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Wrap It Up!-April

"This is the story of how I died!"-Flynn Rider, Tangled
For those of you who did Camp NaNo, I think we can all agree that it was...tiring. Very tiring. I'm exhausted and ready for my two week reading break. Buuut the second week in June, um, I'm going to try what Cait did and write 50k in one week. Yeah...six days. She wrote 98k in five, but still, it's the idea.

Anywho, I decided to do this insanity because, frankly, I was bored by week two. I chopped Superheroes off and made it shorter! Wut? I hurt my baby!
   This isn't exactly a normal end up the month post, I'll tell you guys about a trip we went on, but other than that, I pretty much wrote. *nods*
   So we went on this trip to LA (Louisiana not Las Angeles) to go visit family, and basically I swam in the lake, ate pizza, and hung with my cousins all day. *nods* Laaaazy!

Week Off

Heyyyy guys! This is Rachael, actually, not one of my charries, but they're all pretty busy right now...*coughs awkwardly* Uh, getting blown up and stuff. Sooo yeah, I'll be here today instead of Grant like I'd planned.

   Day 22: I wrote some in the morning, then we left to go visit family in Louisiana. On the trip, I tried to write more, but Frozen in the back seat was distracting. I did however Instagram some pictures of myself in the car, so that occupied me for about ten seconds.

    Day 23: Basically I swam and ate delicious food and peopled all day. *nods* I may or may not have eaten a lot of pizza and gotten a slight sunburn from the lake. Which is awesome because now I look healthy instead of vampirish.

   Day 24: Suuuunday. Nope, didn't write here either, instead I traveled home to watch Maze Runner with Bro, which was like the most epic movie ever! Ah! Teresa was much better than book Teresa, and Bro and I were cracking up the whole time.

   Day 25: 4.5…

I'm Done For

Surprise! Hi, my name's Iris, and I may or may not have taken over from the group that was supposed to be here. :D
But...I did that and you stole it from me. Hey everyone, I'm Logan, and we'll be trading off, I'm in bold.

Day 15: She was on track, but at that point the story was climatic and she was dying, so it was kind of hard. She also brought her cousin Emma home with her to write, and they spent the night watching the Voice and X Factor/American Idol on YouTube.

   Day 16: Well, that day was supposed to be a 10k day, but thennn her Dad and Bro brought In the Heart of the Sea home, and yeah, she only got like a little less than 7k.
((Rachael: Ok, in my defense, my dad had to work part of the time, and I'm totally ok with my wordage. And ITHOTS was such a good movie! Scarring, but good! And I finished Superheroes! AHH! Now I'm working on the other short story in the series, Iris.))

   Day 17: Ha, nope, she took a break that day, Sunday.

   Day 18: Well sh…

I'm Awesome

Well ok, how else was I supposed to begin this? Just start with the truth, that's my advice. *nods* So yo, I'm Trystan, and today I will be going over Rachael's second week.

   Day Eight: Meh, it was an ok day. She was a little ahead, but she had a ton of school *cough* science *cough* to work on and that sucked away time. So yup, and Arrow is a bit distracting. *nods*

  Day Nine: She went to work at her church after writing a little in the morning, and then came back and kind of hung out, reading. Later they watched the newest Star Wars, in which she fell in love with Kylo Ren as soon as he took his mask off. This is her, in a nutshell at that point.

   Rachael: *he reaches for mask* Ack! Here we go!
   Rachael: *he pulls mask off* *while family is making fun of his appearance I'm fangirling*  He's so young and cute!
   Rachael: *throughout the movie* I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows! (Elf joke)

  Day Ten: Ha, didn't write this…

I'm Still Alive...For Now

Hey, this is Zane and I am alive...for now. Who knows, my writer is so weird. She could legit kill off any one of us with a wave of her...with a nod of her...with a few taps of her keys.  *nods* So-

   ((Hey-o all! I will be monitoring within two parenthesis because that's the only way Zane would have allowed it. Within double boundaries.))
   Yeah, anyways. Today I will be telling you about how my author's NaNo week has been going.
Um, I'm here too.
No one cares about you Barrett.
I'm Barrett guys, hi.
Yeah, anyways, on to the actual days of NaNo.

   Day 1:
   Rachael and her interesting cousin made a ridiculous video of them, watched a stupid Marvel show, ate too much ice cream, and then Rachael proceeded to write only 2k in a whole hour! What is wrong with you?
   ((Translation. Em and I made a video, watched Agents of Shield, cream, and then wrote 2k! Record!))

   Day 2: Rachael wasted seven and a half hours at a concert called Winter Jam. What is wrong wi…

Superheroes-As Told by Evie and Everest

Oi! My name's Everest, and I'm here to tell you a bit about my fellow characters. I was browsing some blogs one day and happened to see TAN's post, that got me thinking, "I want to do that!" I finally persuaded Rachael to let me, but she slapped on the condition that my twin sister could moderate from the sidelines.
Yup, I'm Evie and I'll be in bold and italics. Just here to make sure he tells the truth about us.
*rolls eyes* Whatever. Shall we begin?

                                                    Evie    Eeeh, *wrinkles nose* Where do I even begin with her? Um, she's one of the main characters here, in fact she has half of the book to herself. *crosses arms* She's whiny, she likes getting her way and being mean to me, insulting my hair especially. *flips hair to the side*
No I'm not! What in the world? I laugh a lot, and we're enemies you long haired llama!
See?! See right there?! That's what I'm talking about! Anywho, she ha…