Wrap it Up!-March

   *trumpets* Hello! *sweeps in with my fuzzy blanket* I am here for my first End of the Month post! 


   Firstly! Bro went to sectionals for swimming! He did an amazing job, and I had a ton of fun while he was gone. I got to stay home all alone for a day, um, AWESOME! And I went to a hilly place with tons of flowers with my dad and sister, taking tons of pictures of everything! Unfortunately, my memory card was accidentally erased, so I lost of all them. My dad took us to a bridge with railroad tracks the next day though(the pic above) and that was awesome.
   We went to a bridge beside that bridge on Good Friday, and I took some awesome pictures! The one I'm going to put up here is a super scary one that caused me to scream, so I took a picture.
   It's a snake! And don't tell me, "Rachael, it's only like six inches long." No it's not! Ok? When you're afraid of snakes, they get bigger! I'm only afraid of random snakes too, king snakes and garden snakes are ok. But here we have copper heads and cotton mouths, sooo.
   But on a better note, BRO HAD A BIRTHDAY! Seventeen! Wait, what? My twin bro's seventeen? I'm just kidding guys, he's two and a half years older. ;) But still! I mean we're twins to me in everything but age! Look at us!

  Plus I can wear his t-shirts, so that's a plus. We have some of the same t-shirts from a few events and if I can't find mine, pft! We have a spare! My legs are longer, but he's like an inch taller, so it must be his upper body. *nods* I know it's not his legs because my mom got our jeans mixed up and they were too short.
   Ok! Enough about me assuring you that my legs are longer, (they are). So yes, the woods were amazing. On Good Friday we went to an Easter service at a friend and cousins church, and wow. It was great! We sang hymns, some redone, but still. It was just awesome!


   Writing! What happened with writing? I'll tell you, not much. I started editing Awaken, my NaNo novel, and I really like it! I am totally seeing now that I asked for beta-readers way too early, and I definitely can't ask again, but my cousin and critique partner are reading it, so that's good.
   Camp NaNo is coming up and I'm so excited! Superheroes! (my book) I'd post a snippet, but I don't have one yet and I'm mean. *evil laugh* It's about twins and superheroes.


   I posted about my cousin(the blog is still coming, but slowly. Monthly?), the Get to Know Me Tag, writing a book with someone, a blog tour,  a blog hopa cover reveal, the Random Fact tag, the Liebster Award, and asked what day I should post on. Friday won by one vote.
   So yup.
   Also, I'm super weird about comments, I will legit reply to it within ten minutes, unless something horrible has happened like I have to eat at the table or my mom made me leave the house. But anyways, you guys are so awesome, I had to many comments, it was awesome! And followers, 21! Best. Followers. Ever!!!


    So I've become OBSESSED with this song Latch, not the Sam Smith one specifically, but the Simply Three stringed instruments. It's just breathtaking! Oh, and the song Holding On to You by Twenty One Pilots. Both are awesome, but the video for HOtY is a bit weird, so listen to it on Spotify.
   I have this playlist on Spotify where I add songs that I am listening to RIGHT THEN! Go check it out here! And if you follow me on Spotify, you can actually see what I'm listening too, um, cool! I call it my music stalker feed. xD The Stalker Feed only works on laptops and computers, not mobile devices like phones, i Pads, and tablets.

                                                        Tell me what you think!


                                              Some other crazy stuff

   Well...I won three books. A signed paper back of The Rise of Aredor for the blog tour I did, and two of Mesu Andrews books, a giveaway I entered randomly. xD

   Um, did I mention my twin bro had a birthday? He's now seventeen, two and a half years older than me! Arg!

   I'm currently drinking coffee and writing this on the twenty sixth, not the end of the month! But I'll add some stuff. *looks up* That coffee pots making a weird sound...*goes to check*

Bye all!

   Sooo, what's going on with you? Any birthdays, snakes, or music? Did you like the song?


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome month!!! This past month has been school and such.... Also prepping for Camp NaNoWriMo!!!!!

    1. It was super fun~~~
      School! My old enemy! Yup, schools sooo hard! *cries*

  2. Okay when you said you had a twin I was literally shocked.
    And then I kept reading and was like "ohhh...."

    *clears throat calmly* "Rachael, it's only six inches long."
    Sorry now I just had to say that. :P

    1. :D I wish, soo very bad, but hey. We're pretty much twins.
      Uh! I am only afraid of sharks and snakes animal wise, It's totally fine! Plus, it could have been dangerous. Bro poking it with a stick didn't help. xD

  3. Congrats to your brother for his entrance into sectionals! Ditto what Jonathan said . . . I was actually convinced that you were serious about being a twin for a minute. xD

    GURL. You randomly won TWO MORE BOOKS?!? Do you have the magical touch or something? :D Didn't you win about three other random giveaways before, too? :P

    Snakes give me the creeps sometimes. And sometimes they don't. *shrugs* I haven't been around many snakes lately, despite living in Nevada where there are supposed to be many. :P

    1. :D He did an amazing job! And yeah...I totally wish we were twins, but we're just siblings. xD
      I KNOW! Yeah, I've won a signed copy, two signed copies, an ebook, another signed copy, and two books so far. :D
      There was a king snake in our backyard and my dog went insane!


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