The Get to Know Me Tag

Ok, so Olivia Nash did this tag, and she tagged anyone who wanted to do it, so I thought that I would!
Vital Stats

Name: Rachael

Nicknames: Ray, Rayray, Lambchops, Rachy

Place of Birth: Monroe, LA

Star sign: I don't do these, so I really don't know. :D


Best friend: My cousin. xD

Award: Uh, the first one I remember was my swimming ribbon.

Sport: Nope, don't do sports, quit swimming. :D

Real holiday: Probably the beach, I forgot. xD

Concert: Go Fish, although that's been my only concert so far. :D


Film: The newer X Men movies, Captain America movies, and the Amazing Spiderman

TV Show: Lab Rats, Young Justice, and Monk

Color: Army Green

Song: The Judge, House of Gold, Not Today, and pretty much all the other TOP songs. :D
Restaurant: Dixie Cafe

Books: Um, A Time to Die, A Time to Speak, Dare and Deny, The King's Scrolls, and a bunch of others!


Feeling: Really excited for no particular reason. 

Single or taken: Uh, single, and will be for at least five more years. :D

Eating: A piece of fruit.

Watching: Signal, a Korean show

Wearing: Pajamas.


Want Children: Yes. 

Want to be married: Yes, but whatever God wants

Careers in mind: Not really, just writing.

Where you want to live: Close to coffee.

Do You Believe In

God: Absolutely. 

Miracles: Yes. 

Love at first sight: No.  

Ghosts: In a way, but not a typical ghost, more like demons from hell....

Aliens: Nope.

Soul Mates: Not really.

Heaven: Yes. 

Hell: Yes. 

Kissing on the first Date: Nope.

Yourself: To quote Olof: "Um, I think so?" :D

Thanks to Olivia for tagging everyone!
Uh, uh uh uh, I tag Emma, Anna, Abi, and Faith.


  1. Nice to get to know you a bit more!

  2. How fun was that! ANd I can't wait to read your and Emma's new blog. Gogi

    1. Thank you Gogi! I can't wait for you to read it either!

  3. :) I am currently watching Healer.....and it is tearing me apart!!

    1. That show ripped me to shreds! I was like, "Wait, what?!"

  4. I love that your first concert was Go Fish - mine to! XD Fun tag!

  5. It was so much fun to read this and get to know you a bit more. :) "Dare" and "Deny" are on y list of favorite books as well! They're so amazing!!

    1. Thanks you! It was really fun for me as well! They are so amazing!

  6. Thanks for tagging me! ^-^v You should expect mine post... Uh... Sometime in the relative future... Meaning, when I remember to do it when I'm on the computer. :-P

    1. Ugh. *headdesks* Ignore the random v. Typing on mobile here...

    2. :D I get you. xD You're welcome! I'll look foreword to it!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this and getting to know you better! I LOVEEE Monk!! Such a great show!

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