Serial Saturday-Flicker Part 9

   Ok, guys, I rushed on Friday morning and finished 1,700 words in forty nine minutes. It's really good, or at least I think it is, :D, just don't think that I didn't pour everything into it. I did, just at a faster rate. Anywho, here you go. Oh, and I made a mock cover for Flicker!

  Chapter 9

   Seth leaned against a tree and pressed his hands against his head. Go after them. He ignored the voice. What he needed was for them to fear him. And for that, he needed something they cared about, or someone. Rowen and Rogen would come for Ezra, Asha would come for her brother, and Sale…Sale was his problem. He would attack Seth even if he had their mother, he didn’t care about anyone anymore.

   He pulled his sword out and started walking back to the palace.  Ezra first, then Asha. He needed to get them first, and then he needed to lie in waiting.  Fear wasn’t created in an instant, it was grown over time. Shorter amounts of time than others, yes, but time still.


   Seth walked into the blacksmith and Ezra looked up. “What do you want?” he demanded.

   Seth pulled a knife from its sheath. “I need…a bit of leverage.” He said. Ezra lay his hand on a sword nearby, but he dropped it and crossed his arms. “What kind of leverage?” he demanded.

   “Let’s just say I need your former fiancé and her brother, friend, and my brother.” Seth said. “So…in order for that to happen, I need someone she cares about.”

   Ezra shook his head. “I’m not helping you, and we’re still engaged, she hadn’t broken it off yet, neither have I.” he snapped. Seth shrugged.

   “Get a clue.” He snapped. “She’s gone, and you’re going to help me. I can take you willingly, or I can kidnap you, either one.”

   Ezra slammed his fist into the wall. “No.” he ground out. “You’ll have to kidnap me. If I go willingly, I will never be able to look Rowen in the eyes again.”
   Seth shrugged and removed a rope from his pack. “Your choice.”

   Seth walked into the palace and went directly to the group of children gathered in a circle. He needed to appear kind, at first, and then if he had to, he would scare them. How to appear nice when he looked the way he did, that was a problem.

   He crouched down by them and almost grinned when everyone looked up. “Hey, I need to know about one of your friends, Aden?”

   They all glanced around at each other and the oldest, a boy who was around Aden’s age, shook his head.
   “I’m a friend of his sister.” Seth said. The boy looked up.
   “You know where she is?” he asked. Seth nodded.
   “Yes, she’s with bad people, and I need Aden’s help to get her back.” He said. The boy stared at him.

   “I’m thirteen, I’m not six.” He said. “Aden went with Taysin somewhere, that’s all we know.”
   “Who’s Taysin?” Seth asked.
   “He works here, really works here. He gets paid and everything.” The boy said. Seth stood. He knew exactly which man the kid was talking about.
   “Thank you.” He said. “Now I can get both of them back for you.”

   He walked up to the woman who supervised the servants and glanced around. “Where does Taysin live?” he asked. The woman shrugged.

   “How am I supposed to know?” she demanded. “He doesn’t live here, ask one of his friends.”

   Seth’s hand strayed to his sword, but he dropped it and glanced around. “Hey, who knows where Taysin lives?” he yelled. Everyone stopped what they were doing, but only two came up to him, the others ducked their head and hurried with their work.
   “Um, he lives…got through the market and then find the big hill, he lives just on the other side of that, there are some woods that you can go through, but over the hill is faster.” One said. Seth raised his eyebrows.

   “So where I was just now.” He muttered. “Totally perfect.”

   He stormed to the dungeon and practically stuffed Ezra in a bag. The man never said a word, he was probably saying goodbye to…whoever. There was a very great chance that he wouldn’t make it out of this alive.

   The trip through the woods was…long. Very long. He practically stumbled through, but he didn’t want to try to carry a person in a bag over a hill. When he reached the field before the house, he glanced back and saw a hill. Wonderful, he was at the right house.

   Using the woods surround the other side of the house, he watched the group which still sat outside. Aden must be the redhead kid. He practiced with real knives, he must be good.

   “You have got to be kidding me.” He groaned. “I’m going to die, I can’t stop it this time.” He knew he couldn’t take on Rogen, Rowen, or Aden all at once, and they had Sale with them. The only thing to do was get Rowen on his side, and he needed to wait until midnight to do that.


   At closer to midnight, he snuck up to Rowen’s room; she was sharing it with another girl and Asha. Tapping on the glass, he slipped the note underneath Rowen’s open window and hurried back to his spot where he watched her. She opened the note and glanced around with a frown. Her eyes traveled down the page and she dropped the note, covering her face with her hands. Running her hands through her hair, she pulled a shirt out from the dresser and Seth turned away.

   She was coming, and she hadn’t screamed, she hadn’t called for her brother, she hadn’t even told Asha. She was just coming. Just her, and then he would threaten her using Ezra until he gained her temporary loyalty.

   “Who are you?” a voice asked. Seth didn’t whirl around like most people would, he looked around with a bored expression. Aden.

   “The Nightmare.” He answered. Aden gripped his knives even tighter.

   “You’re here for Rowen and Asha, aren’t you?” he asked.
   “Add Rogen.” Seth added. “But yes, Rowen and Rogen are…wanted for questioning. And Asha just needs to come back.” He said. “She disappeared and I came to find her.”

    “I can’t let you take her.” Aden seethed, his arms flexing as he gripped the knives. If he held them any tighter, he would start scaring Seth. Nobody gripped them that hard.

   “You can’t do anything about it.” Seth said. Aden attacked him.

   One knife went for his neck, and Seth brought both of his knives up to block it. He felt a prick at his stomach and looked down. That sneaky little-

   “Keep your eye on both knives.” Aden instructed. “I thought that you would know that.”
   “I haven’t slept in four days, cut me some slack.” Seth said.

   “Why don’t I just cut you?” Aden snapped.
   “Right. Look, I just want to neutralize the rebel threat, then I can take off from the palace, it’s not that complicated, I just want to leave.” 

   Aden glanced behind him. “Sale, grab Ezra.” He said. Sale walked out from the woods and removed the top of the bag with his sword. Ezra was unconscious, who knew why, but Rowen ran up and covered her mouth again.
   “Ezra!” she cried, skidding to her knees. She felt his pulse and closed her eyes, starting to shake. “He’s still alive.” She shuddered.

   “For now.” Ezra said, opening his eyes and pressing a knife to Rowen’s throat. Aden’s knife pulled away the slightest bit and Seth slammed his fist into the boy’s head. He didn’t go down, but he stumbled backwards a few steps and gasped.
   “Sale, drop all of your weapons on the ground.” He ordered. Sale stabbed the sword into the ground and pulled his knives out, dropping it on the ground.
   “I will kill you.” He seethed. Seth snorted.
   “Sure.” He nodded. “Uh huh.” Glancing at the still stumbling Aden, he nodded to his knives. “Drop them.”
   Aden dropped both knives and Seth drew his swords. “Both of you, get on your knees and put your hands on your heads.

   Rowen had stopped shaking a long time ago, now she looked like she would kill both of them. Seth wondered where Ezra had gotten the knife. He also wondered what had made him against Rowen instead of for her.

   Rowen dropped to her knees and slid her hands on her head. Sale dropped to his knees as well, but his hands didn’t slide on his head, he set them there, glancing at Seth.

   Some people might have kicked their rival brother while they could, but Seth actually had a shred of dignity, and that wouldn’t be the same as winning a real fight. Not even close.

   “What are you going to do now?” Sale demanded. Seth looked over.

   “Well, now I take all of you to the palace.” He said. “Um, Ezra, you go get Rogen from the house, and get Asha too, red head.”

   Ezra rose and Seth lay one of his swords on Rowen’s neck, the other on Sale’s neck. “So I guess the wedding’s off?” he asked. Rowen rose up slightly, but the sword stopped her.

   “You mention the wedding or anything related to Ezra and I, I swear I will-” she spit, but Seth stopped her.

   “Rowen, don’t make threats that you can’t keep.” He said. Rowen glanced at Aden and she dropped, slamming her foot into his leg. Aden’s foot hit his other leg at the same time and he fell.
   Rowen pressed her sword to his throat and her eyes flamed. “Can’t keep them huh?” she demanded. “What’s wrong
Seth? Did you not get a good night’s sleep?

   “Try four.” He grunted. Rowen laughed, but it wasn’t happy.
   “You are the funniest!” she grinned sarcastically. “Give me one good reason, no, give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you now?”

   Seth looked around. “Uh, if you do, then Ezra will slit Aden’s open.”
   Rowen didn’t look back. “Aden?” she called. Aden walked around in front of her and glanced down at Seth. “You’re the worst liar ever.” She commented.

   “No, you’re just smart.” He said. Rowen shrugged.

   “Who knows.” She asked. “It could be both.”

   “Tell me before I die, who taught you to swordfight?” he asked. Rowen shook her head.
   “I’ll tell that to my brother before I die.” She snapped. “Wait, how did you know that I kept that a secret?” she demanded. He laughed.
   “I have my ways Rowen.” He said.
   “Rowen!” Rogen called. Rowen lifted her sword the same length that Aden had and Seth took the opportunity. He slammed his head into Rowen’s and she jerked off. Rogen shouted her name again, but Seth already had her in an arm lock.

   “If either one of you move, I will kill her.” He threatened. “And if you don’t surrender completely, I will kill her. You have about a minute and a half before she dies.”

   Rogen hesitated and looked at Rowen. “Rogen, don’t do it.” She managed. “You’ll all die if you do!”

   Rogen looked back at the house and grabbed Ezra. He threw him to the side and Ezra hit his head on a tree. Seth tightened his grip as he watched Rogen gather all of the loose weapons and run. Sale followed them and Aden ran to the house to get his sister out.

   “Looks like your brother didn’t really love you.” He said. Rowen shook her head.

   “He did, but I loved him more.” She said. Seth snorted.

   “Before you die, tell me who trained you.” He suggested. Rowen shook her head and he tightened his grip even more. “Ten seconds isn’t enough anyways, oh well.”
   He finished counting, and three seconds later, she collapsed in his arms. He felt her pulse just in case, but it wasn’t there. Just to be sure though, he tied her wrists behind her back before he gathered his fallen knives and went after the group. He didn’t consider killing Rowen a waste of time really, he was glad he did it. If he was in the middle of a fight, he would still have done it. It had been worth it.

   The reason I did that ending was because it always tore me up when people did that in books. One person versus the whole team dying? Soooo yeah, don't hate me please!
R. J. Steele
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  1. Loved it! :) going to part #10!

  2. Nononono, you weren't supposed to kill THAT character! :( ;)

    This is really good so far, Raechel! Looking forward to part ten! :D


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