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   Well ok, how else was I supposed to begin this? Just start with the truth, that's my advice. *nods* So yo, I'm Trystan, and today I will be going over Rachael's second week.

   Day Eight: Meh, it was an ok day. She was a little ahead, but she had a ton of school *cough* science *cough* to work on and that sucked away time. So yup, and Arrow is a bit distracting. *nods*

  Day Nine: She went to work at her church after writing a little in the morning, and then came back and kind of hung out, reading. Later they watched the newest Star Wars, in which she fell in love with Kylo Ren as soon as he took his mask off. This is her, in a nutshell at that point.
   Rachael: *he reaches for mask* Ack! Here we go!
   Rachael: *he pulls mask off* *while family is making fun of his appearance I'm fangirling*  He's so young and cute!
   Rachael: *throughout the movie* I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows! (Elf joke)

  Day Ten: Ha, didn't write this day. Pft.

   Day Eleven: Well she wrote 1.5k in the morning, then did school and was a mess because of school, then hid upstairs and wrote 2.5k more. One of her Instagram posts revealed her eating pretzels and a pickle with tea while watching Arrow.

   Day Twelve: She wrote only 1k in the morning and a little less than 3k in the afternoon. -_- Is that it? Cait's charries get 22k in one day!

   Day Thirteen: She had Bible study that night, so she was just a bit behind. I'm sooo tired of being neglexted! 

   Day Fourteen: Dude, she hates us. Seriously. She's cutting out story down and hates us so bad she wants to delete the entire document. It's from over writing.

   Anyways, that's my recap. Read and learn Rachael. Bye!

     How's Camp going for you so far? How do your characters feel it's going? Anything happening that's making you neglect it?


  1. Yes, schoolwork can sure such up a lot of time, can't it? It also sucks motivation and inspiration for other creative activities...

    Ugh, I DO NOT like Kylo Ren. :) After he took his helmet off, I just kept praying that he would put it back on because HE GAVE ME THE CREEPS. :P ;)

    Hope camp goes better! I have a very personal relationship with the little voice that says, "Your writing stinks!" DON'T LISTEN TO IT. It is evil. :P

    // emily

    1. Totally. *nods* Trystan: She should drop out.
      What?! :D None of my family did either. Creepy is awesome to me though! So yeah.
      Thank you! Oh yes, we all have those. Hope it goes well for you too!

  2. Ugh school... science... ugh again. Luckily I'm managing to stay a little bit ahead though.
    Your characters are too hard on you. *shakes head* You need to put them in their place. You know, threaten to kill them maybe? :P
    And I've decided to refrain from commenting about Kylo. XD

    1. I'm still a bit behind on that one too. I'm so confused, but taking lots of notes. :D
      Yes! They're so mean, don't they understand how much I love them and that breaking their arm and knocking them out is going to turn out in the end?
      Ah ha. Another one of those Kylo haters, huh?

  3. Ugh. Kylo is awful. He wasn't even a cool creepy. He was just weird and ugly. The rest of the movie was amazing though. *hugs self because Hans Solo died*

  4. Ah, cool post. From a character's point of view. I am rewriting/editing book 3 in a 3 book series I'm writing. And I am sooo tired :( But from my main guy's POV, I think they would say, "Why are you making me out to be SO MUCH MORE emotional than I am? Am I really that emotional over a girl?"

    1. Thank you! Nice! Finishing out a trilogy! Same, I'm doing a 10k at the moment, and I'm about to pass out. xD Over a girl.

  5. Omg I'm laughing. 😂 My characters might sometimes get 22K in one day, but THEY HATE ME DURING EDITS. AND I HATE THEM. Omg, let's not talk edits. Who brought up this horror subject UGH. (Wait. It was me...)

    hehe, your posts are so entertaining. Although I suppose I should thank Trystan because he's the hilarious one. Doesn't cut you much slack, though, does he?! XD

    1. xD When I cut out characters, I usually hire my bro as a bodyguard at night. :D (not really)
      Ack! Thank you! Pft, yeah, I guess he would be the funny one. -_- No! He doesn't cut me any slack!

  6. Ugh. I choose to remain silent on the Kylo thing. He practically ruined the movie. Sorry!

    Keep up the writing!

    1. Uhhhh! I need another fan! I only know one other person who likes him!
      Thank you so much Bethany!

  7. My charries probably don't like me too much. Especially when I add in scenes for more pain. xD

    Glad Camp is at least going... kind of well... for you! :P

    // katie grace
    a writer’s faith

    1. :D Yeah, Evie was furious, but I will except that I was harsh. :P
      Thank you! You finished your book! Ahh!


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