Superheroes-As Told by Evie and Everest

   Oi! My name's Everest, and I'm here to tell you a bit about my fellow characters. I was browsing some blogs one day and happened to see TAN's post, that got me thinking, "I want to do that!" I finally persuaded Rachael to let me, but she slapped on the condition that my twin sister could moderate from the sidelines.
   Yup, I'm Evie and I'll be in bold and italics. Just here to make sure he tells the truth about us.
   *rolls eyes* Whatever. Shall we begin?


   Eeeh, *wrinkles nose* Where do I even begin with her? Um, she's one of the main characters here, in fact she has half of the book to herself. *crosses arms* She's whiny, she likes getting her way and being mean to me, insulting my hair especially. *flips hair to the side*
   No I'm not! What in the world? I laugh a lot, and we're enemies you long haired llama!
   See?! See right there?! That's what I'm talking about! Anywho, she has blond hair with a blue streak in it, I asked her to get it in jail. Yup, she's been in jail. *shakes head at dear sister* 
   Everest I'm about to-
   Shh, *covers mouth* It's ok, they still like you. Hopefully. Anywho, Evie manipulates sound and light, it's pretty cool I guess. Her theme song is officially


   Ugh, he's this curly haired no brawn nerd. Legit, he has enhanced senses and that's it. *rolls eyes and yawns* Boring.
   He hears better, sees better, has better reflexes, and can read braille. He's cool.
  Uh huh, he's just telling you that. So moving on! He's like the most boring guy ever. His bro's cool though! And on that note...


   Just think a much epicer, more manly, male Jean Grey. He has telepathy and telekinesis. *grins* One time he read Evie's mind and told Barrett that she was zoning out during their talk and he blew up!
   Um, I beat him up for that.
   Whatever you say. He has dark hair, just like Barrett, cept Zane's like a million times more fit because he actually works out.
   I will admit that Zane's is more fit than Barrett, I'm more fit than Barrett and I'm a hacker so... 
   Moving on to our next character!

                                                Me! AKA Everest

   Uhhhh, where do I even begin with this guy? I know! He's the most awesome character ever! He has the ability to freeze stuff, maybe that's why I'm so chilly towards everyone...
   Um, Everest, you're not-
   He has blond hair, it's really cool and he can flip it! Sometimes he frosts his sisters hair, she hates that.
   Well frosted hair's more Ikky's thing.
   Ahh, Ikky, *stares up at the clouds for a moment* *looks back at everyone* Now back to me! I-
   Just get on with the last characters. Please, my eyes are burning.
   It's cause I'm so cute.
   Everest you're my-
   You said it, not me. But sure, we'll get to him already. *nudges her and winks*
   What is your problem?! I just want to stop talking about you!
   Oh, and like Trystan is cooler than I am!
   ...Yes! He is!
   We all know that I'm your hero Evie, it's ok.
   You're my villain Ev! It's my job to arrest you!
   As a dear friend says, "Don't use labels".

                                       //TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES//

   Ok, we're back! And on to Trystan!


   He's pretty cool, enhanced physical abilities, speed, strength, endurance, pain tolerance.
   He didn't flinch when I smacked him, that isn't higher pain tolerance, that called "I don't want to scream and act like it hurt".
   Call it what you will. He's really-
   creepy. I'm going to do this one bro. He's really creepy. Like, I'll be eating at this diner thingy I like, and he'll be waiting outside in an alley. I end up upping the lighting in the alley so that he can't see and I can run by. He's just really creepy.
My turn. He has blond hair, just like Evie. He had a twin, but we know his twin as "Asset Six" and so Asset six died, too weak to handle the enhancement.

   Well that's all for today folks, we will be returning sometimes in August, probably to do an interview or whatever. Bye!
   Thank you so much for reading this! It was interesting to watch them...Anywho, every Friday during Camp NaNo in April, I'll bring two of my characters out and they'll talk about the story so far. Next up is Barrett and Zane, then Trystan, then Everest, Barrett, and Zane, ending with Trystan and Evie. Check out my playlist for Superheroes here!


   Who is your main character for Camp NaNo (or work in progress if you're not doing camp))? Do your characters get along? Any annoying siblings? 



  1. This looks like fun!!!!! Maybe I'll pull some of my characters out. Yay Canp started!!!

    1. Thank you so much! :D Feel free to use or adapt the post idea, or do your own! It's a lot of fun. :D

  2. Really cool!
    Love these character posts. :)

    1. :D Thank you! It was an interesting thing to read for sure.

  3. This is so cool! :D Maybe I should do this with my charries...

    1. Do it! I will read it a billion times because Mika is so cute. :D

    2. I can 100% guarantee that if I do it it will not be a Mika post xD

    3. ...Oh...*coughs* Well...I may or may not hawk you on this.

    4. Hawk me on the Mika ship, or the length of time it will take me to actually do said blog post? ;D

  4. Ha, this was so cool! My main character, Gemma, doesn't have any siblings, but she is taken in by a family of 10 kids, so plenty of sibling interaction there! Good luck on Camp NaNo!!

    1. Thank you! Ooh, yeah! Evie was staying with her aunt and her four small, crazy cousins. xD Thank you!

  5. Replies
    1. :D They're a very interesting twin pair, I will give them that. xD
      Everest: Hey! We're the most awesome tw-
      Evie: We're were, Ever, we're weird.


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