctions are really important in the writing world! That's part of the reason I started mine. :D

  2. I had a lot of fun reading your answers! Tags like this are always a lot of fun. :)
    My favorite song right now would have to be "Heart of a volunteer" Which is actually from the soundtrack for "Pearl Harbor". :)
    My favorite blog? Not sure I could choose. ;) There are so many good ones that I enjoy reading!
    And I started my blog as a place to share some of my writing and to connect with other writers. :)

    1. Thank you!
      Oooh, that movie has great music. xD
      Yes, there are a ton of great blogs!
      Connecting! *connects little trains* xD That's what I think of.

    And I definitely approve your answer for favorite book series. Same. *nods* :D

    1. *high fives* Yes!!!
      *nods back* I'm about to die without the new book, like learn some ninja skills and go steal it.

    2. Yes! We must all become computer ninjas and hack into Nadine's system so we can steal the book! :P

    3. (For some reason this idea definitely holds a strong appeal to me. :P)

    4. *slides mask on* Ninja's unite!

  4. Nice to read your thoughts! I asked my library to get Nadine's books, so hopefully that'll work out.
    -My favorite song at the moment is "I'll Wait for You" by Moriah Peters *starts humming tune*
    My favorite blog is.... I'll just say I'm following them, because I can't pick one. :)
    I originally started blogging so I had a place to write my thoughts, but then I ended up making another blog so I could get free books.

    1. Yay!!! Hopefully it will!
      Ooh! I love that singer!
      :D Same, there are way too many good ones. It's hard!
      Yeah! Free books are the best evah!

  5. This was lovely to read!

    Wow, Where Loyalties Lie is your favorite novel that's not part of a series? Wow! Sierra from Flights From the Aerie wrote it, right? It sounds so awesome.

    Wow, I love so many songs. My current favorite is "Loyal by Lauren Daigle. Lauren Daigle is an amazing singer with amazing talent and amazing songs. :D I love her music so should really look her up.

    I like all the blogs you listed.

    I actually don't have a blog yet. Maybe . . . one day. But not for many years, at least. :P

    1. hank you so much!
      Yes, it pretty much the best book ever written!
      LAURENDAIGLEOMYGOSH! I looove her, I like Trust in You at the moment, but Loyal is so amazing!
      :D I will definitely follow it!

    2. Gah, just realized a typo. I meant to put quotations on the other side of Loyal. ;)

      Isn't Lauren Daigle absolutely amazing? :D I can play Trust in You on the guitar . . . sort of. :P I love every single one of her songs. :)

      Aww, thank you Rachael. <3

    3. xD Yes! She is soooooo amazing and awesome!


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