100000 (7) Reasons Why You Need To Read the Blades of Acktar

   Deeeefy! Defy came out! Defy's out! SILKJSDKHJ!!! I luuuurve this series so much! I did a post a while back on them, and today's going to be a review of Defy, book three.

   1. Assassins

   Come on peoples! It's a book series about assassins, why aren't you reading this? *looks pointedly at stubborn bro* Assassins are the most epic ever and OIULJKDSHK!

   2. Leith AKA Dream Guy

   Leeeeeith! He's perfect! He's an assassin, green eyes, and he has a little Blade person to train! He's amazing! And and and! And! He has mystery pasty stuff that you wonder about and he stabs people!

   3. Vane

   I mentioned him in a villains post, he's epic! He's so creepy, and he has scary eyes! he has  scary voice, he's scary!

   4. Martyn


   I'll be super honest with you, although I loved the first book, 89838471% of the reason I read Deny was Martyn. xD The cliffhanger was great, but MARTYN! He's the most amazing confused young curly blond haired scary guy ever!

   6. Knives

   They have knives, peoples! Knives with initials on them, how cool is that? *goes off to tell blacksmithy friend to make me one*

   7. The Intensity

   When you're on your seat for 99.9999% of the book, it means that it's great! Therefore, you should read this book.


   And like all of the cool blog tours, this one comes with giveaways!




   Tricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.
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   Have you read this series? Do you like assassin books? Favorite assassin book and character?


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing i definitely plan on picking them up. Like you Said it's a Christian "Assassin's Creed" people! Pick one up

  2. Thanks for having Defy on your blog today!

  3. YES. This series is amazing. The first book didn't exactly "click" with me as much as I would've liked, but the series just keeps getting better and better, so that is now fixed. :D

    Leith! Oh. my. goodness. His past... and he's just so broken at times. :')

    And Renna! I love how she overcame her fear and was brave. She was awesome in Defy. (And I'm also obsessed with her name. :P)

    Brandi is a lot less naive in Defy, but she's also much more reckless. I could have NEVER in all my life made the decision that she did. I was a little surprised that it didn't scar her more. o.o

    The faith interwoven with the adventure is so powerful. Tricia did a great job with that. *wipes away tears* :)

    I also loved how she portrayed assassins. She shows that it's not "cool" to be one... it's awful and twisted and it scars people deeply.

    SO YEAH. I love this series. <3

    1. When Renna helped the Blade remove his stitches!!! *flops*


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