Serial Saturday-Flicker Finale

   This is the final episode of Flicker y'all! Enjoy!

Chapter 10
  Asha looked up as Aden crashed into the house, his face white. “There’s a scary guy there!” he gasped. “Sorry, that sounded like a three year old, but he killed Rowen!”
  Asha slapped a hand over her mouth and stumbled back a step. Aden grabbed her arm and dragged her to the door. “Come on!” he shouted at her. “He’s coming back!” He tugged his sister until she started walking. As Asha started thinking clearly, she looked around and her breathing became labored.
  “Rowen’s gone?” she asked. Aden nodded and pointed to Sale and Rogen. “How?”
  “He choked her. He gave Rogen and Sale and me the chance to give up and save her, but she told Rogen to run and he did!” Aden answered. They reached Sale and Rogen and she saw Rogen shaking.
  “I left her.” He said. “I left her and I don’t even know if she died or not.” Asha wanted to hug him, to assure him that he did the right thing, but she couldn’t lie to him, she wasn’t sure if he had or not.”
  Sale tightened his grip on his sword and glanced back. “Let’s go look then.” He suggested darkly. Asha looked up at him and Rogen frowned.
  “What?” Rogen asked. “We literally just ran from him. Why would we go right back?”
  “That was different, we ran because if we didn’t retreat, there was nothing to do.” Sale explained. “We couldn’t have fought him without killing her, but that isn’t in our way anymore.” He shifted feet and glanced back again. “Come on, we have to see if he really killed her.” He clenched his fists.
  Rogen nodded and glanced around. “Come on, but if you see anyone, tell me.” He instructed Asha. Asha nodded and the group began moved towards Rowen.
  Aden walked with the group and glanced around for Seth or Ezra. They were both out there somewhere, although Ezra probably wasn’t a big challenge to Aden. How could he have betrayed Rowen and Rogen like that? What a…what was he?
  Ezra stepped out of the woods and Asha took a step back. Aden removed his knives and nodded towards their destination. “I’ve got him; please go see if she’s alive.”
    As the group moved forward, he and Ezra circled each other. “Rogen didn’t hit you on the head hard enough.” Aden commented. Ezra shrugged.
  “Old loyalties, you know.” He said. “Oh don’t have any.”
  “I have old loyalties; I just choose to honor them.” Aden snapped.
  “And what about Seth? No loyalty there anymore.” Ezra said.
  “I was never loyal to Seth!” Aden snapped, slicing towards Ezra. Ezra jerked back, but the tip tore into his sleeve. Ezra launched his own attack and pretended to go for Aden’s face, but as Aden reached up to block the blow, a knife jerked across his chest. He gasped and pulled back, but his eyes widened and he started breathing heavy.
  “You should have been, might have made you survive.” Ezra said.
  “You haven’t been loyal to Seth! Aden snapped. “What, did he teach you that move?”
  “No, I chose Seth while he shoved me in a bag.” Ezra answered. Aden fell to one knee. He was getting weaker, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. “What’s the matter? Little boy’s hurt?” Ezra asked in a low voice.
  Aden flicked his wrist and his knife slammed into Ezra’s leg. The man cried out and fell to the ground as Aden stood up. “Yeah, but not as weak as I pretended to be.” He answered, running slowly to the group.
  Sale saw Rowen lying on the ground and his heart rate spiked. He watched Rogen choke and run up to her, dropping to his knees. Seth had done this; he needed to be going after…Seth. His eyes narrowed and he gripped his sword.
  “Don’t touch her.” he growled. “She might be alive.” Walking forward, he knelt down beside Rogen and placed two fingers on her neck. Nothing. His shoulders sagged and he blinked, standing.
  “I’m going to kill him!” Rogen threatened. Sale’s jaw shifted. He wanted to do more than kill him.
  “Rogen, get Rowen and let’s head back to the camp.” he said. Rogen lifted his sister up and started walking with Sale.
  Rowen started choking and emptied her stomach onto the ground. Sale choked out a sigh of relief and Rogen set Rowen on the ground.  She started dry heaving and Rogen glanced around, grabbing his water sack. “Here.” he helped her drink, and Sale desperately hoped he had done the right thing. Could you drink water while dry heaving? Rowen did, and she hadn’t choked yet, so he let out the breath he had been holding in.   
  “You were dead!” Sale told her. Rowen shook her head.
  “If I had been dead, I wouldn’t be alive now. My pulse stopped, that’s weird.” she said. I was awake, but I couldn’t move. I felt him feel my pulse and he left, so I guess it stopped. I don’t know what happened.” she explained.
  Rogen looked at her. “Rowen, I’m sorry I left you.” he said, biting his lip. Rowen shook her head.
  “Stop, I told you too.” she said. “I would have been upset if you hadn’t.” She hugged her brother tightly.
  Rogen shook his head. “No, why did I do that?” he demanded. “I don’t even know.”
  Rogen stood up and helped Rowen stand. “You’re ok?” he asked. Rowen nodded and glanced around.
  “Other than having an intense feeling of wanting to strangle a certain man, yes.” she said.
  The group walked into the woods and began to hike to the camp. Rowen occasionally tripped and Rogen helped her stand again, but as they neared the camp, she walked better. Sale kept an eye out for Seth, although Rogen didn’t think that he would attack here. He knew he couldn’t beat Sale.
  The camp all swarmed the twins and Rogen had to back up until Sale could help out. Crowd control, a job for a common guard of the palace, but Sale did it without hesitating, pushing the people back so that Rogen could get Rowen to her tent.
  “Aden and Asha!” Rowen cried. “Where are they?”
  Sale glanced back at the woods. “We forgot about them, I’ll be right back.”  He stood and Rogen watched him go.
  “Let me just say, I need a day.” Rowen sighed. “I’m not sure I’ll get it though. We didn’t win anything.”
  “I did.” Rogen grinned. “I won you back. Well, what I meant was that you’re alive again.”
 “I was always alive.” Rowen sighed. “I keep telling you that. I don’t know why my heart stopped.”
 “Maybe it wasn’t your heart, maybe it was just your pulse.” Rogen suggested.
 “Who knows.” She sighed, leaning her head against Rogen’s shoulder. He lifted her up and set her on the cot inside of her tent.
  “I’ll be right outside just in case you need me.” He assured. Rowen nodded and closed her eyes.
  “Thank you.”
  Seth stormed through the castle and growled at one of the servants. He was so done with the entire rebel project. He was here to tell his father that he was done, and he meant it. It had pretty much been the only failure.
  His father looked up as he came in and set his book aside. “Did you quell the rebel threat?” He asked. Seth didn’t answer, but instead removed his sword and threw it to the floor.
  “I’m done.” He spat. His father raised his eyebrows and waved towards the door.
  “Fine then, go.” He said. Seth raised his own eyebrows.
  “You’re just going to let me go?” He asked. His father shrugged.
  “Sure. But Let me tell you this. If you leave, I will hunt you down until I do find you.” He snapped. Seth stiffened.
  “I can elude you.” He protested. His father shrugged again.

What did you think of the final part? Did it end well? And as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like a neat story you're writing, Rachael! I nominated you for the Liebster Award although I just saw you already did it. (; But here it is anyway:


  2. WHAT?! How could you end like that? Will you be adding any more to the end? You made me want to know what happened to Rowen, and what was going on with Seth.
    :) You did great job. I loved reading it. Keep it up!

    1. Mwah ha ha! :D I'll probably add more later. Thanks!

  3. I agree with S.M.B. You need a sequel, Rachael. Too much was left unanswered. (From Gogi)

    1. :D There will be a sequel, but with Camp NaNo coming up, I'm ending it for now until after.


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