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   It's WIP day for the Art of Writing for Him! Today's book will partially be about WIPs.
If your book is not funny, adorable, epic, or contains a super awesome/creepy villain, chances are I will either not finish it or won't like it. Sorry! That's what I like in a book, and I'll go over these things sooner or later, but today, we'll be talking about the villain in books.

   Creepy is awesome, peoples. Creepy villains are sooo cool! I've gotten into this mode where creepy villains are cool! When they're calm, then they seem so much more dangerous then when they're mad.
   I found a pin somewhere that I'll probably whip out sometime. *nods*
   Anywho, here are my top three creepy villains!(from books).
   1. Brenden
   Ok, this is from Sierra and I's book that's almost finished, but he's my baby! I've compiled all of the best qualities into him! Here's the best one!
  •    Creepyness
   Sierra and I both agreed that he's...creepy. He's always super calm, talks in low voices, and he gets up behind people with knives, which is creepy. It is! Like, I shiver and stuff.
   2. Jayzen
   Thank you to Sierra for letting me do this one! He's by far my favorite non-written-by-me villain! He's soo creepy, and he isn't even like calm! He just has a low voice and he's...violent. Very violent. In an role play, he may or may not have stabbed someone. In another one with one of my equally violent characters, he may or may not have insulted her, then when she made him see a ghost from his past (she messes with eyes and makes them see things), he may or may not have punched her(several times) and slammed her against a wall(also several times). Can I get another PSYCHO here? That's what I call him!
 3. Vane
   Oh. My. Gosh. Has anyone read the Blades of Acktar? If you have, ohhhh yeah, Vane's one of the creepiest villains ever. He has a low voice, and he's just so...ack! How do I describe him? Um, here's a quote.
   Something cold and sharp pressed against her neck. She stiffened. A body radiated heat behind her. Chills spiked into her toes. The Blade had returned to kill her.
   "I will enjoy killing you." The tenor crawled down her spine like a hairy spider creeping along her skin.
   Yes! It's creepy! He's super creepy! And he has like the pale blue, deadish eyes, which leads me to my next point.

Now I'm not saying that your villain has to look out of the ordinary, but it's super awesome and I love him/her more if he/she does! I've compiled a list of some appearances that I've enjoyed in characters.
  •    light eyes (like Vane, they're creepy!)
  •    piercing eyes (they bore holes into you!)
  •    tall (it makes it so much cooler when they tower over your hero!)
  •    wearing normal clothes (like hoodies and jeans)
  •    wearing black (more assassins have this)

   Family Members!
   Can I just say, I am so tired of the villains being orphans. SOME PARENTS ARE STILL ALIVE! Yes, it's true! And sometimes they actually choose to be bad! Sure, Everest, Zane, and Trystan were taken and trained, and I'm not saying that you should never have an orphaned/stolen character, but Brenden was ten and decided to run away. He was found and totally chose to be an assassin for a company.
   Whenever I'm reading a book, and a supposedly evil character suddenly decides to help their family, I'm over here like:
                                            I haven't watched Supernatural, but I've been a fan of the Winchester
                                                                     brothers for a while now! Sooo funny!
They have been after their family and others and even killed some of them! Why are they suddenly good? That happens sometimes when they've been doubting, but not all of the sudden, that never happens!

   Villains who can beat the stuffing out of just about anyone are my favorite! Vane, from Dare! Marcus, An Ember in the Ashes! Cato, the Hunger Games! THEY'RE SO COOL SOMEONE HELP ME! It's sooo intense in battle with the hero, when you're on the edge of your seat and practically sweating! BUT! One warning I have, do NOT pull a Kylo Ren!
   "What? Rachael! You love everything about him! You raved about him! You're in love with him!
   Ha ha, not everything. When Rey whipped out the Force and started beating on him, I was just like, "Oh. My. Gosh. Whyyyyy?" It was more of George Lucas' fault, it shouldn't have been like that! You wrecked it! She should not have been able to beat him that badly! I do give him a shot and stab wound though, I give him that. And that he knew she was Forcy and being cautious. 
   Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they should be all powerful, the hero should be able to hurt him, but if he was raised to be evil and spent half of his life training, a scrimpy hero with no past experience should not be able to beat the crap out of him by channeling the Force.

   That about wraps it up. These are my favorite qualities in villains and suggestions. Thank you so much for reading!

   Who's your favorite villain and why? Did you know any of the ones I mentioned? Did you agree with any of the qualities or things that need to change?




  1. Fun post! :D

    Ooh... some of my favorite villains are:
    -Emperor Daican, Davira, Falcor, and The General from the Ilyon Chronicles. (They're all so amazingly realistic! And such an eclectic cast.)
    -Ruestock from The Books of the Infinite. (This guy makes me SO mad... he's a worshiper of the false goddess, Atea, and he's violent and flirtatious and UGH. I love hating him. :)
    -Skelley Chase from the Out of Time trilogy. (No further explanation needed. ;)

    I actually DON'T like villains with pale/piercing eyes, black clothing, doesn't care about his/her family, and has a low voices. I think those things have kind of been stereotyped a little...? That's the reason I picked the favorite villains that I did -- for example, Emperor Daican has a very friendly, warm facade that's covering the cruelty, and he has struggles with his son. It adds a unique angle and makes the villain more realistic.

    Haha... just my thoughts. :P

  2. Hewwo! I'm Hann, nice to meet ya :) I found your blog through... Jonathans, I think, and I've been stalking, I mean following you on G+ :)

    First, I gotta say: Haha... You're funny ;)

    I'm totally all for the tall-dark-and-handsome-villain-who-is-dark-and-scary! They're awesome. Not exactly sure who my FAVORITE is... but I'll try:

    Movies/TV: lol... Hook and Peter Pan from OUaT. No further explanation needed ;P,
    Mal from Interstellar (not sure if she's really a "bad" guy?), because she's like, good at being evil
    And the White Witch from Narnia. Don't ask why.

    Skelley Chase also :),
    Luke Castellan from PJ, because he's like extremely cute in my head (the actor did him no justice!)
    Zane from Mistborn (I'm not so sure if he's a bad guy... But whatever) because I just imagine him super awesome ;)

    As I said before, I'm all for the tall, dark, bad guys. I especially like it when they have pricing blue/grey/green eyes and black hair.

    My "bad" char in one of my books is tall... Has dark hair... And really dark blue eyes flecked with piercing blue. He's... *swoon* XP

    1. Ummm... Yeah, sorry that was so long XD

    2. Heyo! *grins* Why thank you, the funny just comes out. xD
      LUUUUUUKE! I loved Luke, he had some moments where he was cute, but others...
      Your bad charrie sounds awesome!

    3. :D
      Yeah, Luke was awesome and... not awesome at the same time XD
      Thank ya!

    4. I saw Sea of Monsters, *goes to read the books*

    5. Ugh. The Sea of Monsters movie was SOOO bad. Like, almost nothing at all like the book! :(

    6. *hides* I liked it. xD My cousin and I watched it in the pitch black of her room.

  3. Ah, yes I agree with a lot of these. Although, I have to say it's good to see a villain that at least cares somewhat about their family. To a human extent, that is. But if the villain is a true villain, I don't see making sacrifices for them or giving them any special treatment. But seeing a seemingly heartless villain taking care of their sister or child, it kind of plucks my heart strings and makes them more real in my eyes. Of course, when the child is threatened or the sister almost killed and the villain does nothing, it makes me hate them all the more XP

    1. I am so torn between those two! Like, do I want to hate or melt?!

    2. Right, Hannah?
      I love bad characters that do things like that! (The taking care of family things)

  4. Eeep, I didn't recognise any of the villains you mentioned except for Cato! *buries self* CLEARLY I NEED TO READ MORE. (Ahahaah, ahem, but really.) I do agree that villains can have parents too sometimes! :P And I like villains who are CAPABLE. I mean, how can they possibly have survived this long to be so bad if they can't shoot straight??! It makes zlich sense. I like books where the villain is actually a decent contender to win, so the hero has to work mega hard. IT'S MORE EXCITING.

    1. *hands you Dare* The others were from my and my friends work in progress. xD There's a reason why you just now heard of them.
      Yeees, why are they all orphans? I love orphans, but I also like being realistic.

  5. I personally love it when a hero is "Forcey" :-D

    1. Same, but not automatically! -_- You and Noah didn't like that when we first watched it,


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