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   Surprise! Hi, my name's Iris, and I may or may not have taken over from the group that was supposed to be here. :D
   But...I did that and you stole it from me. Hey everyone, I'm Logan, and we'll be trading off, I'm in bold.

Day 15: She was on track, but at that point the story was climatic and she was dying, so it was kind of hard. She also brought her cousin Emma home with her to write, and they spent the night watching the Voice and X Factor/American Idol on YouTube.

   Day 16: Well, that day was supposed to be a 10k day, but thennn her Dad and Bro brought In the Heart of the Sea home, and yeah, she only got like a little less than 7k.
   ((Rachael: Ok, in my defense, my dad had to work part of the time, and I'm totally ok with my wordage. And ITHOTS was such a good movie! Scarring, but good! And I finished Superheroes! AHH! Now I'm working on the other short story in the series, Iris.))

   Day 17: Ha, nope, she took a break that day, Sunday.

   Day 18: Well she got like 2.5k done, so that's good. The second project is going well, really well, because it's about us. Same series, but only Trystan's like grandson survived.

  Day 19: She got three thousand done, and she would have gotten more, but the Maze Runner Trilogy came in and she finished the first book that afternoon, and chocolate. Seriously, here's the proof. So the current word count at the moment for the total camp is 52,035, Superheroes is 44,815 and Iris is 7220.

   Day 20: Dude, stopped before she got to my real intro! What? Like, she only got legit 2.1k.

   Day 21: Haha, nope. No words. She had an impromptu youth at her cousins and ended up spending the night. xD

  Well I guess that's all, thank you so much for reading this, our friend Grant and his sister will be here for the final one, then Rachael gets the Monthly Wrap Up. See you guys later!
    Yeah basically the same here. Logan out.
   Annnd now I'm intervening. Dude, I'm like a Maze Runner fanatic now! The first book was great, here's my review! And the movie just came in at the library, so bro and I are going to watch it on Sunday!


  1. Love these characters! Good luck with Camp, sounds like you're doing great so far. I'm not participating this year, but I'm cheering on all my writer buddies that are! so...
    *sends a virtual chocolate cupcake*
    And getting sidetracked with TV and movies happens to me all the time. Just call it research :P

    1. Thank you so much! *excepts cup cake*

  2. Hmmm part of me wants to flaunt the fact that I DON'T GET DISTRACTED BY MOVIES (mwahahahaaha) but then the other part of me is like "To be fair, your word count is still a lot higher than mine." XDXD
    However, The Maze Runner has been on my TBR list for too long. Along with The Lunar Chronicles. :D

    1. -_- The first book was so good! I loved it, and the second one too!

  3. *throws confetti* Congratulations on finishing your novel! :D

  4. Congratulations on finishing Superheroes! ^-^ *showers you with orange glitter*

  5. I absolutely ADORE The Maze Runner too!! PLUS THE MOVIE IS OH SO GOOD. *shrieks and flails* The ending is different to the book, but it all made sense and worked and feeeeeels basically. xD
    Yay for so much writing though!! Also climatic moments are just hard to write, eh?!? I hear ya there. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. YESOHMYGOSH! The movie was just like amazing! I loved it so much, and like Teresa was much better in the movie than book, I hated her in the book. *scowls at Teresa*
      Climactic moment. Eesh, like, I'll get really weird expressions when writing them, the one's my charries are doing! xD
      You're welcome!

    Your nano updates are My New Favorite Thing Ever. Like, I'm grinning so hard. All of them were great XP
    And I am not really a fan of maze runner ... Sorry! I just didn't really like it. :/ but I'm glad you enjoyed it! The movie is actually really good! (in my opinion)

    1. Ack! Hannah, you legit just made my day! xD Thank you so much!
      I am not a like Maze Runner book zombie fan, they were good! I really liked them! But now that I've read the others, I'm kind of like, "Meh." First books great, but I'm more of a movie fanatic now. :D

  7. Congrats for finishing your novel! That's always exciting. :)

    I still have yet to read the Maze Runner. And watch the movies. Sometimes overhyped books aren't THAT fantastic so I don't want to get my hopes up for it. :P I'll read it eventually. Maybe. Someday.

    // katie grace
    a writer’s faith  

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is. :D
      You could honestly just skip reading the books, like, you can, but the first one is really the best.

    2. Good job! - Evan from timeislove200.blogspot.com


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